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Uplift your mood and health with a splash of greenery

For months now, we have been confined to the four walls of our house. As the world begins to open up, social distancing is still very much the norm and we might still end up missing our weekend nature escapades. Greenery has proven benefits for our well-being and it is essential to get our dose of nature to maintain our personal health. Bring all those positive vibes home with these simple green decor hacks. 

Here’s how you can connect to nature while social distancing.

Hone Your Green Thumb

Young man taking care of his plants on the balcony

With a little greenery, you can totally transform a space. A garden doesn’t always need a backyard or a wide-open terrace to function. With some planning and direction, even a small space like a balcony or a window ledge can be transformed into a box flower garden, a tiny herb farm, or even your very own supply of homegrown veggies. Cordon off space and consider what kind of plants you’d like to grow, research how you can best care for them, and most importantly consider if you can handle that commitment. The fun doesn’t have to stop at planting your greens, you can always enhance the space further with a bird feeder or a mini water feature. Think creatively and create a green decor haven that scrubs out the toxins and purifies the air, but can also be a great activity for you and your family to indulge in regularly.

Switch to Al-Fresco Dining

Friends have a dinner in the gorgeous outdoor place

With warm weather on the menu, who doesn’t want to enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch in the comfort of their own backyard? Smart outdoor furniture choices can change the look of an empty patio. A sturdy dining table can help you enjoy a refreshing drink and a  chat with friends. What will however complete your outdoor retreat is the addition of suitable foliage. You can create a natural arbor with climbing vines to beat the heat, place succulents on the table, and even place a small flowering tree for some shade over the dining area.

A larger space like a backyard allows you to really explore your choices and plan how the greenery will look. Line your grid tiled pathways with lavender bushes that will automatically uplift your mood while adding a cheerful pop of color. If you’re thinking of adding a chaise lounge to sunbathe on your deck, imagine how the addition of a few simple terrariums on a side table can complete the space!

Fresh as a Daisy Approach

Woman smelling fresh roses in vase on table

Have a small space and don’t feel up to the challenges of plant parenting? There is an option for everyone who wants to bask in the lush goodness plants provide. Even some freshly cut blooms in a stately vase can work magic for the atmosphere of a room. If you’re in the mood for some adventure, forage for local foliage and give it some personal attention. Indulge in some DIY love, mix and match your newfound leafage with your all-time favorites, and craft your very own hand-tied bouquets that you can place around the house. Homemade arrangements can be a game-changer for your green decor. Incorporate signature seasonal symbols like pine cones and cherry blossoms for a delightful twist. These green decor arrangements don’t have to be limited to bouquets, you can also create wreaths, wall hangings, and much more.

Go Big with Plants 

shelf of tree plants with white metal sheet wall

Even a tiny touch of green decor can create an invigorating verdant feel in any space, so imagine how much of a difference a foliage-focused focal point can make. Glaringly bare empty corners can be transformed with a well-thought-out display of planters. Even faux plants placed in strategic places can boost the verdure feel of any room. Think about the room you want to brighten up with some feel-good foliage. A living room could house a shelf with plants placed along with other curios for a greenhouse feel. A bathroom can reflect a tropical mood with botanical prints and a large areca palm or even some begonias, and you can go understated with a ficus plant or a peace lily on your nightstand that will add to the peaceful atmosphere you are looking to create. 

Go in a Different Direction 

You don’t have to veer toward the usual suspects when you decorate your home with plants. Think of strange surfaces that can accommodate your plants. A bar cart can make for a mobile garden, which you can wheel around to spritz and prune. A set of end tables can make for a stunning display of your plants in your entryway, and an outdoor stool on your balcony can be transformed into a fairy garden for a little bit of whimsy. You can always repurpose things that you no longer use – teapots, wooden crates, and old paint cans can also be transformed into unusual customized planters. This not only adds elegance to your spot of green but invites curiosity with the personalized take.

Chic living room with elegant armchair and wooden DIY shelf

Research has long proven the benefits nature has for us, connecting with nature is quintessential to our happiness and peace. Even taking a walk in the local park, tending to a plant, or watching birds can re-energize a particularly stressed mind. While integrating our external environment into our urbane abodes can seem challenging, it has become something of a necessity to re-energize ourselves after a, particularly difficult year. Bringing the outdoors indoors doesn’t have to be difficult with these simple green decor hacks. Staying home can be just as refreshing with a little help from our plant buddies. 

Got Questions?

1 – How do I stay healthy while working from home?

Working from home comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and no one can deny the long-term mental and physical challenges that remote working can pose. To make sure you stay healthy during this duration, it is essential to invest in the right home office furniture that will help you ace your productivity goals. The essentials of staying healthy remain the same – make sure you maintain a good diet and squeeze in some much-needed breaks but nothing plagues desk dwellers quite like posture issues. Some simple tips can help you get out of that crunch and get healthy. Introducing plant life is a surefire way to induce some positive vibes into the space, even a simple plant on your desk can make all the difference to your daily mood. 

2 – How to get fresh air into a room?

When cooped up inside our homes for a long time, all of us know how necessary it is to circulate fresh air inside. When summer is in full effect, it is time to optimize your ventilation to flush out the stagnant air and let in the freshness. Open your windows in the morning and in the evening to make sure you let in the fresh air. Introducing greenery into your home is a simple way to cleanse toxins out of the air and purify the room. There are some indoor house plants that can help create that verdant feel while giving you health benefits. Plants like peace lily, chrysanthemums, and Boston ferns can help remove contaminants from the air. So grab your planters and incorporate these plants into your home decor. 

3 – Which plants are good for a healthy home?

Pretty much any kind of foliage you choose to add to your home can work miracles for your mood and health. Easily available plants like the snake plant and the areca palm can scrub out toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, so you can breathe easy in your home. Plants like aloe vera and English ivy can be used to treat a variety of everyday issues due to their medicinal properties. Plants like rosemary and mint are low-maintenance and are great culinary additions to your daily meals. So bring home any plant and start reaping the health benefits today.  

4 – Can I continue working out at home?

When confined to your home, it is essential to break your routine of sitting and lying around and integrate a workout routine that will rejuvenate and refresh you. What can really help you is a 30-35 minute workout routine before your workday. Make your fitness journey easier with a range of fitness equipment from CasaOne.

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