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Why Renting Furniture is the Eco-Friendliest Way to Furnish a Home

Every year, America buries more than 10 million tons of furniture in landfills, where non-biodegradable materials like foam and plastic won’t ever decompose.

That’s 10. Million. Tons.

However, if all this furniture was rented, not only will the pieces simply go back to the provider, but more forests will be saved, more ecosystems will be protected, and fewer toxins will be released by factories because of lower manufacturing demand.

Simply put, renting furniture is the most eco-friendly action you can take when you furnish a home this year. There is simply no downside.

Here are the ways renting furniture can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.


Minimize Waste


Rented furniture simply goes back to the provider and gets recycled or re-rented to the next customer. This keeps non-biodegradable materials away from dumps and increases their use.

By renting furniture, you take part in an environmentally-safe and sustainable economy of using items only when you need them and transferring them to others when you don’t. Since a rental company can simply take back the furniture whenever you want, you could change your furniture style and décor a hundred times without causing extra wastage.


Avoid Landfills


Certain pieces can be rented to multiple people before they even begin to show signs of wear. As a rental company, we try to get the most out of the product’s life so that it doesn’t go to a landfill as quickly as a discarded one.

Therefore, by renting furniture, you’re helping us prolong the use of the furniture long before it’s ready to retire into recyclable material. You prevent the piece from going into a landfill unnecessarily where it would have gradually leached harmful chemicals into the ground and water. A landfill doesn’t decompose the furniture you’d have thrown out, it just uses up land to bury them.


Save Natural Resources


One might argue that eco-friendly furniture like wood, stone, and natural fiber-based items don’t hurt landfills the way foam or plastic do.

While choosing eco-friendly furniture is indeed a great choice, purchasing them increases the demand for the non-renewable materials required to make them. This means more deforestation, mining, and overcultivation practices that are harmful to the environment.

Renting, however, reduces all that. By renting eco-friendly furniture, everybody gets to enjoy the look and feel of natural materials without cutting more trees, digging more ground, or growing more crops.


Protect the Ecosystem


By reducing deforestation and mining, you contribute to ensuring the survival of certain plant and animal species that are vital to the ecosystem.

Some of these ecosystems exist to help us lead healthier lives with cleaner air and water, or regrowth of beneficial resources. Helping the ecosystem this way is a lot more sustainable than buying furniture that demands more resources to be cut down, and ecosystems to be destroyed.


Protect Environmental Quality


As people keep buying furniture, factories work at full power creating even more products during the manufacturing process. This releases more factory waste into the soil, water, and air.

However, when furniture is rented to multiple people on a need basis, this reduces the demand for brand new pieces.

Most furniture is built to last several decades so there’s negligible difference between rented and brand-new furniture in terms of quality. Simply put, rented furniture is just as good as brand-new furniture but it also reduces carbon emissions and water pollution by reducing manufacturing waste from factories.

So as more people rent furniture, the slower environmental degradation becomes.


Increase Longevity


Furniture that has been purchased becomes the owner’s responsibility to maintain it.

However, rental companies have skilled professionals who repair and recondition furniture when returned, prolonging life and use. Rental companies respect their customers’ needs to have furniture that’s as good as new. That’s why we’re equipped to refurbish returned furniture so well that the pieces look straight out of the factory.

This further decreases the demand for new furniture because rented furniture lasts longer by getting regular professional maintenance in a way purchased furniture does not.


Save More Energy


Lower factory demand reduces harmful waste, but it also reduces energy use. Furniture brands tend to use up a lot of energy to power their factory production.

If the demand for furniture decreases when people rent more furniture, factories don’t have to produce as much and can cut down on energy consumption. Generators release toxins of their own into the atmosphere. Therefore, lower use of these generators will help decelerate global warming by a lot.

Well then, are you ready to start renting?


Save more on furniture now while protecting the environment


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