Best Garden Patio Furniture

As we approach summer, the first thing we are going to do after changing our wardrobes is to get the patio furniture out. But as lovely as our clothes look after a season, can you say the same about your outdoor wood furniture? If you are lucky, your patio furniture will shine the same as it used to. But if you are out of luck, explore dozens of lavish to small patio furniture ideas right here!

The patio is an integral part of a home. Regardless of the space, it takes up, you need some cozy furniture to make the deck look complete. Not only would something like boho patio furniture serve as nice, appropriate seating, but it would also enhance the overall vibe of the space, making it welcoming for you and your guests. That’s why your choice of outdoor wood furniture is important, as you’re sure to spend a lot of time on the patio during the spring and summer.

choosing the Best Garden Patio Furniture

Whether for your morning mug of coffee or a glass of red in the evening, you need to closely examine some styles and fabrics, so they comfortably mesh with the overall aesthetics. Keeping this in mind, you should first and foremost decide the purpose of the outdoor area. Before settling on something like a 3-piece outdoor garden patio furniture set, ask yourself if you’re the person who loves to host small gatherings or a person who wants to read their book in silence. Are you the kind of person who loves a cook-out or one who enjoys just a cozy meal outside? These questions would help you purchase the most appropriate furniture and accessories to go with them.

Both online and offline marketplaces are bombarded with products at attractive prices. So, you are bound to get confused about what to buy and what to pass on. The more varieties you see, the higher the chances of making an unwise decision. But don’t you worry, as here we cover some of the most attractive patio furniture ideas with respect to their aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Go through our picks in this guide to make a refined choice.

Wrought Iron

wrought iron furniture

A timeless, classic piece of vintage wrought iron patio furniture can be the instant solution and your go-to choice if you live in a highly windy area. Available in a plethora of designs, styles, and colors, this is perfect if you love the look of rustic outdoor furniture. However, if you get bored of a setting easily and want to create a different set-up each day or for each occasion, we recommend refraining from buying these as they are heavy and would leave a mark if dragged along the deck.

Also, wrought iron outdoor furniture would need a touch-up every season. Make sure you get it painted in the exact color to hide any scratches and chips and make it look brand new. A damp cloth is enough for cleaning.

Aluminium Furniture

aluminium furniture

Another excellent choice for the outdoors is aluminum patio furniture. It is lightweight and low-maintenance, as it will not rust. This type of garden patio furniture also has easily replaceable cushions. However, while shopping for aluminum furniture, choose a set with a powder-coated, UV-resistant finish. Also, pick cushions that can be replaced easily. Check for sturdiness and a smooth finish in the welds. These furniture pieces can be cleaned with a damp cloth as well.

Polymer and Plastic Furniture

polymer and plastic furniture

The advantages of using products made with synthetic materials are convenience and easy care and maintenance. Patio furniture made from recycled plastic waste will not ever rust. They are super lightweight and are available in plenty of designs. Besides, plastic patio furniture today is crafted in such a manner that it won’t look like plastic at first sight. You can choose plastic waterproof patio furniture with a finish that mimics painted wood. You can even afford to leave it outside in the rain without risking any damage to the pieces. Packed with minimal ill-effects, this type of patio furniture is again very easy to clean.

Rattan Furniture

rattan furniture

Rattan is one of the most widely used and popular choices for farmhouse patio furniture. With its intrinsic natural appeal, it fits right into any outdoor setting and is extremely easy to maintain. It makes the area look warmer and cozier. You can browse through a plethora of varieties and designs in outdoor rattan furniture. You can toy with the idea of having a rattan swing bed or sofa set or even a small dining space. The versatility also allows you to accessorize the furniture in multiple ways. If you like boho outdoor garden patio furniture, this is the way to go.

Wood Furniture

wood furniture

Outdoor wood furniture requires some decisive thinking and can make or break the vibe of your patio. If you have the time, patience, and desire to take care of your furniture regularly, read on about our fifth choice.

Choose a type of wood that has been treated to resist splitting, rotting, and bugs. Also, select teak, eucalyptus, or hardy wood-like cedar for your furniture. Teak and eucalyptus don’t need to be sealed with every passing year, thus making them easier to maintain. Cedar is naturally moisture- and bug-resistant.

You can’t use a damp cloth to clean wooden furniture. Instead, pick a soft brush and a solution of water and Murphy’s Oil Soap.

What to Keep in Mind while Buying Patio Furniture

Best Garden Patio Furniture

With such a variety to choose from, it is also essential to style the furniture pieces and set up the space to have the most stylish outdoor area. While furniture shopping, get your hands on other accessories as well, like canopies, umbrellas, and pergolas. This can make the setting for your summer look more dynamic, complete, and put together. Besides, with these useful accessories, you can actually enjoy and relax without the scorching heat. Add a cool patterned rug and cushions to create the ultimate outdoor living experience.

Furniture in certain shapes can arrest people’s attention the moment they walk in. Add a quirky aspect to the space with L-shaped patio furniture, which also provides for more seating, or round patio furniture and curved patio furniture.

How to Take Care of Your Patio Furniture

Despite all the efforts one can make in styling the outdoor space, maintaining it regularly can be a task. Also, you must make more effort with outdoor furniture, as they are more prone to get damaged, regardless of the material. That is why we recommend you to invest in covers for your furniture before spending money on reluctant cleaners.

The sun, heat, rain, wind, and pollution in the air can be easily avoided if you cover your furniture with a waterproof slipcover when not in use. This will also help save the effort and money spent on seasonal cleaning. Don’t leave the furniture pieces out in the open when you leave home for a vacation. Additionally, give them a weekly or monthly wipe-down with a damp cloth to avoid dirt and dust particles from settling in. If you have patio furniture with a fire pit, then cleaning and maintaining the pit is equally essential.

Best Garden Patio Furniture

Apart from the furniture, furnishings like cushions and rugs also need cleaning. Check the tags for specific instructions for washing the particular fabrics. If the material is waterproof and/or synthetic, wipe its surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust before giving them a gentle wash. Use a mild diluted solution to avoid any damage to the fabric. Provide them with enough sunlight to avoid mold.


Patio furniture accessorized with some furnishings and other decor pieces can elevate your space and transform it into a chic, comfortable and functional area, where you can unwind and relax or even host gatherings and dine under the stars.

No matter how many months of the year the season allows you to sit outside and sip coffee, you should definitely invest in some timeless mid-century modern outdoor furniture pieces. You should not confine your unique sense of aesthetics to just within four walls! Also, with such a variety of furniture, you can easily turn your space into an outdoor living room, dining area, kitchen, or bar – or a combination of all of them – with furniture choices to accommodate family and friends. You may even go the extra mile and opt for outdoor furniture with a fire pit, too.

With great patio furniture comes great comfort, function, and aesthetics for your outdoor spaces. With a few classic chairs and a spacious table, you can transform a basic patio into a picturesque paradise. Outfit your space with a wicker sofa and top it up with plush cushions to enjoy a nice read. Regardless of the size of the space, when complemented with the right patio furniture and thoughtful planning, your patio can become your favorite spot to lounge, dine, and entertain. Shop now at La Casa Ventures and explore a plethora of designs and styles to accentuate your outdoor space and make it stand out from the crowd.

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