Insanely Clever Dorm Room Storage Ideas

ICYMI, our first post in the Student Corner series showcased nifty hacks and ideas to maximize space in your student accommodation. For the second installment in this series, we’re going to talk about the *one* thing that can make living in small spaces a breeze — smart organization. These resourceful ideas will transform your dorm […]

6 Stylish Yet Affordable Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Going to college is probably one of the most important, exciting – and may we even add: adventurous! – phases of life. While this newfound independence comes with doing your own bed, laundry and dishes, this is also your first chance to set up your own space.  In these formative years of your life, you […]

6 Nifty Ideas to Make Your Dorm Room More Spacious

Moving away for college? While student housing can seem dreary, we believe that even a dorm room has the potential to be a snug ‘home-away-from-home’ if done up with care.  We’re delighted to introduce our brand new series, Student Corner, in which we’ll share ideas to design the ideal space for a student – whether […]