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CasaOne: No Strings Attached Short Term Rentals

short term furniture rentals

The world we live in today is defined by time and convenience – these having surpassed even money on the consumer value spectrum. If there is a need, it must be taken care of pronto, and no one understands that better than us at CasaOne.

We know!

We understand how important staying up to date with the trends is to you. And we know furniture! And so we’ve created an end-to-end experience for you that will not only allow you to experience the best furniture on the market, but to do it all without having to deal with the hassles of ownership.

CasaOne gives you…


With CasaOne, you can furnish your entire home in under 48 hours! We’re literally giving you the keys to the Castle of Convenience – CasaOne takes care of everything for you, and makes sure your home is fully furnished, just in time for you to move into it. Across San Francisco and the Bay Area, we’ve got you covered.


CasaOne’s no strings attached rental terms come with a minimum term of just one month. Tired of the furniture you already have? Go ahead and swap out the pieces you don’t need anymore. Or apply for an custom upgrade by writing to us at!


One look at our CasaOne furniture catalog will show you the broad variety of choice we have. We have a range of stuff for your Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, and even your Home Office, if that’s what you’re looking for. And we’re not just talking about your basic top-line bare minimum, here.

Take a look for yourself!

Cost Efficiency

Renting furniture from CasaOne is not only one of the most cost effective options on the market today, but it is the most cost effective choice! With the deals we offer you and the amazing savings you receive on orders you place, rentals from us are an absolute no-brainer.

When you rent from CasaOne, we take care of you! We hand pick, ship, deliver, assemble, and clean-up post assembly. All at no additional cost to you!


CasaOne’s rental plans work from month to month on a subscription so you’re never locked in, without a way out, should you need one, unlike most other furniture rental services! Should you not need to cancel early, we will adjust the charges for the actual duration used by you. Simply write to us at, and we’ll be glad to help out!

Renting is just Smarter

By renting from CasaOne, you’re helping save the environment too! In America alone, close to 9.8 million tons of furniture is discarded every year in landfills. By renting furniture, you do your part to reduce the amount of disposed furniture when your needs or tastes change. The furniture is returned or swapped, rather than being trashed, receiving a second life, rather than it being needlessly discarded – a win for you, and a win for the environment too!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill up your shopping cart. And let us introduce you to a whole new way of experiencing furniture, a la CasaOne.

Simplify Your Furniture Needs


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