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A Review of Our Best Ergonomic Chairs

ergonomic chairs

Choose the wrong office chair and you know what will happen, don’t you?

Your employees will feel low, have all kinds of health issues, and take more days off work. Even you could experience similar problems – achy backs, wasted time, and large medical bills.

Ouch. We don’t want you to go through that.

Since you and your employees are going to be spending the better part of your days glued to your office chairs, you need them to be well-designed, safe, and comfortable. The good news is that there are tons of suitable ergonomic office chairs for you to choose from. The bad news is that there are tons of them.

So, to help you choose an ergonomic chair, here’s our own list of chairs for you to explore so you can decide which ergonomic chair is best for you and your employees.

Take a seat.


Karlen Office Chair

karlen ergonomic chair

Good for: Flexibility

When you think about the best ergonomic chair, the first image that pops into your head will look a lot like this Karlen. Fitted with a breathable mesh covering, a high back, a headrest, a lever for adjusting the seat’s height, and two supportive armrests, this chair will help your employees keep good posture and stay engaged for hours. There are a lot of adjustable parts so all your employees can find an individual setting they’ll each like best – a big plus.


Lider Pro Office Chair       

Lider pro ergonomic chair

Good for: Stronger backs

With chrome-steel arms and silver leatherette pads, the Lider Pro is as elegant as it is comfortable. The tall back helps maintain proper spine alignment – a positive if your employees are going to spend long hours on the computer. Face it, we all tend to hunch forward as we run out of steam towards the end of the day because sitting up straight can get tiring. With this padded, well-designed, ergonomic chair, you’ll want to sit up all day and feel good doing so.


Want to Rent an Ergonomic Chair?

If at any point should you want to try out any of these office chairs, just click on the image or the name and you’ll be taken to the listing on our site. The good thing about renting is that you don’t have to pay full price right now, and you can always trade up or buy it later.

Don’t worry, the links open in another tab so you can keep reading.


Amy Office Chair

amy ergonomic chair

Good for: Simplicity

If all you want is a good chair to work on, try the Amy office chair. Instead of plush padding and fancy features, this chair prioritizes simple comforts and a snug, at-home feel. The mesh back keeps you cool, the adjustable arms provide good arm support, and the seat’s waterfall edge allows for good circulation to your legs at the right height. They’re perfect for start-ups and any small or home office.


Tumer Task Chair

tumer ergonomic task chair

Good for: Easy leaning

An employee may lean forward when he’s in the zone – perhaps racing to finish a crucial project before the deadline hits in ten minutes. But once it’s done and sent, he’ll want to lean back, stretch, and breathe a sigh of relief before moving on to the next task. The Tumer task chair gets it. With a height-adjustable back and synchronized tilt mechanism, this ergonomic chair makes you feel grounded and relaxed each time you lean backward or forward during the work day.


Acinola High Back Office Chair

acinola ergonomic office chair

Good for: Padded comfort

Sleek and silvery, this office chair looks like it belongs in a CXO’s office. The ribbed cushioning offers a plush, padded feel and the high back provides incredible support. It’s also height-adjustable and spins 360 degrees so your employees can sit comfortably while working and move around when they need to.


Avenue Office Chair

avenue ergonomic chair

Good for: Plush comfort

If you thought the last chair was fancy, this chair has an even higher rating on the plushiness scale. If the CXOs like the last chair, it’s the owners and founders that sit in this Avenue office chair, upholstered in leatherette and tufted for extra comfort. It’s good at keeping busy workers relaxed and in the office for longer hours, because who’d want to leave such a nice chair for the hard driver’s seat in a rush-hour traffic jam, right? The chair leans back naturally, prioritizing comfort and good-feels over confusing knobs and features.


Coco Office Chair

coco ergonomic chair

Good for: Cozy comfort

This Coco office chair is upholstered in faux fur which will help your employees feel snug. The fabric is soft and the cushioning is incredibly comfortably. While there is no headrest or armrest to lean on, the seat is adjustable and the movement is smooth – perfect for those who need to leave their chair and move around the office a lot.


Unico Office Chair

unico productivity ergonomic chair

Good for: Productivity

What catches your eyes first on this Unico office chair is the column of padded cylinders running down the back. The result is a plush, comfortable feeling as the shape of the back is designed for good lumbar support. The chair also has adjustable seat and armrests, a relaxing headrest, stable tilt mechanisms, and smooth wheels for movement. It was designed to help you get things done on your computer and at your desk without hassle.


So, got the chairs down pat? In the interest of giving your employees an ergonomic office to work in, you should also consider how comfortable the desks and lights are. Take a peek at our article on how to choose ergonomic furniture for some helpful tips.

Oh, and one more thing.

Don’t choose an office chair just because it “looks nice.” We’ll tell you this – not all office chair designs are ergonomic because not all office chairs encourage good posture and provide the support you need for 8 to 10-hour work days.

Sometimes, they’re just chairs.

As the person who’s furnishing your office, it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees are sitting properly and working comfortably throughout the day. So, if you need a bit of guidance on how to choose an ergonomic chair, just holler.

In fact, we can put you in touch with an expert right now:

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