Furniture Trends you Need to Know Now

There are several justifications for purchasing new furniture–storage, seating, and comfort. But beyond the fundamentals, furniture also conveys our style and serves as the setting for our life. Just as our wants and situations alter, so do our furnishings. Read this article to find all you need to know about the current furniture trends. Trends […]

30 Cozy Accent Chairs to Curl Up In

Casaone brings you a plethora of eye-catchy accent chairs. These are single-cheat chairs with a stunning elegance that quickly becomes the focal point of your living room decor. They are not your everyday traditional seating chairs, but the incredible decorative value of these chairs acts as accent pieces with the greatness of their style, fabric, […]

Ways To Solve The Biggest Bedroom Design Issues

You’d assume that figuring out how to arrange a bedroom would be simple. You choose the most appropriate corner for the bed, surround it with a pair of nightstands, perhaps add a dresser or a small couch, and you’re set. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and bedroom design and layout must be tailored to […]

How to Make the Most of Your Spring Cleaning

There’s a lot to celebrate about spring – fresh blooms, longer hours of sunlight, and even the chirping of birds. While you might be tempted to sit back and simply enjoy all the things the season has to offer, there is another tradition we think you should definitely partake in – spring cleaning. Spring is […]

Vintage decor that complements your modern home

One of the biggest decor trends of the year is the ‘Grandmillenial’ decor that brings back beloved vintage decor and retro interior design staples. Considering how the pandemic has changed our lives, it’s only natural that we are craving the comfort and constancy of yesteryear reminiscing. While trends tend to get recycled over the years, […]

The Ultimate Guide to A Budget Living Room

A modern home dweller knows much too well that setting up a chic yet comfortable abode is a true challenge. Transforming the blank slate into your personal haven when you are low on funds is the main one. The secondary challenge is of course finding furniture that is the perfect fit with your design preferences […]

Interior and Decor Trends of 2022

We are well into the third year of a global pandemic. Making our homes the focal point of our lives still continues to be a non-negotiable point of interest. Unlike the millennia before when aesthetics dictated interior design decisions, home decor today has drastically changed. The focus is very much on creating a haven of […]