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Why Rental Furniture is the Perfect Solution for Military Families

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Military families move on an average of once every three years, making it simply seem like a way of life. This also means, shifting all their home furniture and decor elements from one base to the next. But what can you do about it? A military lifestyle is not one that encourages you to buy and own a wide variety of products. 

The reality of being on the move makes the option to briefly rent items more appealing. From home furniture to decor, everything is available for rent, making your shifting process as smooth and stress-free as possible. When you feel helpless, renting home furniture can help lessen the anxiety that comes with a new transition. So, what are the few factors to consider while deciding whether to buy or rent furniture for your next home?

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Usage – When on the move, owning furniture becomes a hassle, as it might or might not fit into your new house layout. If you are thinking about buying furniture, also consider the amount of time it will be in use. When relocating every few years, you will use your furniture less, making it much wiser to rent for a brief period rather than buy. Before buying furniture that involves a heavy upfront investment make sure to explore other options like renting; furniture rental is easy and convenient. Not only does it provide you with the possibility of a simple switch, but it also reduces the clutter you carry from one location to another.

Rental period – If you are considering the possibility of renting home furniture, it’s important to know how it will meet your needs. The main attraction with home furniture for rent is the lack of an upfront investment. The best part about renting furniture is that you’ll have to rent a product quite a few times (many different rental periods) to even approach the upfront cost of purchasing the same item. But, this also depends on the actual time period for which you’re renting the particular product. For families that move very often furniture rental is a great option, as it allows you the flexibility to add, reduce or even swap your furniture to meet the changing needs of every new setup.

Storage – Before you go on a shopping spree, it’s important to analyze all your options. If you are still debating the results of rent v/s buy, storage could be the deciding factor. The question is – will you be moving soon, and if so, are you going to take your furniture along? How much space do you have in the new place? Does the item need constant care and maintenance, and are you willing to spend on the same? By choosing to rent home furniture, not only are you saving on the upfront investment, but it also works around the uncertainties that come with every new relocation. 

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Renting, though necessary at times, is often thought of as a waste of money. After spending your hard-earned cash, in the end, there’s nothing tangible to own. Today, people have become less invested in the idea of owning a lot of “stuff,” which was a strong sentiment among older generations who felt a need to ‘own’ the items they spent money on. After laying out all your options, if you are still unsure about renting furniture, this is what shall convince you to do so. 

Flexibility: The new age of FaaS (Furniture as a Service) & SaaS (Space as a Service) has brought about a major change in what we consider to be the ideal lifestyle. With rent-to-own options for the furniture that you want to keep from your rental plan, furniture rental companies are revolutionizing the way you live. Renting furniture helps you to maintain a limit on the things you own and eventually have to move. By offering you the flexibility to choose and return any furniture products, a rental plan can be effortlessly modified to meet your changing requirements.

Affordability: How do you invest in an expensive and plush sofa knowing that in a couple of years, you might not be living in the same home? This is where renting home furniture becomes a life-saver. Instead of spending an enormous sum of money as the upfront cost for your furniture, choose stunning furniture for rent on affordable monthly plans. By choosing to furnish with CasaOne, you get a customized rental plan that matches your budget and choice.   

Convenience: Think about how cool it would be to have your entire setup delivered and assembled for you, for a move-in ready home? If you’re looking for a way to make it happen, then let us tell you that it’s all just a click away. By renting furniture, you are stepping into the world of convenience. When you rent furniture from CasaOne, you will immediately enjoy access to free design guidance and 3D visualizations of your floor plan. Get custom sets designed for your home with a dedicated white-glove delivery, assembly, and installation service. In other words, you don’t need to worry about a thing! 

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With endless discussions about how renters end up paying way more than the item’s actual worth, you might find yourself faced with a dilemma. However, this equation can vary based on your living situation. There will always be concerns about renting furniture, but it is definitely a more practical option for people who are constantly on the move. 

If you’re all set to move to your new base and have made up your mind to go with furniture rental, it’s time to ruck-up and make it happen. At CasaOne, browse through an extensive selection of stylish and practical home furniture for rent, on flexible monthly terms. Enjoy the convenience of an easy move. 

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