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6 Unexpected Benefits of Renting Furniture for Home Staging

We all know why renting home staging furniture is great – It costs less. And because of that, you save more money and make more profits for yourself or your company.

But cost-saving is not the only benefit of renting.

There are actually so many more ways renting furniture can help you build a successful home staging career for yourself and improve your personal life. Here are 7 ways renting furniture can make your home staging experience better:


Why Rent Home Staging Furniture


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  • Meet Tight Deadlines


Ever had a client who wanted a house staged immediately?

Some clients set unrealistically short deadlines, pushing you to cancel plans and stay up all night creating a design, choosing the furniture, and requesting movers to deliver faster than they’d care to. While you’re trying to make miracles happen, logistic companies can take weeks sourcing and packing your furniture, transporting them, and delivering them to the property. Some furniture companies will expect you to set it up yourself.

But that’s not the case with furniture rentals.

Once your order is placed, they can deliver it as quickly as 5 – 7 business days including packing, transporting, unloading, and assembling. By the time a rental company is done with the property, it’s all staged and ready to go. Once you make the sale, the company picks everything up as soon as you make the call.

Faster delivery and setup will allow you to make tight deadlines and promise faster results. Any homeowner, real estate agent, or flipper would want to hire you over and over again. Plus, you get more free time to maintain a rewarding work-life balance.


  • Discover Inventory Freedom


Managing your own inventory is stressful. You need to keep stock of what items you have, where they are placed, and for how long they’ve been there.

You also have to pay for storage units, packing, and transportation, both to and from the staging site. It would be your job to ensure everything goes smoothly. If something breaks in transit, you lose money. If a client wants furniture styles you don’t have, you lose the client. If a logistics company isn’t returning your calls, you lose your mind.

But coordinating with your order when you rent home staging furniture is so much easier because these companies often provide tracking details for you to see where your furniture is in real time. A huge relief, wouldn’t you say? This gives you more time to focus on the other things that need your attention like repairs and cleaning. Take the load off by owning nothing and getting the furniture you need only when you need it.


  • Stage More Properties


When you own inventory and have an increasing list of clients, you might eventually run out of furniture as you keep staging new homes. You have two options then.

Either you can buy more furniture to stage the new properties, which is bad. Or you can turn down staging new clients and their properties, which is worse. Plus, there’s that stress of not knowing when you’ll get your furniture back, especially if the house is tricky to sell.

But renting takes that stress away.

          • You can say ‘yes’ to all those new clients confidently.
          • You can keep renting as you get more clients without worrying about paying for more furniture or storage space.

Renting helps you focus on staging more properties, generating more revenue, and creating more references and potential repeat clients for yourself. Bring some stability to your home staging life.


  • Follow Staging Trends


To sell homes faster, you need to understand what potential homebuyers want. Today, there’s a new generation of people looking for homes. These people respond better to interior designs that are different from what worked a year ago.

modern home staging with trendy chair and sofa

And so, that year-old furniture you keep using could be hurting your clients’ chance of bigger offers. If you buy new furniture, it will depreciate both in value and use when trends change once again.

So if you’re in the home staging business for the long haul, rent.

Furniture rentals stock pieces that go with current staging styles so that you can design a home that appeals to today’s market. Stand out from the other home stagers that use the same old furniture every time and advance your career.


  • Be as Creative as You Want


You fell in love with home staging because it allowed you to pursue your passion in interior design creativity. But when you use furniture from your own or the homeowners’ stock, you’re limited to what you have.

However, with furniture rentals, you’ll have access to a much wider range of many styles of furniture that you can explore using in different properties. It’s the designing and planning you love about staging, so don’t tie yourself down to only what’s available.


  • Focus on What Matters


We’ve seen how the reality of home staging processes can just dry your passion up.

Staging can be a messy process because there are so many moving parts to keep track of. You have to co-ordinate with so many different vendors in terms of furniture alone.

You have to keep track of what furniture you’ve ordered from which company, or make sure the furniture you own is appropriately and safely packed. You need to check in with the various transportation services you’ve hired, where they are, and what their ETA is. You have to oversee the unpacking, assembly, and installation of the furniture when they arrive. And when the house gets sold, you have to find packers and movers to take the furniture back to your storage.

If only there was a service that could tie all these functions into one package, right?

That’s what home staging furniture rental companies like CasaOne do. They handle all the furniture sourcing, moving, assembling, and picking up woes for you so that you can focus on the parts of your job you actually like – the designing.


  • Bonus: Save More… A Lot More


If we return to the most obvious benefit of renting – the cost, it’s also obvious that there seems to be no downside. Sure, you won’t own any of the pieces but they’re always available whenever you need them. Plus, you can always keep some timeless furniture items with you and rent the rest.

Renting is lower in cost so it gives you a much higher return on investment in home staging. And CasaOne can help you save even more. If you do such a good job that people want to buy the furniture you staged the property with, you’ll receive a nice commission from us that you can use the next time you stage with CasaOne. Bottom line? You’ll stage even more!

But that’s the icing on the cake. With CasaOne, you can stage completely hassle-free and focus on designing wonderful homes so your clients will want to hire you again, and homeowners will want you to plan their new homes too.


With CasaOne as your furniture partner, you’re never alone. As soon as you need furniture, just choose the pieces you want and we’ll be on our way. Once the property sells, call us, and we’ll be right back to pick it up. To start, explore how CasaOne works with home stagers here and get in touch with us to learn more.

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