How to Furnish Your Dream Balcony at Home
A balcony is an oft-overlooked feature of the house or apartment. But with the right furniture, it can easily become your favorite place to be. Because there’s something so magical about snuggling up with a pet or a special someone with a view of the stars above and the city below. Or sipping tea and reading the paper as the morning sun rises. Or just unwinding in the fresh air. Whatever your goal is, we’re here to help you zero in on the furniture ensemble you need to create a balcony area you’ll love. We’ve also included some tips on how to arrange the balcony furniture. So, let’s get started.

Furniture for a Cozy Balcony

Plush seating, low coffee tables, and soft lighting are best for turning up the cozy, comfy factor in the balcony. These spaces are usually enjoyed later in the day in small gatherings, but if you have enough balcony area, creating a cozy space for large gatherings is perfectly fine too. Sectional sofas are an ideal choice for cozy spaces because they often come in long, short, and corner sections that you can piece together based on your balcony size, desired seating, and the layout design you want. Choose muted, pastel colors and complete the area with throw pillows, throw blankets, and a plant or two. For the lights, we’re partial to hanging fairy lights ourselves, but if you have the space to set lamps on end tables or along the floor, that would look incredible too. You can rent any of the pieces from the above collection (or explore similar alternatives) for your balcony here. Cozy balconies are inviting and wonderful to snuggle into, but make sure both the frame and the fabric on the cushions are weather-friendly. Opt for a stainless steel or galvanized aluminum frame and synthetic covers. When it rains or snows, protect your soft furnishings and electronic appliances by either ensuring they are weatherproofed, or bringing them inside.

Furniture for a Relaxing Balcony

To turn your balcony into a personal oasis earmarked for solo unwinding and me-time, you first need to think about how you’d use the area, and then select the right chair. Since it’s seating just for one, you have more room to install a large and plush chair, swing, beanbag, or even a hammock, depending on how you spend your time. To save floor space, consider a hanging chair too. Just make sure nothing swings anywhere close to the railing and that you’re completely secure when seated. You’ll also enjoy having a reasonably sized side table next to you for setting down tea cups at dawn, dog-eared books in the afternoon, or your favorite Bluetooth speaker in the evening. Soft lighting works best here, so choose a floor lamp that gives you just enough light to read a book comfortably at night. Again, be smart about weather-friendly materials and protection from the elements. To add some privacy, we love the idea of creating natural barriers with plant life. This can be a bamboo screen, tall potted plants, or a living wall of plants, shrubs, or vines. If you really want to up the me-time quality, the balcony is the perfect area to learn gardening as a hobby which is both relaxing and decorative. If you want your balcony to be more Zen, add decorative stones and pebbles, grass mats, and even mini statues or fountains. This space is all you, so go ahead and decorate it the way you want.

Furniture for Coffee and Conversations

Balconies that inspire long hours of stimulating dialogue with your favorite person will include at least two good chairs, one table, and nice lights. We recommend choosing outdoor chairs for the balcony that are not fixed but can be moved around and adjusted. Depending on the balcony size and your personal style, you could get two lounge-like chairs that face outwards and are slightly tilted towards each other (with matching footstools if you have the space), or you could create a pseudo-dining area with two dining-like chairs facing each other. Place a medium-sized, easy-to-reach side table between the chairs to create a comfortable conversation distance and to provide a place to set both your phones down. For lighting and decorations, consider floor lamps or wall lights that light up the area just enough to see the person sitting across from you. Place lots of plants around to make the space look greener and friendlier. We also recommend a lovely rug to add a warmer, cozier feel, and absorb some of the sound drifting over neighboring balconies, if any.

Furniture for Balcony Gatherings

Love having people over? Take the party outside by decking the balcony with multiple chairs, loveseats, benches or sofas. Include wide coffee tables with enough space for glasses and ample lighting. Like these chairs above? You can rent a similar one here. If you have a smaller balcony, no worries. You can install an outdoor balcony bench or two to provide enough seating without taking up too much space. Choose from either a large singular table to hold all the glasses and finger food for everyone, or have multiple, smaller side tables for easy access. For lighting, we recommend hanging lights from the wall or ceiling so that there’s more floor space for people to move.

Furniture for All of the Above

Need a balcony that does it all? From being a place to relax with your pet/partner or with a kindle and a blanket, to hosting social events with your best friend or a group, choosing the right furniture can make all the difference. Such a balcony can be easily put together if you have a lot of space. Because you’ll need plush seating with pillows and blankets to make the area pleasantly cushy, a sizeable table to carry everything you need to relax alone, and enough seating area for all the people in your life. To check all the above boxes, we recommend cushioned sectional sofas that go around the balcony area and one large coffee table in the middle of it all. That way, not only can you snuggle up alone or with someone else, but there’s enough room to have engaging conversations with everybody. Place the lighting on the wall and don’t forget to add as many plants as you can for decoration and privacy. Also remember to ensure your furniture is built for outdoor use and can withstand the elements, or be easily moved inside in case of storms.

Ready to Build the Balcony of Your Dreams?

CasaOne provides outdoor furniture on rent so you can create a dreamy balcony without committing to the furniture. This way, not only can you get all the furniture you need, delivered and assembled at home for you, but you can also swap products until you find a balcony look you love, at which point we also offer the choice of buying the furniture and making it yours. