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32 Types of Coffee Tables – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Coffee tables have come a long way from being an optional piece of furniture to a home decor staple. In the beginning, it’s usage was limited to having a low place to hold your beverages while you sat. And indeed, it still does serve that purpose.

However, nowadays the humble coffee table is more than just a place for you to place your drink between sips. It holds your books or magazines for light reading, can have multiple storage options and on the whole, can cohesively bring together the different pieces of furniture that you have in a room.

Choosing a specific style of coffee table can be challenging if you’re not well-versed with the options. This guide will help you understand all the options that exist out there and the unique advantages of different types of coffee tables.

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32 Styles of Coffee Tables As Per The Latest Trends

Let us introduce you to the different types of coffee tables that are available in the market, all with different designs and for varied purposes.

1. Storage Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a great and stylish way to store your magazines, writing stationary and remote controls, a storage coffee table would be pretty handy. Storage coffee tables might be slightly more bulky than other coffee tables, but you might still find them a perfect fit for your needs. Depending on the kinds of items and their size, you might find a lot of different options for a good, sturdy yet elegant storage coffee table.

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2. Marble Coffee Table

Marble coffee tables come with a very understated elegance that pair really well with wood floors or carpeted rooms. They require a bit of upkeep and yet are a no fuss addition to your decor. Although genuine marble coffee tables can be slightly more pricey, the return on investment is quite worth it.

Depending on the size and type of marble coffee table you choose, it can be a really great addition to your living room and you will get a lot of use out of it.

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3. Mid Century Coffee Table

Referring to the design popularized during the middle of the 20th century – hence the name – this is a forever classic style that is functional, elegant and displays a hint of nostalgia. A good mid century coffee table will make you feel like it’s from the mid century. It is practical and durable giving you all the functions of a good sturdy coffee table. Some of the features that make a coffee table decidedly mid century are the natural materials used, the angled or tapering legs and the soft rounded curves.

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4. Square Coffee Table

Go for a square coffee table if you’re looking to create a finished cohesive look that blends well with the rest of your decor. Square coffee tables offer a symmetrical look and can be easily used if you’re trying to make the space look filled enough and without gaps. However, you must keep in mind that square tables are better in smaller spaces as they are not long enough for a lengthy sofa.

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5. Rectangular Coffee Table

Try to break up the softness of your living room with a rectangular coffee table. Probably one of the most popular coffee table shapes, the rectangular coffee table complements really well with longer sofas and provides a lot of surface area when compared with other coffee tables. If you have a lot of space, you could consider this coffee table shape. Rectangular coffee tables are as dapper today as they were decades ago and come with so much versatility.

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6. Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables are the best option for those looking for minimum bumps due to sharp edges. So this is an ideal piece of furniture if you have pets or small children. A round coffee table looks best with smaller length sofas or a more cozy seating space.

A lot of times, round coffee tables add more of an aesthetic appeal than they do a functional one because of its condensed surface area. However, it is a very welcoming table when you’re entertaining guests who might light snacks around the table as it offers more accessibility from every side.

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7. Oval Coffee Table

Often referred to as the cousin of the round coffee table, the oval coffee table offers all the perks of a round coffee table with the addition of length. So if you have more space, you could easily opt for this shape instead. Oval coffee tables are a master of balance when it comes to function and form.

Oval coffee tables also pair a lot better with longer sofas as they don’t sharply cut the length. Also, oval coffee tables favour movement and provide a good amount of surface area for you to display or store items more securely. With no sharp edges, this is another kid and pet friendly choice of furniture.

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8. Wood Coffee Table

Largely known as the post popular material for a coffee table, wood is versatile, durable and elegant without having to try too hard. It is reliable and will easily complement most colour schemes and room decors. Almost all designs that wood coffee tables display have a warm, timeless and flexible feeling.

If you have farmhouse style decor, you could bank on a wooden coffee table to complete the look of your room. Also, a wood coffee table is by no means required to be boring. You can liven the look of your coffee table with different accent designs and unique shapes.

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9.Metal Coffee Table

Easily a very popular material for coffee tables after wood is metal. Often lighter and conventionally more durable than wood, these types of coffee tables can come in a variety of different styles and shapes as metal is so much easier to mold into unique shapes. You could opt for a metal table if you are trying to pull off an industrial or structural theme for your room.

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10. Glass Coffee Table

Having gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to the different technology used to create glass tables. Most glass coffee tables come in a variety of flexible and innovative designs that are striking to look at.

Whether used in conjunction with metal supports to offer more stability or made completely as a glass construction, you cannot deny the contemporary feeling that comes with a glass coffee table. A glass coffee table is a good addition for a subtle element of class to your room as well as being an extremely versatile piece of furniture.

