spring design ideas

April is already here, and if you have had any ideas to add a spark of aesthetic design to your interiors, now is the right time to get started! It is always nice to cozy up inside during the spring season. But doing it when you have a freshly inspired interior design is something else, right? The joy and excitement the activity brings to you are unparalleled.

Fortunately, there is no lack of trends that could influence how your living and workspaces would look this season. Yes, going for a full revamp is not easy, but one can always start by adding a few new touches.

Here, we bring you the best spring design ideas, both classic and unconventional, that you could take note of before choosing what kind of mood or vibe would be the best looking and most impactful for your spring changeover this time.


Once a feature found only in exhibitions and museums, the usage of landscape art is quickly making inroads into contemporary design spaces. One of the best things about adopting this trend is that it is a versatile addition – it goes with areas like shelves, corners, counters, etc., and one could choose the size of the piece according to the area available. And what’s more, it could even suit your budget – you could search for an original piece for higher prices, or settle for a wall hanging to achieve a similar effect.


Explore some great wall art concepts here.


Being more organized is definitely a great way to alter the look of your interiors. This will even clear up space to add new pieces and revive those areas. How you play around with the cabinets will play a crucial role in this. Depending on what look you are intending to bring, you could choose different kinds of doors (vertical or horizontal), flat panels, door handles (antique or minimalist), and other accessories in addition to the materials used. Finish up by adding some attractive showpieces and hardware, and voila! After all, why not be a bit quirky for the spring look this time around, right?


Additionally, you can also look for some complementary pieces that would help you reorder your kitchen a bit more.


No one will be taken aback by this suggestion; this is one trend that is never going to get old or go out of style.

green designs

There are very few themes that don’t fit having some plants around. During the spring season, when you wish to remain indoors and would like to have that comforting warmth inside, you are bound to be grateful for the presence of greenery around you. And it is not just the green element - there are plants that offer you different shades. You could pick ones that suit your interiors and switch them up later according to the seasons as well.

It would be smarter to find plants that are low maintenance. You could even go for artificial plants if you can’t devote enough time to the plants. Check out some attractive planters for your interiors here.


There was a time when people used to prefer their rooms and kitchens in cool grey hues or white, but it is in the past now. Along with their light blue and violet undertones, these are sure to provide a clean and elegant look. However, homemakers nowadays prefer to give a warm and soothing feel to their interiors. This would feel more organic and fit into most themes that are common today. Colors like spring green, ultimate grey, olive green, terracotta, sky blue, etc., or adding warm wooden shades are good ideas to achieve this. Switching to metallic hardware and fixtures would also contribute to your idea of switching to this look.

color and texture

There is no limit to the spring design ideas and combinations you can try. You can start by checking out some excellent collections here.


There is no dearth of colors and shades that are reminiscent of nature which would deliver a comforting atmosphere to your rooms. Imagine spending a stressful day and walking into an area with an appropriate combination of orange, yellow, red, and green. What better way to calm you down?

In addition to these natural colors, other tones bring about the same effect – like darker jewel shades and moody versions of all the above. And since they are extremely versatile, there are no restrictions when it comes to the kind of spaces you can use these on. Do remember that a glossy finish works well with brighter colors and a matte finish is best reserved for darker tones.

You could also switch to items like Rattan furniture to add that extra dose of elegance to your interior décor. Pieces that have straight line patterns, dark or mid-tone stains, and minimalistic designs would blend in perfectly well with contemporary themes.

You can check out some cool color combinations and see how they look here.


There is a global change in priority that is visible today when it comes to addressing sustainability in sourcing, manufacturing, and design. Popular concepts like “live with nature” and “sustainable living” have resulted in efforts where eco-friendly materials are preferred for interiors, sourcing that does minimal damage to the environment is preferred, and designs are tailor-made to suit such innovative methods.

sustainable design

Luckily, there is no part inside a home or office that does not gain from changing into a sustainable avatar. Smart heating, water recycling, biodegradable hardware, etc., are all a part of this thoughtful and remarkable trend.


Tired of being too restrictive and conservative with the color of your wall and ceiling paints? There is no better time to let go of those doubts and think outside the box. Even though going for organic and natural shades are definitely a superb choice, bold colors are always an excellent alternative. They give out a very energetic aura and are the perfect fit for spring interiors. Match your walls and ceilings with the same bold tone. This will give a dynamic tint to your rooms as opposed to the expected homely or workplace appeal. If you do choose this trend, remember to give yourself some time to be familiar with these surroundings as it will be quite a drastic and high-impact change.

Another concept that could be used is a tone-on-tone wall palette. Here, the interior paint and the trim have matching shades. These are gaining popularity nowadays and influence the ambiance a lot if you are looking for a moody look that accentuates the accessories in the rooms. Colors like deep purple, navy blue, black, and dark brown are safe choices for this.


personal touch

Many people are moving away from mass-produced pieces and trying to incorporate personalized items into their interior designs. This means that artwork and wall hangings that are aligned with one’s tastes are becoming more popular. For example, one could choose a particular design or art that is more relatable to their life or profession, which is then converted into ready frame selections. This opens up more room for creativity and endless possibilities. Another pro is that local businesses that cater to these ideas will also benefit from the popularity.


A sculptured sofa is a versatile addition to any living room. Despite exuding a bold vibe, its presence is something that defines the setting of an entire area.


“A sculptural sofa adds visual excitement and dimension to a space,” says Billy Ceglia of Billy Ceglia Design in New York and Connecticut. “It can accentuate the architecture, highlight the shape of the room or go completely against the shape of the space to create cozier seating groups or help create a visual flow through a space.”

Whether you are going for a subdued look or a dynamic appearance, these iconic sofas can fit into any style. You may compare a wide variety of sofas and couches to arrive at your favorite choices by checking out this collection.


Remote work has become ubiquitous due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has left its mark on interior design as well. There are lesser and lesser houses that have an exclusive dining room today. Now, we can find flexible working spaces and living areas everywhere.

dining area

People have begun to see the multifunctionality of dining areas. Nowadays, it is common to personalize and adapt them into flexible spaces. This need not mean that you go for an overhaul. Even small additions like collapsible furniture can ensure that you optimize the usage of square footage in your homes.


In addition to the above suggestions, you may check out some additional themes that you can use in combination with some of the ideas discussed here. There are also a lot of trendy color palettes suitable for the spring season that you can consider while designing your living or work areas – you may even choose a different theme for each room!

Most importantly, do not be afraid to step out of the conventional ideas and embrace a new set of optimized design elements that you love to have around. We hope you delve deeper into the spring design ideas you liked the most, and breathe life into the best possible and most beautiful combo!

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