Always on the 'gram? Use it to get inspired to get active by following these fitness influencers.
If you’re finding it hard to socially distance yourself from the snack cupboard, while you’re staying home and if staying safe usually involves lying on the couch all day - we feel you. Take a moment to forgive yourself because even if you think you’re not doing enough, you’re living through a pandemic and there’s no handbook to make it through these “unprecedented times”. That said and done, if you find yourself feeling lethargic and if you’re starting to get aches and pains when you stretch to reach for the remote, it may be time to consider adding some exercise to your daily routine. And if you need motivation, look no further than your phone screen. In fact, you don’t even have to look away from the ‘gram. We’ve rounded up a list of 7 fitness influencers to follow on Instagram who will have you jumping off the bed and onto your mat - and maybe even trading in those pajamas for some workout clothes (remember those?). According to a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, motivation via Instagram can be a real booster for those looking to work out. The study was conducted on 518 individuals divided into two groups, and the first group was asked to follow a motivational account on Instagram. This group reported significantly higher levels of positivity associated with their exercise, compared to the other group. So maybe, all you need to do to get yourself to workout more is associate more positive thoughts around exercise, which could include following the right kind of fitness experts on social media. Whether you want a fast-paced HIIT workout or some deep stretching on your yoga mat, there’s a workout and a personality to match your every mood. Follow these accounts for that dose of #fitspiration and you’ll find yourself smiling through your daily dose of sweat and endorphins!

1. Joe Wicks, @thebodycoach

British trainer Joe Wicks Image:
Joe Wicks became a household name across Britain after his “PE with Joe” series became essential for school kids deprived of school-mandated exercise, once the lockdown began. With his regular 9am workouts on weekdays, he got children - and their parents - to bring the focus back on physical activity even while stuck indoors. And if he can get kids excited about working out, he’ll work wonders for your motivation levels too! His 90-day plan comes with training and exercise as well as recipes,and his feed is littered with delicious healthy meals that are sure to inspire you to eat better. Throw in some adorable baby photos and some really inspiring before-and-after shots of people who stuck to his program, and you have a feed that’s just all-round #fitspiration.

2. Chloe Ting, @itschloeting

Fitness coach Chloe Ting Image:
Anyone with abs developed over lockdown probably owes them to Chloe Ting. The ‘Chloe Ting Challenge’ went viral all over the world thanks to the pandemic and the sudden popularity of home workouts, and this Australian fitness guru became an international household name. Her ‘Shred’ series may have worked for many, but it’s the simplicity of her ‘no equipment’ workouts that really earned her the almost 10 million followers she has on YouTube. Her aesthetically-curated feed with pastel workout gear, her trademark braids and her tendency to tune her workouts to Ariana Grande could explain her 2.3 million followers on Instagram, but what’s undeniable is that it’s hard to resist trying out one of her workouts, at least to see what it’s all about!

3. Shaun T. Fitness, @shaunt

Shaun T Fitness Image:
Consider him the OG of online fitness! Shaun T was selling CDs of his famous ‘Insanity’ workout routines way back when CDs were a real thing (ask your parents, GenZ)! So naturally he’s killing it on Instagram with a 1 million following. And Shaun T. Fitness (real name!) is definitely some serious fitness inspiration. His feed features motivational pictures like those of his abs, his partner’s abs, tips on how to deal with ‘workout procrastination’ as well as pictures of his adorable twin sons. What’s not to love? With his straightforward captions addressing issues about food, cravings and staying on track in his honest voice, this is an account that will have you entertained and motivated to aim for abs and much more.

4. Adriene Mishler, @adrienelouise

Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene Image:
Adriene Mishler is a YouTube star with an extremely popular page (Yoga With Adriene) that has over 7 million subscribers, and that popularity has translated to Instagram as well. Her feed is full of positivity and her trademark wry humor that has brought even the skeptics back to their mats on the regular. While her YouTube channel is where the workouts are at, and they’re all categorized into palatable series like Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Golfers, Yoga for self-confidence,and more, it’s her signature warmth that shines through her Instagram page. A bonus for her followers are regular appearances by her adorable dog, Benji! With motivational captions in her genuine voice, her quirky sense of humor and her monthly yoga calendars, Adriene is the perfect person to follow to make sure you get some #yogaeverydamnday.

5. Lucy Wyndham-Read, @lucywyndhamread

Lucy Wyndham-Read Image:
The British Instagram star Lucy Wyndham-Read is the perfect fitness instructor to follow if you’re looking to work out with zero equipment. Her body weight workouts are short and sweet but will still give you that satisfying burn at the end. And results as well, if her followers are to be believed, which you can find at #lucysquad. With short snippets of her YouTube workouts, the occasional selfie and doses of body positivity, Lucy is your go-to person if you want some extra motivation and workouts that come in shorter bursts. Follow one of her timetables and you’ll be getting those endorphins on the daily - and her cute British accent is just icing on the cake.

6. Lita Lewis, @followthelita

Lita Lewis Image:
LA-based health coach Lita Lewis’s bio on Instagram reads “Health is more than fitness” and that’s the kind of body positivity she brings to all her workouts. Whether its a dance-based cardio routine set to Soca music or her intense #501repchallenge, her focus is always on having fun with movement, something she encourages all her followers to do. The 35-year-old often uses the hashtag #ThickFit to highlight how fitness doesn’t look the same for all women (read skinny) and frequently reiterates the importance of mental health as well. Now there’s a dose of positivity and a reality check we could all use everyday.

7. Kelli and Daniel Segars, @fitnessblender

Fitness Blender Image:
Started by a husband and wife team (Kelli and Daniel, both personal trainers by profession, FitnessBlender is one of the most popular free workout channels on YouTube. Their Instagram feed is perfect for those who love a no-nonsense approach to fitness, minus any and all fluff. You’ll find links to their targeted workout videos, honest truths about working out (like did you know skipping rest days isn’t a good idea?), even some motivation, in their matter-of-fact style, and the occasional healthy recipe. Basically, no distractions, just some great guidance on your fitness journey. Hit that follow button, you won’t regret it! There are, of course, countless more out there, but if you’re looking for a place to start, these 7 fitness influencers are your best bet. Different things motivate different people, so it might be Adriene’s yoga posts that get you to dust off that mat or maybe Lita’s Soca music that might get you dancing. Just hit that follow button and watch yourself get active! Make sure you’re working out with the right equipment to set yourself up for success - and renting is a great, budget-friendly way to get started. You can check out our fitness options here and get exactly what you need for your fitness journey.
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