Glass coffee tables are a good option if you have a smaller room or cramped space as glass opens the space up with style. However, all things considered, it is not the safest or most optimal choice for a home with small children as it is more susceptible to breakage.

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11. Rattan Coffee Table

Although traditionally rattan is used as a material for patio furniture because of its durability and ability to withstand different weather conditions, it is increasingly gaining popularity as a coffee table. If you’re looking for a coffee table that offers you a rustic feeling with a modern touch, rattan coffee tables could offer a choice that feels perfectly at home.

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12. Traditional Coffee Table

A traditional coffee table is the number one choice for elegance and sophistication. They have a style that goes back through the whole last century and so their appeal is proven to be timeless. Almost always crafted from solid wood – which is essentially what makes it traditional – and having a standard rectangular or oval surface.

If your home decor is woven with tradition and cohesive elements, adding a traditional coffee table will bring in a good element of uniformity.

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13. Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary coffee table styles are defined by all the styles that are fashionable in the current moment. Most contemporary coffee tables feature new age materials like glass tops or metal bases.

They have a bold accent with bright features and are usually eccentric and novel. Any furniture that encompasses a range of different style touchstones and have solid interiors with daring prominent lines.

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14. Modern Coffee Table

Often, modern refers to the specific range of 20th century design to mid century style. Many times interchanged with contemporary coffee table designs, modern differs slightly in style and design. Modern coffee tables usually stress on functionality with simplicity, clean designs and blends different aesthetic aims without being eccentric.

A lot of modern coffee tables are made in metal and stone designs because of its clean aesthetic and influenced by modernism.

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15. Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic styles a lot of times refer to the old school rural area fashion. Most commonly made with wood – having a good sturdy old fashioned pattern as opposed to the modern coffee table or even the traditional coffee table.

If you have decor that is more apt to farmhouse style then the rustic coffee table will fit right in with you. Evoking feelings of the countryside in olden times, you can also look at options that have some old timey brass fittings for a time long gone.

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16. Coastal Coffee Table

Coastal coffee tables evoke a natural beachy coastal vibe that has a lot of cool sand tones. These tables usually come in simple hues and have a relaxed, natural design with a simple surface and sturdy legs. Having a more relaxed feeling than a traditional table, the coastal coffee table is a good choice for your living room if you have a lot of natural colours in your decor as it will complement the colour scheme brilliantly. Also, the coastal table gives off a more casual air than the rustic table that makes it really inviting.

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17. Industrial Coffee Table

Purposeful and rugged in design, the industrial coffee table evokes a very determined feeling in your room. Usually made with a combination of metal and solid or engineered wood, industrial coffee tables will pair well in rooms that are decorated in a loft style with rough hewn construction ideas. Also, these kinds of coffee tables would be a good contrast to your softer surroundings so it would break up any monotony.

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18. Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage coffee tables have a very old timey feel to them and evoke a sense of quirky design philosophies. Vintage coffee tables have a retro vibe and are usually made from a lot of repurposed elements including knobs and reclaimed wood. This evokes a much stronger kitschy classic unique touch to the table. For a room that has a lot of retro themed items, a vintage coffee table would be a great addition to keep the cohesive structure and integrity.

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19. Nesting Coffee Table

Nesting coffee tables are great space savers. Since they can be stacked easily and allow for more flexibility as tables for small rooms and in more cramped spaces, these are a good option if you want multiple tables in a set.

You can use them separately when you’re entertaining guests around the seating area or combine them for storing your books and magazines to create a modern look. That is space saving.

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20. Minimalist Coffee Table

When looking for a very minimalist addition to your home, go for the minimalist coffee table that will offer you the bare bones but still be chic enough to complement the rest of your decor. Minimalist coffee tables offer you the style without being in your face and offering you the stability to tie in all of your furniture decor.

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21. Geometric Coffee Table

If you want something different and like angles and lines in your room, you could go for the geometric coffee table that has all of these features to offer. Most of the time, the geometric coffee table adds depth and definition to the area it is placed in while at the same time, offering the functionality that a good coffee table should provide.

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22. Lift Top Coffee Table

Go for a convertible lift top coffee table if you like to hide all your clutter away neatly instead of on your table top. The lift top coffee table is functional and offers you all the benefits of a storage table without being visible. It is a great table if you are looking to entertain visitors and because of its excellent storage capacity, has become a popular choice for a coffee table.

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23. Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk coffee tables often have a very old timey air around them because of how they are designed. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of furniture to complement the vintage theme of your home, the trunk coffee table would make a compelling addition. Also, it offers a ton of storage space while allowing you to have a clean table top so that is an added advantage.

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24. Parsons Coffee Table

The Parsons coffee table has a modern design with square or rectangular surfaces. The legs are flush with the rest of the body and thick as the top of the table. A Parsons coffee table has a good practical build and can be reliable if you’re looking for a coffee table that is both functional and timeless.

