Spring Ready

The season of blooming flowers, chirping birds, buzzing bees, and early morning coffee in an open garden with a clear sky has come but wait, are you spring ready yet? As the time of happiness and joy has come, why not revamp our garden and make it a special place to relax and spend quality time this year? So, let’s grab some patio furniture and cushions and make our garden area look beautiful and welcoming just as we are! Whether you are holding a big party in your garden or a small intimate lunch or dinner, having comfortable household furniture with the right fabric is essential. So, in this article, we help you decide on the best summer classic outdoor furniture and give you ideas to make it look nice and elegant while keeping in mind the care and maintenance needs of the furniture.

Outdoor furniture is as significant as indoor ones but requires a little more care and maintenance than they are outside. So below, we have jotted down five ideas you should follow while doing up your outdoor area.

Plan your area

Before buying your outdoor furniture, you need to have a vision for it. Your outdoor furniture should match your home style. You will have to decide whether you want it to be in an open living area in your garden or a lounge area near the pool, or a terrace area, as each will have a different concept. Your place's environment and weather conditions also play an important role when planning your outdoor furniture. Whether you want standard furniture or signature furniture, you need to plan it first. And then, as per your space, you will have to decide whether you want a dining set, a bistro setting, or a cozy conversational setting. You can create a new space with modern outdoor furniture and give it some vibrance with decorative lights.

Choose the right Patio Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is necessary, so here are the best five outdoor furnishing options for you:

Wrought Iron Furniture

This is used in most houses and gives an antique, sturdy, and timeless look. They come in various styles and options wherein you can pick as per your garden size. One thing that one must think about while buying this is that since it is made of iron, it is heavy and shouldn’t be moved from one place to another; otherwise, you might scratch your deck.

One more thing one must be careful of while buying this furniture is its color. The paint might chip, but you are good to go if you buy a piece whose paint is readily available. If some portion of the paint gets chipped, then you can repaint it, and it will look brand new. Cleaning is also simple; you just need to clean it with a damp cloth. This is a summer classic outdoor furniture as it is timeless and beautiful.

AluminIum Furniture

Aluminium furniture is one of the most convenient and stylish ones. It is an easy-care solution, and you can move it from one place to another effortlessly. These are best for your terrace places and an outdoor lounge at your house. Aluminium is lightweight and does not rust, and with a couple of suitable cushions, it will look good. While purchasing it, one must be careful and ask for a rustproof, powder cost, and UV-resistant finish. Check the welds and make sure they are sturdy and are standard outdoor furniture.

Aluminium Furniture

Cleaning aluminium furniture is easy. You need to use a damp cloth, be gentle, and never use cleaners with corrosive chemical ingredients.

Polymer and Plastic Furniture

Polymer and Plastic Furniture

If you are looking for something easy to maintain, then polymer and plastic furniture is your best option. If you live near the sea, this furniture is best for the saltwater environment. This furniture is rust-free and is designed for a difficult environment. You can also look for Marine-grade polymers. This type of furniture is sturdy and heavy, and they look like painted wood giving it a classic look. You can easily leave this furniture out throughout the year and clean it with soap and water solution. Use outdoor waterproof patio furniture.

Real Wood Furniture

Many people prefer real wood furniture, but they do come with problems of rotting, bugs, and splitting. If you want to go for a piece of wooden furniture, then choose either Eucalyptus or Teak wood furniture. But you need to take a lot of care of the wooden parts. Clean it with a soft brush and a solution of water and Murphy’s oil soap. Wooden furniture always gives a classic outdoor furniture look.

Cushion Fabrics

Cushion Fabric

Furniture always looks better with good cushions; they can give a brand-new feel to your old furniture. They are the priciest part of the patio set, so one must be wise while deciding on the material. Always go for UV resistant and resistant to moisture, stains, and molds.

Light up your outdoor

The preparation of spring is just incomplete without your light preparation. With your days getting longer and warmer, your outdoor space must be lit up with style and illumination. Use outdoor decorative lights to give a new life to your place. Here are the best ways you can add outdoor lighting this spring.

Globe Lights

Globe Light

Globe lights are timeless, cost-effective round bulbs that fit in all outdoor furniture styles and are decorative outdoor lights. They are a flexible choice as you can always drape them over a railing or can hang them on your backyard trees. They come in lengths from 10 feet to 100 feet. With the C-9 globe light, you can also get energy-saving LED bulbs.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is classy as well as perfect for outlining your drive area and your garden. It can add up your lighting and make your area safe as well for new guests.

Hardscape lighting

Hardscape Lighting

If you have an outdoor patio and want to make its features look outstanding, add hardscape professionally installed decorative outdoor lighting. With this form of lighting, your bars, walls, and other exterior bits will easily come to life, and your outdoor furniture will have a whole new appearance.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is one of the best forms of lighting when you want to highlight a specific portion of your outdoor space. One of the most common forms of accent lighting is Round LED cordless light. They are super durable, giving your house a modern tinge.

Decorative String Lights

String Light

If you want to give your outdoor setting some fun, artsy, or rustic touch, you should try decorative string lights. They are battery-powered and convenient to use.

Stair Lighting

Safety and looks go hand in hand. With stair lighting, you can add allure to your outdoor area and eliminate possible falls. So, be safe with stair lighting!

Accessorize your outdoor

Adding some flair to your outdoor furniture with good setups like cushions, umbrellas, outdoor rugs, canopies, and gazebos. These will also relieve you from the summer heat and add splashes of life and color to the patio. Pair coordinating umbrellas and tables to round out your patio ensemble. Proper accessories are always a yes when we plan our outdoor area, so think before purchasing them and adding decoration to your classic summer outdoor furniture and beautiful decorative lighting.

Protect your Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture requires a lot of care and maintenance as they are out in all seasons. Below are ways you can protect them and give them a longer life:

  • Keep Them Clean: Even when your furniture is covered, it will accumulate dust and cause rust if you don’t clean it from time to time, even on off-season.
  • Protect The Fabric: Cushions are valuable additions to our outdoor furniture, so one must clean them and use a fabric protector, so it does not lose their color and texture.
  • Use Covers: During harsh seasons and when the furniture is not in use, it is always advisable to cover them from UV rays, rain, and cold weather. They will always protect the life of your furniture and save them from discoloring.
  • Plan Ahead: We usually can’t predict the weather, but if seasons change or we know the weather will be harsh for a few days, we can move the furniture to a storage shed and close the umbrellas. Also, try to use waterproof patio furniture.
  • Use Furniture Sunscreen: UV rays are one of the biggest enemies of our patio furniture, so we should always add a coat of UV protectors on our plastic and metal furniture. For wooden furniture, paint is the best way to protect them and gives them a signature touch.

Thus, creating an elegant outdoor space with the right furniture and decor could be a task. With CasaOne, we provide you with the best permutations and combinations for your patio to depict your persona. Your home and your outdoor space are a part of your personality, so be careful while choosing the right type of furniture and give it a stylish yet graceful look for a luxurious experience. We have a range of modern outdoor patio yet standard design furniture as well as light decor. So, explore right away!

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