Cool, Contemporary, Chic: Modern Furniture To Furnish Your Room

Want to furnish a sophisticated, contemporary home? Our experts recommend having a bed with a contemporary headboard, choosing a statement coffee table, adding a lamp with warm lighting, using shelves and drawers to minimize clutter, and giving extra thought to soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, and throws. Read on to learn more about modern furniture! […]

18 Christmas home decor ideas to get into that festive mood

If you’re the kind to start Christmas home decor early, to make its heartwarming feeling last longer, then here’s a virtual, socially-distanced high-five to you! From berry-filled wreaths to all things plaid, and of course, giant Christmas trees, we’re excited to put our best festive foot forward to make this holiday season truly memorable. Here, […]

Find Your Ideal Home Decor Style

If you’re setting up a new home, or if the lockdown has tempted you to redecorate your space, then we’ve got just the thing for you. (We know those Pinterest references can be overwhelming!) A wise person once said, “A home is the greatest reflection of who you are”, and we’re sure they were onto […]