Relocating to the US? Renting Furniture Can Make Your Move Easier

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Living as an expat in the US is exciting, but the relocation process can take its toll.

While it’s likely that your company will help you in your move, CasaOne can contribute as well by furnishing your home in a way you’ll find convenient.

How? Well, we provide home furniture on rent along with at-home assembly, flexible rental plans, and fast delivery, all without you having to lift a finger.

Here’s how choosing a furniture rental solution instead can help you transition to the American way of life more easily:


It’s a Faster Way to Settle In


Relocation can be a stressful process for you (and your family). Renting furniture for your new place from us can help you feel at home and more settled a lot faster because we deliver and assemble everything for you within just a few days.

This leaves you more time and energy to focus on everything else.

Plus, we’ve consolidated furniture from many of the brands you know so that you can shop for everything in one place, without going from store to store, trying to visualize everything together.

Even if you enjoy shopping, getting furniture you love when you have a ton of other things to worry about is stressful. Not only would you have to spend extra effort in finding the pieces you want, but you’ll be paying a prohibitive amount and setting up the furniture yourself when they arrive. CasaOne can get it all delivered and set up in just a few days so you don’t have to. And it’s affordable.


It’s Flexible During Uncertain Transfers


You might be moving here for only a few months, but there’s talk that you could be shifted here permanently. A lot of expats aren’t 100% sure how long they’ll be living here and your situation might not be that different.

By renting furniture, you won’t have to guess whether you need to buy furniture or not.

If your transfer turns out to be temporary, you can easily return the furniture and return home. And if your stay gets extended, you can choose between renewing the lease, or buying the furniture to make it yours.

What’s more convenient is that if your stay becomes permanent and you decide to put down roots in a new, more permanent home, we can transport your furniture to your new place before you decide to buy it.


It Adapts to Your Changing Needs


Furniture priorities change as you settle into your new life here.

For example, you may need just the basics at first, like a place to sleep. Next, you’ll want a simple sofa to relax on. And later, you may want to outfit the whole place into a cozy, well-furnished home – one that suits your own personal style.

By renting furniture, it’s easy to add, swap, or remove items and modify your furniture order to suit your changing needs and tastes.


It Allows You to Find a Style that Feels Right


CasaOne works with multiple renowned brands to source all kinds of furniture styles.

This makes it easier for you to either recreate your home using similar furniture or discover a new interior style that feels comfortable. This eases relocation stress for you (and your family) more quickly and conveniently.

By having access to multiple manufacturers on one platform, you are also saved countless trips to different furniture stores trying to find the right product. We’ve got everything for every room in the house so you can furnish your entire place while sitting there.


It Allows You to Save More For What Really Matters


Buying furniture as soon as you move in would mean paying (tens of) thousands of dollars right from the get go, dollars that would have been better off spent on things you actually need.

Renting allows you to pay a small fraction of the cost of furniture every month so you can focus on other expensive priorities like paying school fees for your children or buying a car.

You’ll also retain the flexibility of changing your furniture later to suit your style better and avoid buyer’s regret. What’s more, there would be no need to find a second-hand buyer who’s willing to pay fairly, or worse, throw the furniture out which would mean a total loss and harm to the environment.

Furniture rental also takes away the need to stay in a hotel for an uncertain amount of time. Nothing pleases your boss more than recommending a more cost-effective way for your company to get you settled and avoiding the high cost of hotels.

And if you still think that owning your own furniture is the best way to go, CasaOne allows you to rent first and buy later, so you can be certain of your choice and get your place furnished easily.


Come home to cozy and high-quality furniture, delivered to your new place in just 5 – 7 days.

Our broad range of home furniture allows you to create a stylish and comfortable living space you’ll love instantly. Begin your life here in the States by exploring our convenient and affordable furniture rentals just for expats.

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