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Say goodbye to furniture woes with curated collections from KLM Studio

Finding the perfect place to live is a stressful affair. Furnishing your home shouldn’t be a bother too. Everyone deserves a living space that is fabulous yet functional, and we are willing to do the work for you. CasaOne in collaboration with KLM Studio brings you two unique collections that will help you infuse style and substance into any space. 

Meet the Makers – KLM Studio

“Whether you are selling your home or “reimagining” your space, my goal is to maximize the potential of a property by transforming the interior and exterior with furnishings and décor that most compliment it, broadening the overall market appeal.”

  • Korey McKean

KLM Studio is a renowned name in the interior design space. Experts in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, their informed staging ideas help create homes that appeal to a lot of potential buyers. Their unique design, styling, and staging ideas help refresh any living space and create a truly welcoming vibe. 

Why Rent with CasaOne?

A temporary residence or a rented apartment should still feel like home. Even if you are looking to stage a home for a particularly picky client, KLM Studio brings you carefully curated collections to ensure a complete living experience without the burdensome long-term investment. Instead of rummaging through various pieces of furniture and trying to figure out what goes where you can bring home one of these expertly designed collections where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. These comprehensive furniture collections are still flexible enough for you to establish your very own personal aesthetic. 

What’s more? CasaOne’s white-glove assembly and installation service takes care of everything once you have decided on the rental term and made your payment. You can also take advantage of our smart Early Termination and Furniture Protection plans for a nominal fee, for your convenience. 

KLM Studio Classic Neutral Living Room Collection

The living room of any house serves multiple purposes – a social space to entertain guests, a place to lounge around on lazy days off, or your favorite spot to catch up with the family. The Classic Neutral Living Room Collection is designed to be all this and more. Defined by its stunning simplicity, the neutral color palette allows you to personalize the environment to your liking with bold pops of color. An educated eye can convert the understated furniture pieces into vibrant statements with bright cushions or an eclectic throw. 

This all-inclusive package from KLM Studio includes everything you need – an Article Lappi sofa in serene gray, a Modrest Jett Modern end table in walnut, an Article Spin Mid-Century Modern swivel lounge chair in ink blue, a Mali Modern TV stand in walnut, an Avis Modern Matte coffee table in walnut, an Article Crescent floor lamp in black and an Article crush rug in dove gray for a complete living space. No other feature is required to round off the room, the collection is, however, flexible enough for you to add your own accents. Create a living room you want to ‘live in’ with this elegant collection. 

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can rent this package starting at just $299/month

KLM Studio Geometric Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Collection

After a hectic day, everyone needs their very own nook to unwind, more often than not, the bedroom serves this purpose. A well-thought-out design and comforting additions can make your bedroom a welcoming retreat to rest and recharge. Look no further, the Geometric Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Collection is the only decor upgrade you need. Aiming to create a minimalist sanctuary, this collection establishes a relaxed atmosphere with the use of warm walnut wood and chevron design inlays. Bridging the gap between subtle and sublime is a one-of-a-kind soft blush velvet bench. Don’t forget the accent pieces, the straight lines of the table lamp double down on the geometric theme while breathing light into the space. You can build a cozy mood by adding bedding in light tones or a pale-hued floor rug.

The all-inclusive package from KLM Studio includes an Article Nera king bed in walnut, a comfy Elysse memory foam and innerspring hybrid king mattress, an Article Lenia 2-drawer nightstand in walnut, an Article Nera 6-drawer low double dresser in walnut, a Delilah bench in gray and gold and a Delancey table lamp in bold black for absolute symmetry. The rich warm tones of the furniture create an inviting vibe, you can complement this with some serene flair and clean colors. Make sure you don’t ‘snooze’ on this chic bedroom collection. 

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can rent this package starting at just $246/month

Got Questions?

  • Is there a specified rental term?

No. You can choose the term closest to your desired rental period. However, longer terms are priced lower. 

  • Can these collections be used for home staging?

Yes. These complete collections from KLM Studio are perfect for staging any space. 

  • Will the installation be handled by the company?

Yes. CasaOne’s white-glove service involves assembly and installation for your convenience. 

  • Can I edit my rental plan, once I’ve made my choice?

Yes. You can avoid paying the rental fee for the remaining months in your term by opting for the Early Termination Protection plan for a one-time nominal fee.  

  • Is there a furniture protection plan available?

Yes. You can opt for this plan for a small monthly fee during checkout.

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