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The Ultimate Workout Space, In-House! – 9 Home Gym Ideas

Fitness is not only associated with your physical state but also your mental well-being and what could be better than being able to work out in the comfort of your home? With the global pandemic changing our everyday lives, there has been a rising trend in online workouts offered by the best trainers. This has led to repurposing any available space into hip workout areas. This type of makeover is convenient, cheap, and helps you achieve your targets without having to risk venturing out.

Home gym design tips to get you started on your fitness journey

Before setting up a gym in your home there are certain points to consider:

  • Analyze the space 
  • Determine the budget 
  • Set your fitness goals
  • Think about the type of equipment you need
  • Figure out your storage space
  • Finalize a theme and plan accessories for the gym space

Creating a gym space at home is no longer difficult or extravagant. Whether you have a designated room, a little corner, a garage space, or an outdoor space, we have a handful of exciting ideas to help generate a functional yet appealing workout space for you. 

Basement Gym

A basement space with wooden flooring to support   heavy equipment

Converting an isolated or functional basement into a home gym has a lot to do with the condition it is in. An unfinished basement is easier to work with as the flooring and the layout can be planned according to the requirements of the gym. For a finished basement structure, you will need to take a call on room fixtures, think about the flooring, and replan the space to make room for your gym equipment.

Garage Gym

A garage used as a gym space

In the absence of a room for your home gym, an unused, vacant garage is just what you need. It’s an excellent space for you to indulge in intense workouts without disturbing or damaging anything inside your home. It is perfect for well-focused strength training or freehand exercises. You can set up necessary gym equipment and create a motivating setting with good lighting, music, accessories, etc.

Home Gym Ideas on a Budget

Setting up a home gym on a budget

Your in-house gym does not need to be a grand investment. Here are a few ways you can create a budget-friendly workout space: 

  • Spend on equipment that is absolutely necessary for your training. Consider buying second-hand or used equipment that is in good shape and in line with your fitness needs. 
  • Build DIY fitness equipment and accessories like a DIY fitness wall or a rock climbing wall at home.
  • Look out for seasonal sales and offers, for instance – buying the equipment during the holiday season may turn out a lot cheaper.

Yoga Studio at Home

 yoga room with ample sunlight and clear space

A yoga studio at home is the perfect space to help unwind and relax. You can dedicate a portion of your living room or bedroom space to practice yoga or even a quiet corner of your house for peaceful meditation. Sturdy flooring, ideally rubber, vinyl, foam, and hardwood, along with a durable yoga mat is all you need. Incorporate the use of natural light, planters, and soothing décor items to create the perfect ambiance for your yoga room. 

Home Gym in an Existing Room

An existing room converted into a workout space

Setting up a workout area in an existing room is easy if you have enough space to work with. Make sure your flooring is strong as well as supportive to reduce the impact of a fall while working out. Having storage space is also a must for all types of fitness equipment. You can always place your workout equipment, like a treadmill or cycle, in the corner of the room, close to a window. If it’s the bedroom you’re thinking of, you can’t make excuses when it comes to exercising because hopping out of bed and onto your elliptical every morning is now a matter of a few minutes. 

Outdoor Gym 

Outdoor workout area

An outdoor gym setup is a great idea because you get to enjoy all that fresh air and natural light every day when you work out. If you want a permanent setup, you can opt for freestanding pull-up bars, a workout bench, and a dip stand which should also be weather-resistant when completely uncovered. On the other hand, if you don’t have a fixed workout space you can always pick portable, easy-to-store equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, ybells, resistance bands, and so on. 

Home Gym Storage Ideas

Storage container for accessories

Storage is the solution when it comes to a functional and clutter-free gym space at home. Choose sleek storage containers where you can keep your gym mat, jump rope, resistance bands, and other portable accessories. These containers can be kept inside wardrobes, pushed under beds, or even tucked or placed in unused corners. If you have a spare room, you can also use it as a store room for all your workout accessories.

Create Zones

In case you have a space crunch, think of smart solutions such as dividing your workout zones and designating your treadmill to one area while continuing with your weight training in another. If the house is filled with a lot of furniture and decor, you can always do your cardio in the garden, on the porch, or even on the terrace.

These home gym design tips will help you to create the ideal home gym ambiance for you and your family.


Is a home gym a good idea?

Having a home gym is a great way to begin your fitness journey. Before buying or renting gym or fitness equipment online, you must consider the availability of space, the type of equipment you need, etc. Investing in high-quality equipment or your home gym at an affordable price can not only help save money and time but also drive you to work out regularly. 

What fitness equipment is ideal for a home gym?

A treadmill and stationary bicycle are ideal for cardio equipment. If you’re interested in strength training, then dumbbells, kettlebells, hand weights, and ankle weights are the perfect fitness equipment for you.  

How much does it cost to set up a gym at home?

Setting up a home gym, on average, costs anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. However, a  home gym in the basement or a garage would cost around $4000 including the investment in flooring and accessories. 

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