Revamp Your Space with These 5 DIY Ideas for Home Decor

Thinking of bringing some home decor ideas to life, only to find your wallet screaming in protest? We’ve been there one too many times. Home interiors can be ridiculously expensive, and so many woodworkers and carpenters trampling through your house can get pretty annoying, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit with outdated decor — not on our watch, at least!

For home decorating ideas on a budget that won’t break the bank, the tried and tested route is to DIY it. Here are some DIY home decor ideas that we keep in reserve for a rainy day. Follow them to the T or play around with the concept — it’s all up to you! 


Create half-painted paintings

If you have a few old paintings or photos lying around that you don’t know what to do with, you’ve found the perfect solution. Turn garage-sale paintings into color-blocked displays by painting half the piece—frame and all—in a bold or pastel color. You can choose one huge piece for that shock factor. Otherwise, multiple smaller frames in different colors to create an unconventional gallery wall. 

Switch up your dining chairs

Two dining chairs by a table

This is a great way to spruce up your dining space without having to buy new furniture or bring in a professional. To reupholster existing chairs, all you need is a bolt of your favorite fabric and a trusty stapler gun. You can pry the seats of your dining chairs off the frame, lay it (good side down) over the fabric, fold over – onto the seat, and staple it as you go. Make sure to keep the fabric taut so you aren’t left with wrinkles. If you’d rather play it safe, then we’d recommend using dining chairs seasonally to keep things fresh. Sure, this might feel like cheating, but you’re still DIYing the atmosphere so we think that’s a win! 

Cover up ugly appliances

 Green kettle and toaster on a kitchen countertop

No matter how incredible your kitchen looks, the aesthetic will definitely be marred by ugly appliances. But there’s a way around this, and it’s not replacing them! Consider covering the front of your appliance with contact paper, decals, paint, or vinyl wallpaper in a pattern or color of your choice. Be sure to catch the edges and tight corners so it looks as seamless as possible. If you change your mind, you can always peel the paper off, so long as the quality is good.
Psst: this is also one of those new home decor ideas that don’t cost a ton!

Create a gallery wall

Gallery wall of pictures above a blue couch

No, we don’t mean the generic photo wall, although that can be a very sentimental addition. Consider going the eclectic route by creating a gallery wall of antique frames, mirrors, prints, and postcards… you get the drift. This trick can spruce up any boring wall, whether it’s in a hallway or above a couch. Rustic home decor ideas like this don’t take a lot of work. If your items are light enough, you could even get away with using sticky tack to hold them onto the walls. 

Create a vignette

Vignette on a wooden surface featuring statues, candles, baubles, and books

Vignettes are home decor ideas for living rooms that draw one’s eye towards a certain corner of the room without being too flashy or over the top. What’s best about them, though, is that they can be set up using things you already have lying about — think books, candles, figurines, and more! They add interest and dimension to an otherwise plain surface like side tables, can be switched up to suit themes or seasons, and only take the better part of an afternoon to plan out and set up!

There’s no dearth of inspiration for cheap home decor ideas that look great and don’t cost a bomb. It might take a bit of effort, considering you might have to think out of the box to DIY something without shelling out too much money. But that’s what gives your space personality! A bunch of the ideas we’ve talked about here can be brought to life with things you already have at home. So we hope they give you the ideas you want!

Oh, and if you’re feeling like a furniture change but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars, CasaOne can help. Whether it’s a cozy sectional from Article or wall decor for that gallery wall we talked about, you’ll find everything you need to turn your home into a living Pinterest post!


What are the best DIY home decor ideas?

The best interior home decor ideas are the ones that are fun to try out, uplift your space, and don’t cost a bomb. Some popular ideas are gallery walls, vignettes, reupholstering furniture, and half-and-half walls. 

What all-natural components can I use for home decor?

Jute, cotton, and linen in fabrics, and natural or reclaimed wood, are some of the most popular all-natural components. They fit right in with boho home decor ideas and can be used to bring nearly any idea to life. 

How to add natural light as a part of my home decor?

Natural light is a fantastic tool in the DIYer’s arsenal, especially when it comes to small home decor ideas. Use mirrors to reflect the sunlight onto darker parts of the room. You could otherwise use blinds or curtains that create lovely shadow play on blank walls. 

DIY or Professional contract for home decor – Which is the best option?

If you’re thinking of small-scale DIYs, like home office decor ideas or seasonal interiors, then it’s best to go the DIY route. You’ll save money, and the project will feel a lot more personal. If you need bigger changes or have ideas that involve pulling apart some section of the house, then it’s best to let the professionals handle it. You can always chime in with your preferences – to ensure that your idea is preserved but the execution remains flawless!

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