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The key to making your studio apartment look spacious

We city dwellers are familiar with the challenges of small-space living. So how do you make your cramped studio apartment feel like home? This insurmountable barrier can be resolved with a creative approach to layout, smart decorating ideas, and clean storage. You don’t have to sacrifice style, here are some ideas that can help you declutter, reorganize, and give your apartment that perfect ‘urban chic’ look.

Divide and Decorate 

studio apartment

Creating relevant zones within the space can make your apartment feel larger than it is. While color-blocking can do wonders, nothing quite works as a central piece of furniture to divide the room. Define a living area to binge-watch your favorite shows, a sleeping area to relax, or even a dining space to enjoy a leisurely meal. A well-planned floor can be hard to achieve in a studio space but a well-designed bookshelf or a minimalist couch in a bright color can do the trick. You can also use rugs in quirky colors to anchor the divided areas. 

Don’t Ignore the Nooks 

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When you have a small space to work with, you know that every inch counts. The large window can be easily transformed into an extra seating area with a classy bench and stylish cushions. Even architectural quirks in your vintage apartment can easily become charming nooks. Cover your radiator with customized cushioning and add a side table for your very own sanctuary. Bare walls can act as the perfect canvas for interesting wall art, personal photo frames, or a fabulous clock.

Smartify Your Storage 

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A small space can limit what you can do to personalize it. What can free up the space for your design ideas is smart storage. Invest in space-saving storage solutions to save room, like vertical shelving that can be the answer to your problems. A smartly designed shelving unit can serve as a storage space and a display for innumerable knick-knacks. The organization is key and even unnoticed items like a sleek leggy console can double up as your entertainment unit and an in-house bar. Make sure even smaller additions to the decor serve multiple purposes. An elegant ottoman isn’t just an extra seating space, the right one can also offer room for linens, towels, and magazines. 

Snuggle up for a Snooze

bedroom design

Your modern oasis should be a space where you can rest and reset but a comfy bedroom can seem out-of-reach in a studio setup. The bed is a piece of furniture that usually takes up most of the space, so you have to make sure it counts. A taller bed can help make the room look more open while upping the cozy factor. You could also use the space underneath to store necessities with a bed skirt to cover it all up. Amp up the comfort level with the right pillow, quilt, and covers. Add ceiling-to-floor curtains for privacy and a nightstand to make the space truly multi-functional. You can also consider doing away with the traditional bed and consider futons or sleepers to maximize space for other things. 

Find New Ways to Use Age-Old Things

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To establish a home that is truly authentic, some unique design choices are absolutely necessary. A quirky way to turn the mood around, while opening up the space, is to repurpose normal decor pieces in unexpected ways. A bar trolley saves counter and cabinet space and can be used as a stunning storage unit for your cutlery and tableware. A bar table could also serve as an interesting spot to place your plants or even an aquarium. Even a simple desk lamp can work as a spotlight to highlight a personal memory or curios you love. Interested in a good DIY project? Old pieces of furniture are waiting to get a new lease of life; if there’s a particular piece you’re attached to, find a way to make it work with your new decor.

Customize it to Your Liking

homely chairs

When trying to decorate a small space, going minimalist can seem like a surefire way to make the room look colossal but it doesn’t always have to be the case. You need to create a space that works for you and that involves accounting for your personal taste and preferences. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted a homey brunch spot, and this can be easily achieved with a cafe-style table and comfy chairs placed near a window. Carve out niches like a home office, a reading nook, or an indoor garden with furniture pieces that don’t take up too much space and meld into the scene. Consider opting for pieces that emphasize flow while being functional. 

Create an Illusion 

black floor lamp

Purging out your belongings can only do so much to optimize space. One might have to rely on some tried and tested methods to give the room an airy open feeling. While the go-to solution is picking lighter colors, darker colors can work equally well to blur lines in an otherwise monochrome space. Light makes a world of difference, don’t block any windows and let natural light wash all over the space. In case you can’t rely on natural light, introduce a streamlined floor lamp in a central spot so it can dramatically alter the look and feel of the place. No illusion is complete without the quintessential mirror. This decor item is as simple as it comes but is almost magical in its ability to enhance an empty space. Placed right, it reflects light and opens up the room optically.

A studio apartment is a great backdrop for a creative mind. Smartly done, your home can be an efficient dwelling with élan. Look beyond what the barebones are and take the time to picture what it can be. The goal can be achieved with a little planning, thoughtful ideas, and a few shortcuts from CasaOne!

GOT Questions?

How to decorate a studio apartment?

Decorating a studio is not as complicated as it might seem. You can make your small space dwelling look its spacious best with a few neat tips and tricks. Take a note of the hacks listed above to optimize your apartment decor.

How to decorate a studio on a budget?

Revamping your studio apartment doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With a well-thought-out plan and some smart purchases, you can infuse style into any space. Focus your budget on the key pieces in the home and invest in pieces that serve dual purposes.

What are some DIY studio decor tips?

If you love a good DIY project, there is always a way to repurpose old pieces of furniture in new ways. Design an accent wall, repaint an old piece of furniture, or use unused items for unexpected purposes. A bookshelf can act as a room divider and an empty corner can become an extra seating area with snug cushions. 

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