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Creating a warm, comfortable, and elegant vibe at home is more than just picking out paint, hanging curtains and nailing art to the wall. The foundation of the style of your home lies mainly in the furniture you choose, and the living room is the most important space in the house when it comes to choosing furniture. It’s where you greet your guests, unwind at the end of the day with family, and enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment. Living room furniture is expensive; a cost that most homeowners have to budget for well in advance. There’s also so many different types of furniture to choose from, in a variety of materials, from a variety of vendors and all at different price points. So it’s no wonder that homeowners will have a difficult time deciding what furniture to buy to create a space that looks lovely. Read on, and we’ll give you some great tips to find fashionable furniture to fit your living room, and your life.

Sofas and Sectionals

The true anchor to any living room will always be the couch and loveseat or sectional sofa. It is the basis upon which you’ll be able to draw inspiration for everything else, from the décor on the wall to the rug on your floor. It’s also the place where you will spend the most time resting and relaxing in your home (besides your bed). For these reasons alone, choosing your sofa wisely is of the utmost importance. When you’re picking out a sofa, consider your lifestyle as well as your personal tastes. Do you enjoy a mid-century vibe, and also share your home with a messy, hairy pup? Consider a tufted sofa with square lines, hairpin legs and a dark, stain-resistant fabric that will look stylish and perform well. Need a lot of soft, cushy and cleanable space to relax and watch TV with sticky toddlers? Opt for a plush leather sectional that’s easy to wipe down. Whichever style you choose, don’t forget to position your sofa facing the entryway, and not blocking any doors or exits, for a Feng Shui appeal that adds to the lovely look and flow of your room.

Statement Chairs

One great way to accent your sofas and sectional couches is to flank them with decorative, yet functional statement chairs. These chairs can be a little fancier than your sofa, and in different materials, colors or patterns. If you’re trying to create a contemporary vibe in your living room, pair geometric patterned armchairs with your solid-colored couches. Floral and stripe patterned statement chairs work well with traditional décor, and plaid or leather armchairs make a great addition to a rustic motif. You could even add wooden chairs with a weathered white paint finish and blue seat cushions to accentuate a coastal interior theme. The bottom line is that, statement chairs are a great way to express and accentuate the style you are trying to achieve in your living room, without making a big commitment or taking up too much space.

Media Consoles

Media consoles have come a long way from the monolith entertainment centers of the past. In the good old days, a media center would encompass an entire wall of your living room, drowning out any hope of style or simplicity in the name of big screens and even bigger sounds. Nowadays, our TV’s and speakers are sleeker, and can be mounted on the wall. This leaves less of a footprint in your living room, and more room for style! Choose a sleek and modular vintage wooden console to house your DVDs and gaming systems for a mid-century look, or opt for a metal and glass piece to fit into an industrial style.


Whether wall-mounted or situated on an accent wall, bookshelves are also a great piece of living room furniture to consider for your overall aesthetic. Not only are they a great way to display treasured collectibles, family photos and favorite books, but they can help to add more character and style to your chosen theme or aesthetic. Choose one to compliment or match your media console to create a truly cohesive layout.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Now that you have somewhere to sit, you need somewhere to rest your drinks (and probably your feet, too). Coffee tables and side tables are essential pieces of furniture that offer a great way to express your style, and drive home the overall theme of your living room. DIY coffee tables are very popular, and range anywhere from old steamer trunks for a Bohemian theme, to custom crafted pallet crate coffee tables to match a farmhouse style home. Whether you mix and match the materials you choose and the tables you use to create an eclectic vibe, or opt for high-end luxury pieces to finish off a sophisticated setting, your decorative tables offer form and function that are essential to the overall feel of your lovely living room.


Like the idea of a coffee table, but need something softer, and more versatile? Enter the ottoman. Ottomans come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and are an excellent alternative to coffee tables. Like a statement chair, ottomans offer a great opportunity to add a bit of contrast to the look of your living room, as well as to express your style. Look for ottomans with casters on the bottom for an easy-to-move, modular piece, as well as ottomans with storage space so you can tuck away throw blankets and extra pillows in style. When it comes to making a living room look lovely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose pieces that work with your tastes and lifestyle, and don’t be afraid to get creative! Choose high-quality pieces that will last, mixed with affordable finds and family heirlooms, and you’ll be sure to have a space you’ll love to come home to. This article was contributed by Jules Hopkins. Jules Hopkins is a writer and editor from Bergen County, New Jersey. She enjoys writing about architecture, home decor, home remodeling and do-it-yourself projects.
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