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Home sweet home is a phrase that we can all relate to very well. Adorning the house with the best furniture and decor is a great way to create your own personal palatial feel inside the house. But that is not all; it’s also about keeping it trendy and in vogue with the latest in the interior world. So here are some ultra-vogue and popular design ideas and decor trends that can help you transform the look of your house in a jiffy, creating positive vibes and fresh looks.


disco decor

What’s life without some shimmer and sparkle? So add some glam to your home interiors by opting for furniture or decor elements that can help add a hint of glitter and shine. The idea is to keep it simple, yet eye-catching. So, wall mirrors or wall hangings with a shiny finish are perfect to add this trend to the main areas of the house. For the lounge or party area, though, you can go all in and hang disco balls right in the centre. This would be the ultimate party setter to give a groovy vibe and set the right mood instantly.


retro decor

Bring back the cool mid-century modern vibe of home by adding some vibrant colours to your space. The retro look of the 1960s lets you have fun with colours, and you could add vibrant cushions, go for jewel-toned furniture, or even have cabinets made with reflective glass. It's all about being bold and expressive through decor and furniture. Adding this element through smaller decor items might be an easier choice for those who find this style a little over the top. You can go for table decor items like vases, trays, and lampshades, opt for wall art, colourful rugs, or simply add a bright-coloured chair to the living area. Whatever your style may be, don’t shy away from colours and make your house more lively and vibrant for all good vibes.


turquoise decor

This refreshing colour is a vibe in itself. Turquoise, being a beautiful mix of green and blue, reminds one of the vast oceans and sea. The calming effect that this colour can add to any space makes it an ideal choice to use extensively in almost any area of the house, even the bedrooms. Be it your bedding, a small pouffe or ottoman, curtains, or a nice accent chair wrapped in turquoise fabric, this colour looks equally gorgeous in all its forms.


cut outs

Overlapping shapes and cut-outs put together in a random order is creating quite a buzz in the design world. These cut-out forms have a depth and an unfinished appeal that makes them very interesting. This concept is quite popular for creating modern rugs and wall arts. The cut-out technique has been used to create beautiful decor pieces like vases, trays, and other table-top decor items too.


channel tufting

With more and more designers giving a thumbs up to this style of upholstery, we see this style in beds, sofas, ottomans, chairs, as well as in quilted wall panels. There are some splendid variations and stylish adaptations of this upholstering style. The design done with the tufted style as the base is just amazing. The simplicity of the tufted style and its easy adaptation into any interior style are the two major appeals of this trend.


bubble shape decor

The bubble shape has been a comeback decor trend in the world of interiors. And this currently seems to be in high demand yet again. The shape is fun and is a cute reminder of lovely childhood memories for all. The interior world has made such versatile use of this shape. We see great adaptations of the same in outdoor furniture, living room sofa, lights, chandeliers, stylish partitions, and more. This gives you endless options and ways to incorporate this popular trend into your house.


black and white decor

The love for the dynamic appeal of a black and white combination never fades away. The black and white trend is going strong, be it in the form of choice of wall arts, decor, upholstery fabric, or colour scheme for the interior styling. This colour contrast is a statement maker in itself. So dressing up your house using this timeless combination is always a pleasure. It is a subtle reminder of how you can place white and black in contrast to almost any colour in the most effortless manner.


stripes on decor

How do you want to wear your stripes for home decor this season? Floor rugs, curtains, or throws? The simple lines and stripes are patterns that have been a part of the interior world for a long time. Having a striped pattern on the wall running up the ceiling is also a great way to make a small room look bigger. You can even opt for colourful wallpapers to dress up the walls of the room in stripes. This is definitely one pattern that is hard to get bored with. Aren’t these super cute striped planters love at first sight?


wicker decor

With climate change being a major concern for all, sustainable design has been gaining a lot of focus and attention. Designers around the world are looking to opt for more sustainable materials to create decor and furniture. Wicker has been a complete winner for all in this scenario. The amazing design that is done with the combination of wicker and wood is just wow. Wicker designs in furniture are a rage in international as well as domestic markets all over. This material is being used extensively for both outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, like beds and chairs. The earthy colours and natural appearance of the material make it perfect for creating beautiful decor pieces like lamps, mats, and more.


yellow decor

Yellow has been the Pantone colour for 2021, and it has been amazing to see how spectacularly well it has done to create some fascinating interior looks across the design world. Though we do have a new Pantone colour, Very Peri, for the year 2022, we are sure to see more yellow too. Furniture wrapped in a powerful colour like ‘Very Peri’ may not be for everyone’s taste, but the beautiful tones of yellow are sure to keep winning hearts, be it for decor or furniture upholstery.


brass decor

Brass details added to any furniture or decor accessory instantly makes it look very luxurious. The shiny brass metal details create an interesting contrast to any colour, and we see a lot of hardware and lighting that makes extensive use of this metal. For this year, we are expecting to see this gorgeous metal being used on a larger scale in the form of full metal side tables, centre tables, dining tops, and so on. Adding an all-metal furniture accessory is a highly recommended trend alert tip for a house makeover.


travertine decor

Another beautiful material that makes it to the list of trends for the year would be travertine. Adorn your house with beautiful accessories like planters, side tables, and decor pieces made of this earthy material. The neutral colour of this material sits well with most colours and is rather the perfect way to create pieces that are well-balanced in terms of colour. The earthy tone of this material holds the biggest appeal that makes it look so natural and pleasant to the eyes. Use this stone to create beautiful walls and floors around the house, or install a beautiful TV unit or fireplace that makes good use of this material.


pastel decor

The soothing effect of pastel colours is completely unquestionable. The soft feel of pastel colours makes it perfect for furniture fabric, curtains, bedspreads, and even decor items like lampshades and vases. They are a beautiful way to incorporate colour into home decor without making any of it look too glaring. The charm of pastels is such that even seeing them around the house in different ways doesn't make it boring. Pastels are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and even office spaces, as they lend a very peaceful vibe to the space. The neutral pastels have been an all-time favourite for the interior design world, and are surely here to stay.

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