4 Hacks to Live a Life of Luxury

Do you ever come home from a long and tiring day wishing you had a luxury lifestyle? A huge mansion with more rooms than you can count, butlers waiting on your every whim, indulgent food in every meal, and all the clothing, cars, and jewelry your inner child could ask for. It sounds like paradise, […]

Cool, Contemporary, Chic: Modern Furniture To Furnish Your Room

Want to furnish a sophisticated, contemporary home? Our experts recommend having a bed with a contemporary headboard, choosing a statement coffee table, adding a lamp with warm lighting, using shelves and drawers to minimize clutter, and giving extra thought to soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, and throws. Read on to learn more about modern furniture! […]

Hygge Decor: Your Guide to Furnishing a Cozy Home

Forget your whole life for a second and imagine this – You’re in freshly laundered PJs, tucked under a thick, down-filled comforter. There’s a steaming mug o’ mocha by your side, and a glowing, crackling fireplace warming the room. You take a big whiff of your mocha and a small mindful sip of its comforting […]

Hale & Hearty: Designing A Healthy Home

Healthy living begins at home. It is a well-known fact that a home can greatly impact an individual’s health. In fact, numerous studies also indicate that a person’s lifestyle can affect their mental and physical wellbeing. So, how do you design a ‘healthy and happy’ home?  The furniture, textures, paints, colors, and accent elements shape […]