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15+ Best Round Coffee Tables for Every Budget

A good coffee table will complement the color scheme and decor of your room in a way that it both blends in and stands out at the same time. It won’t scream for attention but you also won’t notice it immediately. If you’re looking for the right coffee table for your living room then you should know about a piece of furniture that you can never go wrong with – a round coffee table!

Why opt for a round coffee table? Well, the circle is the most versatile shape that goes with all sofa shapes and styles. 

When to Use a Round Coffee Table?  

Use a round coffee table in an area with a lot of cross-sectional space to move around. This makes the coffee table easily accessible from all corners and you have plenty of seating around the table. 

Also, if you are looking to dilute the sharpness of the room from all the edges and corners of sofas and other chairs or tables, a round coffee table will help you do the trick. Having a round coffee table in a setting where the furniture is boxy helps to air out the space, making it appear neat and less sharply angled. 

Another great reason to use round coffee tables is when there are small children or pets in the house. There is a lot less chance of causing bumps and bruises so it would be a much safer option. 

How To Choose The Right Round Coffee Table Size?

The size of your coffee table should complement the space and setting that it is placed in. You should have the ideal height for your coffee table to easily place your drink on it while you sit on the sofa or in your armchair. Ideally, the height of your coffee table is within 2 inches of your sofa height – lower and never higher.

The diameter of your round coffee table should ideally be between 2/3rd of the length of the sofa. While seated, placing the table at a distance of 12 inches should still keep you within reach of the table. 

17 Best Round Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Given below is a collection of some amazing round coffee tables that offer everything that a coffee table ought to offer – from elegance to comfort in every price range. From glass tops and fancy woodwork to having a good spot to put down your mug at the end of a long day, there is something for everyone in this list.

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1. Dayton Round Coffee Table 

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture to add an industrial aura to your modern home space, then this Dayton coffee table will fit in very aptly. Round coffee tables can soften the appearance of a room filled with a lot of angular furniture and this round industrial coffee table does exactly that.

The unique design of this coffee table is that you can adjust the height according to your needs with the four-legged metal frame. The pinewood found top adds to the two-toned finish which will complement modern decor. 

industrial coffee table

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2. Ferrier Circular Black Coffee Table 

This exquisite black round coffee table with storage is not only stylish and modern but also so satisfying to look at. A really modern round coffee table that is a great height for most sofas, it sports a smooth marble top which is so novel with slender brass metal legs supporting it. The whole assembly will add a very contemporary energy to your living room.

modern round coffee table

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3. Uriel Dark Oak Circular Coffee Table 

Bring in a touch of medieval allure to your living room with the classic design of this Dark Oak round coffee table. The circular design of this table features a beveled tempered glass top nestled in a wood circumference and resting on wood-splayed sleek legs. 

The easily accessible bottom shelf provides storage space for your magazines and coffee table books as we all love coffee tables with storage space and the dark oak wood will complement different decors and color schemes. 

glass round coffee table

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4. Cosmos Walnut and Black Modern Round Coffee Table 

This unique round coffee table will undeniably capture the attention of all of your guests. A mixture of a round industrial coffee table and a contemporary round coffee table, this one has a top that is sectioned into four quadrants with wood inlays. The hexagonally patterned base is made of metal and sturdy enough to support the wooden top. The veneer walnut finish matches a range of different settings and decors. 

round industrial coffee table

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5. Ombre White and Gold Enamel Coffee Table 

This modern round coffee table boasts a unique and undeniable charm that it lends to wherever it is placed. Having a pedestal style, this white round coffee table has a striking ombre design starting at the white top and going down to the gold black base. 

The top is made of engineered and lacquered wood that is supported by a conical two-tone iron base. As is evident, this table makes the room it’s own no matter what the surrounding furniture may be. 

white round coffee table

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6. Shauna White Round Coffee Table with Nesting Table 

A very contemporary round coffee table that also doubles as a nesting round coffee table, this is a perfect addition to your cozy living room. The outer table boasts of a beautiful marble top resting on sturdy stainless steel legs, while the smaller one is a lovely round glass coffee table. Perfect as a two-in-one and for space-saving, this modern round coffee table cannot go wrong in your home. 

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7. Endeavor Gray Round Patio Coffee Table 

This beautiful two-toned patio coffee table is a great rustic meets modern round glass coffee table for your living room. It is supported by elegant tapered legs made of powder-coated aluminum and the top has a durable synthetic rattan weave under the sleek tempered glass top. Doubling up as both a round coffee table and end table, it offers more purpose and you get more use out of it. 

