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Your patio is so much more than a place to relax after a long day. It is where you host fabulous outdoor parties, laugh your heart out on barbecue nights, and gaze at the stars – drink in hand – long after everybody else has slept. A place as versatile as the patio needs furniture that will complement it. Whether it's a set of chairs, a couple of stools, or a dainty center table, your outdoor furniture helps set the tone for your patio, balcony, porch, or lawn. To enhance this outdoor space, you need to pick the furniture pieces wisely. You can go for sleek black patio furniture or embrace the beach vibe with white wicker patio furniture.

You can get new furniture for your patio and spruce up the space in no time. On the other hand, if you cannot decide on a style just yet, a lick of paint is just what your patio furniture needs.

Choosing the Best Colors for Your Patio Furniture

Read on before making any big buys if you are wavering between color options for your new patio furniture. We will help you pick the perfect shade to complement your space and personality.

patio furniture

Among the millions of colors, which ones should you pick? Do you love bright and happy shades, or is it subtle and understating your style? Does black outdoor furniture suit your taste, or are you more inclined towards brown wicker patio furniture? The choice might be purely subjective, but you can never go wrong with complementary hues to create a color scheme that suits your house best.

Without further ado, let's dive into the world of hues and shades that will give you the Pinterest feed patio aesthetics you have been looking for!

Bedazzling Bronze

bronze outdoor furniture

Bronze is a hue that never goes out of style. A dash of metallic bronze can transform your patio into a classy lounge. The key here is balance. Getting a colossal bench dipped in bronze paint and placing it right in the middle of the patio is a big no! Instead, add bronze to your furniture in subtle ways – a stool here, a chair there – and you'll be good to go. This dark and dramatic color aesthetically pairs with the greens and the blues of the outdoors, and if you pair it with black outdoor furniture, it will upgrade your patio in a jiffy! Besides, it also complements stonework and wood finishes perfectly.

Black Is the New Black

Black patio furniture

No matter what they say, no other color can replace the powerful aura that the color black exudes. Black outdoor furniture looks gorgeous and gives your patio an effortlessly sophisticated appearance. Black patio furniture can make a plain outdoor space look high-end. You also need to add some vibrant colored cushions, a few colored plant pots, and a fluffy rug, and sit back to watch your patio go from drab to wow! If you’re feeling bold, try adding a few white outdoor furniture pieces to give it an eye-catching contrast. A sure-shot way to get your house looking like a swanky TV set.

Neutral Niche

neutral patio furniture

Neutral shades impart an elegant and calm vibe to any setting. Whether browns or creams or grays, they exude a sober vibe. Pale gray, peach, or brown wicker patio furniture is a superb way to amp up your patio decor. If you want to go for neutral shades, the best way to proceed is to add a splash of color with printed cushions or an outdoor rug. A pop of red here and a dash of turquoise there never hurt anybody! If you cannot decide which color to settle for, choose one from the interior walls and let it flow outside. Pair it with some quirky black patio furniture pieces to spruce up the look.

White and Bright

White Outdoor Furniture

If you want a bright outdoor space that goes with all the colors surrounding it, white outdoor furniture is the answer! Whether it's the green of the grass or the pink of the cushions, white complements every other color with ease. Don't forget to add some color to the space by accessorizing it! You can go for white wicker patio furniture or white wooden chairs and tables, balance the dazzle with some somber brown wicker patio furniture, and give your outdoor space a dazzling look.

Be Bold

bold outdoor furniture

If you like to think out of the box and stand out from the crowd, then let go of everything you read till now and paint your patio furniture with your favorite hues. Go neon green, go bright red, go orange like the sun! Add a dash of bright white outdoor furniture to the array of colors and experiment to your heart’s content! If it pleases your eyes, you can do anything you want with it. It's your patio, after all!

8 Tips to Choose the Best Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

outdoor furniture

Good patio furniture is comfortable and functional. A basic patio can be transformed into an outdoor dining destination with a few chairs and a sizable table. You can give a makeover to the empty space and turn it into an alfresco living room with a small sofa and a bean bag, both topped with plush cushions. Even small corners like porches and balconies will beckon you outside if you have the right furniture. Now that we have had our fill of color recommendations, let's take a look at a few points to keep in mind before buying new furniture for your patio.

Make a list of which patio furniture you need

First, you need to decide what function you would like your patio to serve. Will it be a new dining space? Do you want it to be a casual hangout spot? Would you rather turn it into a reading nook? Is this where you will host all your parties? Make a list of all the envisioned activities and choose your furniture accordingly.

Try outdoor furniture before you buy

Take a seat on the piece of patio furniture you want to buy. Since you will be using it regularly, you need to ensure that the comfort factor is spot on. Choose furniture with plush cushions on the seats and back.

Go for furniture with easy maintenance

Patio Furniture

The patio should be your haven of peace and comfort, but at the same time, not burden you with intensive cleaning and maintenance. To save yourself from the hassle of maintaining intricately detailed pieces, select the ones that can be easily cared for. You can also adorn the patio furniture with removable covers to keep it dust-free.

Invest in good quality furniture

You may buy some inexpensive pieces of furniture for your outdoor space, but they will not last more than a year or two. Select your pieces carefully and go for the ones that are likely to last long. Choosing your furniture pieces from a reliable brand is better than rushing to bag a deal from some suspicious seller.

Look for furniture that serves multiple purposes

To make the most of your outdoor space, choose multipurpose patio furniture. These eliminate the need for more furniture and give your patio more space. For instance, a bench can replace a couple of chairs at the dining table, and an ottoman can be used as extra seating space for guests.

Balance the outdoors with the indoors

Patio Furniture

Keep a complementary color scheme between the interiors and the outdoor space. If the walls of your house are coated in neutral hues, we would suggest you not choose gaudy colors for your patio furniture. Instead, let the colors of the house flow outdoors and create a harmonious and peaceful environment. Similarly, if your rooms are bright shades of yellow and blue, choosing gray, brown, or white patio furniture will create discord between the indoors and outdoors.

Choose weatherproof pieces of furniture

Nature is unpredictable, and outdoor furniture is highly susceptible to damage caused by severe weather conditions. To ensure your furniture can withstand heavy rains, the sun's searing rays, thunderstorms, and every other weather condition that nature can conjure up, you need to go for weatherproof material. Wicker, for instance, is made to withstand water, while wood can resist harsh heat. When choosing cushions and rugs, go for the weather-resistant ones which will not fade easily.

Consider storage for your outdoor furniture

Your patio furniture will stay outside for most of the year. However, if you want the pieces to last long, you need to make space for them inside your house during the bitter winter months and torrential rainstorms. Before buying furniture for your outdoor spaces, make sure you have adequate space earmarked for their storage.

The next time you set out to get some new pieces of patio furniture, keep the points mentioned above in mind. Most people purchase outdoor furniture without considering color, material, or functionality. However, choosing furniture based only on its aesthetic appeal is not a smart decision. Instead, take your time to do your research and choose quality furniture that looks good and serves your purpose perfectly.

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