Top 5 CasaOne Packages to Furnish Any Rented Apartment

Even if it is just temporary, a rented apartment is still a home. But whether you are starting out in a new city or staying for a short time, what makes this temporary address livable is the right furniture. CasaOne offers furniture packages to make sure you have the best living experience possible, whether it’s just for you or you and a partner.

Why should you rent furniture from CasaOne?

CasaOne ensures that your apartment looks like a home without a long-term commitment and with a wide range of furniture rental packages. Rent furniture at your own convenience in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and more. No more worrying about large investments when moving in or selling furniture when leaving. CasaOne’s white-glove service means that you don’t have to lift a finger when the time comes.

But first things first, when you’re looking to furnish your apartment – understand your space and know what should be included in your furniture bundle package. When it comes to decorating a rented room, there are so many limitations and challenges. We’ve all fought the temptation to cram furniture into almost every nook and cranny to make us feel better about our surroundings. No more! Here’s a list of the top 5 furniture packages to help you realize your vision and give it a stylish makeover – all within your budget!

#1: NYC Studio Apartment Package

Busy New York City life means living in a studio apartment. With limited space, you have to be practical about furnishing according to your layout. Furniture that is compact works wonders in a studio apartment. Pick a studio package that includes a sofa, a coffee table set, a compact dining table for 2, and a spacious queen size bed. Use the dining table as makeshift office space while the coffee table can double up as a dining table too. Multi-purpose furniture is the key when it comes to furniture packages for NYC.

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#2: 1 Bedroom Apartment Furniture Package in San Diego

San Diego is the perfect city to rent a standard 1-bedroom apartment furniture package to live comfortably. You can easily depend on this cute furniture rental package to transform a house into a home. The 1-bedroom kit comes with all the essentials you need to set up your home – a comfortable sofa, a queen bed, side tables, and lamps. And if you are blessed with a bit of outdoor space, check out our outdoor packages to enjoy your time outdoors.

#3: 2BHK Furniture Package in Las Vegas

Vegas is a city that resonates with all things luxurious. If you’re living in Vegas, consider interior design trends that are all the rage, and be adventurous with our condo furniture packages. Furnish your 2-bedroom apartment effortlessly with practical furniture. Get a set that includes elements such as a comfortable bed, a sofa, and a dining table with accent side tables and lamps. Shoot for timeless elegance or desert tranquility, or even chic modernity—any style that suits your taste.

#4: 3BR Apartment Furniture Package for SF Bay Area

CasaOne’s full-house furniture package consists of over 20 pieces of furniture, a package that promises high-quality products for the entire home. From a lavish Empress Sofa set to eye-catching floor lamps that brighten up any living room, we make sure your entire space is set up to meet all your requirements. All the furniture features an industrial design style and a color palette that will suit any rented apartment. Sleep like kings and queens with quality bedroom sets that make for luxurious bedrooms and cozy sleeping spaces.

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#5: Home Office Furniture Package in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to budding internet celebrities and software experts working long hours every day. If you fall into one of these groups or are simply on the lookout for a home office setup, here is a custom furniture package that will suit your style. 5 handpicked items specially curated by interior designers help you get productive in the easiest way possible. Enjoy a warm color palette and high aesthetic value with this home office package that has affordable rental plans from CasaOne.

No matter which city you are in, CasaOne ensures you do not compromise when it comes to living in style. Renting furniture has come a long way from being used for special occasions, such as weddings and graduations, to being part of an everyday household. Although a good part of the rise in acceptance of furniture rental is thanks to the increasing idea of a shared economy, the other main reason why it has become popular is the ever-changing lives of most people today. Changing careers and evolving personal circumstances are just some of the reasons people haven’t stayed in one place or city for too long. And knowing that their stay in a particular location may be temporary, renting furniture definitely seems to be the go-to option.

Got Questions?

  • What is the best online portal for furniture packages?

When you rent your furniture package from CasaOne, our top-notch delivery experts will make sure you don’t have to worry. Order your favorite furniture online, and have it shipped and assembled at home. Our complete white-glove service makes your life uncomplicated and stress-free. At CasaOne, you can swipe right on trendy furniture that you might find hard not to fall in love with! Explore our options right here.

  • What furniture does a living room furniture package contain?

CasaOne’s living area furniture packages contain a sofa set in colors and styles to suit your space and taste with an added coffee table. Some room packages also have side tables, Aside from furniture, bold drapes, throw blankets and pillows, area rugs, and flower vases are some home decor item essentials that should be included in your living room.

  • How much does it cost to rent a 3BR furniture package?

A 3BR furniture package ensures your whole family is covered when it comes to furnishing your home. This furniture package is functional and economical with essentials like 3 comfortable queen beds, roomy dressers, an elegant walnut dining table and chairs set, and attractive table lamps. With quality delivery and assembly services, your new rented apartment will feel like home in no time.

  • Is there any complimentary item if I rent my whole apartment furniture package?

The upfront cost of buying new furniture is a big financial commitment. And when it comes to furnishing an entire apartment, you can avoid spending a large amount of money simply by renting. In the long run, you save a lot more on an asset that loses value annually and has a short life span. Additional home decor items are added to all packages of home furniture.

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