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8. Niklaus Walnut Round Coffee Table 

If you’re looking for a sleek simple round brown coffee table then the Niklaus Walnut table would be a good fit. This round coffee table has an engineered wood top with an American veneer in walnut outlined with solid edges. The base is powder-coated steel that has adjustable gliders with reliable sturdy support. The black and walnut color pairing is bound to go with most color schemes.

contemporary round coffee table

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9. Modrest Gemini Black and White Coffee Table

This unusual and magnetic modern round coffee table is bound to captivate your interest. The design of this contemporary round coffee table features a contrasting pairing of concrete and metal with the classic white and black color pairing. The whole look is completed by the solid black metal base that provides ample support.

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10. Dua Gray and Antique Brass Coffee Table 

Similar to the earlier round coffee table, this Dua coffee table features a neat pairing of grey concrete and antique brass metal. The combination offers a unique round coffee table coupled with a reliable solid black metal that completes the whole look. 

modern coffee table

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11. Sylvie Black Brushed Oak Coffee Table 

Give your home a contemporary makeover with the Sylvie Black Coffee table that brings style to your home. The beautiful thick oak wood tabletop is capable of withstanding the weight of various objects placed on it.

The ergonomic design of the sleek bronze base provides stability and support to the whole table. Place it in any room of your home to elevate the look with this black round coffee table.

oak coffee table

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12.Freja Silver Glass Round Coffee Table 

This beautiful round glass coffee table is a stunning addition to your home. A distinctive pattern under the glass adds an idiosyncratic aura to the whole look of the table. The stable X-shaped base has a nice satin-plated finish which adds a hint of glamour to the room that it is placed in.

modern glass coffee table

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13. Modrest Avocet Gray Unique Round Coffee Table 

This unique round coffee table offers a one-of-a-kind experience to whoever uses it. Made from engineered wood, it is a nice take on the contemporary round coffee table design. The uncommon handsome gray brass finish adds a cool touch to the overall appeal of the table and will match different color schemes well.

unique round coffee table

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14. Gilcrest Brown and Gold Coffee Table 

The eccentric Gilcrest coffee table offers an unusual design that is somehow very appealing to the eye. The coffee table’s circular design is very pleasing in its symmetry and draws your attention to the steel base which has an elegant brushed gold finish. 

The tabletop too is very appealing and made of faux marble adding to the general uniqueness of this modern coffee table.

modern round coffee table

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15. Mika Antique Gray Solid Wood Round Coffee Table 

Nothing says rustic round coffee table quite like solid wood. This round wooden coffee table brings rustic beauty with clean lines right to your living room. The whole table is made of solid and veneered wood with turned support legs that add a unique charm to the table. The lower shelf is a wonderful addition to hold magazines and books.

rustic coffee table

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16. Mikayla White Coffee Table 

The Mikayla round coffee table binds industrial with modern to bring you something special for your home. Built with an ergonomic sleek iron base it has the capability of supporting the polished marble shelf as well as the clear glass tabletop. This two-tiered marble and glass table is stylish with the hints of the previous century in the brass frame design.

unique round coffee table

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17. Dolores Antique Brass and Gray Coffee Table 

A very contemporary round coffee table that has a rustic element, the Dolores Coffee table is bound to be a stand-out. It is designed with a concrete column base topped off with an antique brass iron top. Extremely sturdy in design, and an absolute delight for the eyes, this round industrial coffee table is a beautiful addition to your home.

industrial coffee table

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Find The Best Round Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

I hope our collection of round coffee tables for every budget helps you find something to your liking. We have found the best from our entire catalog of coffee tables and there should be one that suits your home and also your budget. 

A round coffee table that is a good height for the furniture placed around is a good indication of your style and sophistication when it comes to decorating your living space. 

Your coffee table is the final piece of the jigsaw that makes your room complete. The most inviting spot, the beverage corner, you want to make sure that you pick out something that will be ideal for when you want to unwind and when you want to entertain guests. 

You can study the features of each round coffee table for its make, color, size, and shape. Imagine it in your space and how it would go with your furniture. It should be able to blend it and finish the jigsaw without adding any uncharacteristic sharpness. 

And remember the purpose and functionality that you most desire. If you want durability to go for solid top ones rather than glass. With all these things in mind, you will surely be able to find the best round coffee table for yourself. 

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