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If you’re homeschooling your kids, give yourself a little pat on the back because it's not easy. Whether you've carefully weighed the pros and cons before deciding to homeschool your kids or had to make this decision due to unforeseen circumstances, everyone could use a little homeschool advice. We’ve rounded up some of the best homeschooling tips like:

  • Setting a schedule
  • Creating a classroom environment
  • Avoiding boredom
  • Socializing
  • Going easy on yourself

Set A Schedule

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To make it feel more like regular school, set a timetable for your homeschooling classes with a routine start and finish time. Make sure to schedule time for breaks (for both you and the kids!) and lunch. Having a schedule will not only help you stay more organized, but children will also find it easier to adapt to a routine. This is especially helpful if you’re working from home because it will help you stay organized between the kid’s classes and your own agendas.

Having a set finish time also helps create a boundary between “school” and “home”.

Create A Classroom Environment

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Have a designated spot in your home - either the living room or dining room that is “school”. If you have the space, try not to homeschool your kids in their bedroom. Their bedroom should be decorated with furniture that promotes a calm and peaceful ambience. If you have a spare room at home, you could convert it into a school area with writing desks, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, table lamps and so on with home office furniture. If homeschooling is a temporary situation, you may benefit from renting home office furniture instead.

If you don’t have a spare room, don’t worry. You can still give your child the homeschool experience by creating a small workspace for them in your living room.

Don’t Neglect The Fun Stuff

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You remember being a kid, don’t you? Half the fun of going to school was meeting friends, gym class, and the lunch break. It can be tempting while homeschooling (especially if you’re also working from home) to focus on only the “important” classes like English & Math. Don’t let your kid get bored! Boost their attention by also including some “fun” classes in your schedule. If you have more than one kid you’re homeschooling, encourage them to play outside during a scheduled recess. Or you could even create a mini library at home by adding books and bookshelves to your furniture for your kid to browse. This will help boost both your kid's imagination. Bonus: It’ll help keep them busy which will give you some time to get chores done.

Try To Socialize Some Classes

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This homeschooling tip is especially helpful if you’re homeschooling an only child. Help them interact with other kids their age by finding online groups and communities for other homeschooling parents. You could share lesson plans or even host interactive lessons with some of these groups to help create a “classroom” environment for your kid and free up some of your time. The best part is, with how acceptable remote working/learning has become in the past year, these interactive classes can be done completely online from the comfort of your home. All you need is a good work desk, a comfortable chair and a high-speed internet connection to allow you and your kid to interact with other parent-child duos anywhere in the world!

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

We’re often our own biggest critics, especially when it comes to our children. It’s not easy to juggle both homeschooling, office meetings & home chores. Accept that sometimes you might slip-up a little, and when you do, it’s ok. Both of you are figuring this out. Remember to take holidays of your own. You might miss a day of learning but you’ll get there and trust us, carving out some time for yourself is better in the long run.

A final thought - If you’re homeschooling your kids for a short period of time, you may want to consider renting the furniture you would need for your classroom at home. You can check out our furniture packages for more great furniture without the massive investment or commitment.

Got Questions?

What are the tips for homeschooling?

There are several tips to homeschooling your kids that have been highlighted in this article but the two biggest tips are to stay organized and not be too hard on yourself. Have a schedule and a lesson plan to help plan your day and ensure you’re making the most of your time. If you do go off schedule though, let it go. After all, tomorrow is a new day.

What are the things to consider for homeschooling?

Consider if you have the time to spare. Homeschooling can be a full-time job and if you’re already stretched at work or are committed to household chores, you may not be able to do justice to it. Also, consider other means for your kids to interact with other children their age since homeschooling should not hinder their ability to make friends.

What are the basic requirements for homeschooling?

It would help to have a quiet space at home for the kids to concentrate on their schoolwork, a basic knowledge of the classes you’re going to teach and a high-speed internet connection so you can take advantage of lesson plans available online.

Do I need a set-up for homeschooling?

Yes and no. Technically you can homeschool your kids from anywhere but it would help if you could create a classroom-like setup for them to create a distinct boundary between ‘home life’ and ‘school life’.