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Decor lights built to survive exposure to changing weather are ideal for outdoor use. They are essential to a home because they provide outdoor areas, such as the courtyard and the balcony, with functionality and accessibility while also providing a necessary layer of security. They are an asset to your home and your way of life.

Black outdoor lights have a longstanding history extending to the nineteenth century. New technologies and creative designs have progressed outdoor lighting from candle-lit streetlamps to spotlights with timers and motion sensors. With the modern house owner spoilt for choice, you need a comprehensive how-to guide to find and select the right kind of black outdoor lights for your dream house.

Here are some tips and recommendations for selecting black outdoor light fixtures to improve your curb appeal that lasts the test of time and is also in line with the rest of the house décor and style.

Types of Outdoor Lights

outdoor lights

1. Wall Lights

Decks, passageways, garage entrances, and even sheds can benefit from wall lights. They have a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose. Their various designs can add flair to your décor or exterior.

2. Spotlights

Spotlights, also built as downlights, are a perfect alternative for contemporary outdoor spaces or indoor/outdoor living areas. They can be set along a pathway, a deck, or a verandah to give ambient lighting that highlights a backyard pool section, the front porch, or the front entry.

3. Step Lights

These are ideal for adding charm to garden walks or entryways leading to the front entrance. These light fixtures are put on stairs and balconies to illuminate outdoor spaces for simplicity, security, and decorative effect.

4. Globe Lights

Globe lights are a wonderful place to start outdoor lighting. The spherical bulbs feature a classic, timeless appearance that complements a variety of outdoor décor designs. They’re not as robust as the commercial ones, but they’re a cost-effective solution to brighten your outdoor spaces for the holidays. Consider using globe lights to outline patio railings, a garden, or the fire pit section with yard trees.

5. Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights are a terrific way to dress up your backyard. Commercial string lights are well suited for exterior use because they are designed to be used all year. They contain watertight sealed sockets and a heavy-duty cord to resist all forms of weather.

6. LED Mini Lights

LED mini lights are a quick and easy way to illuminate your outdoor areas. It’s a great way to reuse your festive lights during the summer, especially if you prefer white lights. You can use them to line window frames or other architectural elements. String a set of lights along or under your deck’s railing. Alternatively, deliver the ideal ambient light by placing battery-powered LED mini lights beneath your patio umbrella.

7. Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are a close cousin of fairy string lights, but with tiny bulbs. They can easily illuminate an area and create a pleasant ambiance. Weatherproofing power points will provide more mobility to the lights and safety for you.

8. LED Light Cubes & Orbs

LED light cubes and orbs offer unique outdoor patio lighting, especially near swimming pools or water areas. The cubes and orbs are wireless and chargeable, allowing maximum positioning and versatility. Even better, they can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust the brightness and the color.

9. Projection Lights

Projection lights are outdoor decorative lights that can add a lot of drama to your outdoor setting. Whether you’re illuminating an outdoor element or a whole side of your home, projection spotlights produce a magnificent field of stars over your open areas. They’re ideal for highlighting landscapes or creating a starry sky on a covered patio.

10. Lamp Posts

Lamppost lighting is excellent for residential and commercial premises, providing brilliant overhead lighting that highlights paths, driveways, and groomed gardens. Lamp posts are incredibly versatile outdoor tree light options because they are useful and attractive.

Durability of materials in outdoor lights

outdoor light

The applicability and durability of any light in an outdoor setting are crucial factors to consider. Not all lights are created equal, and standard interior light will not last in a harsh environment.

Outdoor exteriors need protection against the elements such as wind, rain, and even salt. Due to the high saline in the air, coastal houses and businesses are among the most difficult to protect. More rigid metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze, are commonly used in outdoor lighting. Some are superior to others, yet they all have a purpose.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze

These are ‘red’ metals that oxidize and become immune to the environment. Like brass and bronze, copper undergoes a natural transformation that causes it to turn green. In light design, the sheen from these metals is highly sought.

Stainless Steel

This is a less expensive option for outdoor tree lights. Grade 316 Stainless Steel is often chosen in maritime applications because it offers the strongest resistance to salt damage. This can be seen in light fittings on boats, ships, and seaside buildings.


Due to the natural process of ‘self-passivation,’ this reasonably widespread material is used in lighting systems because it does not rust. Aluminium on the surface gets anodized to create this protective layer. This gives aluminium a smooth finish.

Must-know outdoor lighting tips

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Ambient, Task, and Accent

Include these three fundamental types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. You can use hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights to provide ambient lighting. Pathway lights, as well as deck and surveillance lights, are examples of task lighting. Landscape lights and spotlights add accent lighting to your outside areas. Use string lights, outdoor solar lights, or LED candles if you have a smaller patio and a limited budget.


You’ll need to find out how much light you require before you start purchasing. Try this simple formula to determine how much lighting a space demands: multiply the square footage of the space you wish to light by 1.5 to get a ballpark figure estimate of the total watts necessary. A 100 sq ft. area, for instance, would need 150 watts.

Take a Look From Inside

Looking from inside the house can guide you in determining which outdoor lighting to use and where to install it in your yard. Examine how your home’s patios, lawns, and walkways appear from the inside. At night, lighting gardens or bushes visible from living or dining rooms can expand your sense of indoor space. Consider pathway lighting for gardens or outdoor solar lights for a fast and convenient style change.

When Selecting Fixtures, Plan

Inspect your space and collect measurements to avoid selecting large-scale lights. Before buying a fixture, use paper to measure its size and position. Before shopping, use a paper sample to ensure correct positioning and sizing. The size of the exterior wall light for the front door or the back deck should be around one-third the height of the entrance. You’ll also want to be sure that the lighting you choose is durable and made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials.

Use Subtle Lighting During Parties

Instead of shining a strong spotlight on your guests while they relish their outdoor meals, use lighting that emits a subtle glow. In outdoor spaces, especially dining areas, soft, diffused lighting helps create a soothing ambiance. Decor outdoor lights, lamps, pendants, and ceiling fans with light fittings are increasingly used to brighten lounging and dining areas. With these fixtures, use a controller to set the light to full when cooking or preparing meals, and reduce it for dining and lounging.

Consider security

Outdoor lighting adds to the ambiance of your property and helps secure it. Brightly light your home’s access points. Place a single lamp above the garage door or a wall lamp on each side of the garage door. Use spotlights mounted on your eaves or wall lamps at side doors, window frames, and garages to brighten any side of the house in the shadows for enhanced security.

Selecting the perfect outdoor lighting that fits your requirements can be challenging if you’re unsure where to begin. With so many types, features, and designs to choose from, a little helping hand can sometimes guide you on the correct path. That’s where we can help you out. Consider this comprehensive guide to select the best outdoor lighting for the house.

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