Contemporary living room rug with zigzag pattern

Your home furnishing doesn’t just include furniture. The colors you choose for the walls, additional decor elements, and even the overall arrangement majorly impacts how your room will look after you’re done. A major player in your room’s appearance is the area rug. Your living room rug in particular can make or break the aesthetic of the room.

Living room rugs are also a great alternative to the dated wall-to-wall carpets since they look good and are much easier to clean or replace. A living room rug also serves as a great foundation for your living room and helps create a cohesive visual look.

When selecting area rugs for your living room, you need to consider many factors including the size, color, shape, texture, and pattern. Choosing amongst all these options can be slightly overwhelming. To make your living room rug selection a breeze, here are 5 tips you can follow to find the perfect area rug for your room.

#1 Size Speak

Before looking at colors and designs, you need to identify how much space you have got to play around with. You don’t want an oversized rug for a small living room since it can overwhelm the entire space or a too small rug that doesn’t make any impact. Since living room rugs typically anchor the look of the entire room, the size needs to be perfect. To identify the exact size of your living room rug, measure out your existing space, including the furniture and then get a rug that fits just right. A handy way to visualize the size of your rug is by using masking tape to create a border on your living room floor. Then, you can place the furniture and other paraphernalia accordingly and check if the rug size is proper.

Grey living room rug with modern design

#2 Consider the Why

Before you buy or rent living room rugs for your home, consider the purpose. Why are you getting the area rug? Is it purely for visual purposes or are you planning on using it to hide a stain or blemish on the floor? Do you like walking barefoot on the floor? Do you have pets? Do you like to entertain guests? These are a few of the basic questions you should consider when looking for the ideal living room rug. Depending on your answers, you’ll have narrowed down your choices considerably. For instance, if you’ve kids or pets, you would want a rug that doesn’t stain and can be cleaned easily. Or, if you like walking barefoot in your living room, a soft, dark colored rug is perfect for you.

#3 Feel Good?

When it’s all said and done, your living room rug is for your eyes only (and the people you live with, of course!). When looking at different colors and textures, go for whatever floats your boat. Unless your existing living room follows a certain aesthetic, you have complete control over the rug you choose. If you’re moving into a new house and setting up everything from scratch, you have the freedom of going with any color or pattern. A living room rug with interesting patterns is not only easy on the eyes but also helps hide regular wear and tear better than a solid color rug. In terms of colors, don’t get a multicolor rug if your living room walls are already colorful.

Cozy living room rug in a bright setting

#4 Layers and Rugs

Give your living room some dimension and visual flair by layering up your rugs. Sounds complicated? It’s really not. As long as you follow similar colors and elements for the rugs you’re layering, you should be golden. If it’s your first time layering area rugs, follow the simplest approach; a solid colored rug as the base with a smaller, patterned rug with bold colors that complement the base rug. Apart from just their visual appeal, layering rugs work exceptionally well to create a more comfortable walking space during the colder months.

#5 Tales of Texture

The texture of your living room rug is as important as its colors or pattern. You’ll be walking on the rug a lot, especially if it’s in the living room and you have a big family, and the texture needs to be selected accordingly. If you’re expecting your living room rug to take a beating, opt for sturdier material like sisal, all-wool, cotton flatweave or even jute if you want something relatively rough and tough. If you want something softer, silk is a great choice but it’s tough to clean and also quite expensive. Depending on how you intend to use the living room rug, as something that’s best observed but not touched or walked on every day, pick an appropriate texture.

Follow these basic tips to find the ideal living room rug for your home. If you’re concerned about spending money on rugs that might lose their value in a couple of years, we have a great solution for you. Rent living room rugs from CasaOne and get the rugs you want without worrying about their cost or longevity. You can always return a rented rug to us if you grow bored of it and get it replaced with something fresh and brand new!

Get in touch with our design experts to find the perfect living room rug for you.

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