Usually built with solid wood and having an ergonomic design, the Parsons table has a reputation for being simple but it can definitely be embellished with upholstery to give it a neo modern look and feel.

25. Abstract Coffee Table

Abstract coffee tables are a unique addition to your home space. It makes sense to use an abstract design for a coffee table to break up the sharpness of your room in case everything has clean lines and defined edges.

Abstract coffee tables are also a good design for smaller children as usually they are softer and you are less likely to bruise and bump into a coffee table like this.

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26. Tiered Coffee Table

This example that we have is an excellent example of a really utilitarian tiered coffee table. With a tiered coffee table you are able to have more surface area for your beverages without having a really bulky table taking up space in your room. Also, a tired coffee table can help in cutting up the lines in your room sectionally or horizontally more cohesively.

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27. Hexagonal Coffee Table

Hexagonal coffee tables are a little bit like a round coffee table but with a lot of pointy edges. If you have a lot of softness in your room but lack the space for a long table or a square piece of furniture, a hexagonal coffee table could add some definition and sharpness to the space without imposing too much. The hexagonal shape also provides more surface area and depending on the size, could be a very functional addition to your room.

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28. Unique Coffee Table

A unique coffee table is defined by any coffee table design that is not mainstream and common. If you are someone who doesn’t like having the same furniture as most others, then a unique coffee table would be a great fit for you. Coming in a variety of different styles and encompassing different materials making up its structure, the unique coffee table is right at home in a modern decor.

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29. Funky Coffee Table

Sometimes, you want something other than the ordinary to make your living room really stand out. Funky coffee tables can do just that while also providing you with the utility of having a place for your beverages. Granted, sometimes, a funky coffee table is more an aesthetic addition than a functional one, you cannot deny the appeal that it holds.

The material that your coffee table is made of will also make a difference in its capability. Glass and metal are usually good options if you’re looking for a unique syncopated coffee table to add to your living room.

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30. Shakers Coffee Table

Coming from the Society of Believers – the Shakers – this style of furniture has the guiding principles of simplicity and utility. The Shakers coffee table has a functional and minimalist design and good proportion. Instead of having too much ornamentation such as inlays, metal pulls and veneers, they use asymmetric multipurpose arrangements to add more visual interest.

The classic design of the Shakers coffee table is a good fit for a range of different decors and themes. The design usually includes straight legs and bevels on the top with dovetail drawers and the famous Shakers knob.

31. Concrete Coffee Table

Another example that is kind of similar to the marble top table, a concrete table is rather sleek and new age. The material allows for different styles and adds a different touch to your home space. Often, concrete will be combined with something like wood or metal to be able to give it a more sturdy or finished look as on it’s own it would look far too industrial, though that could also be an option if you’re looking for one.

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32. Octagonal Coffee Table


If you’re looking to add some modern geometric patterns to your living room space, an octagonal coffee table could be a great choice. They make for a great statement piece of furniture without occupying too much space. Just like round tables, even these tables go with almost all types of furniture. However, it’s best if you use them along with a contrasting piece of furniture. Since the table has sharp edges, it goes well with soft and cushy sofas.

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FAQs about different types of coffee tables

How tall should a coffee table be?

The height of your coffee table can be the same as your sofa seat height or up to 2 inches lower and length should not be more than two-thirds of your sofa.

What is trending in coffee tables?

Top trends in coffee tables today are – geometric coffee tables, marble top tables, rustic wooden tables and glass tables. However, all of the different types of tables mentioned in this list are suitable for different types of living room. 

How to choose a coffee table?

A square coffee table is ideal for large sofas and traditional sofas. On the other hand, a rectangular coffee table works well with standard-sized sofas and long sofas with a chaise.

An oval coffee table can be placed in compact spaces with a standard-sized sofa or long sofas with a chaise. A round coffee table can be placed in compact spaces with a loveseat or sectional sofa to create a cozy nook. Both oval and round coffee tables are kids-friendly as they don’t have any sharp corners.

What size coffee table for sectional?

The ideal size coffee table for sectional is two-thirds of its width. If you have a sectional with a chaise, then the coffee table should be two-thirds the size of the sofa portion only. Also ensure that you have ample walk-around space around the table to avoid bumping into it. This will create a balanced look in the room.

What shape coffee table for sectional?

Round coffee tables are best suited for sectional sofas. They compliment the rectangular/square shape of the sofa.

How to decorate a coffee table?

The best way to decorate a coffee table is to pick three contrasting elements of varying sizes. These elements could be – coffee books, scented candles, candlesticks, vase of flowers, indoor plants, succulents, abstract decor items or decorative centerpieces.

How to make a coffee table?

If you’d like to build your own coffee table, you’d need some woodworking skills. You can then choose a DIY coffee table project of your liking and get started.

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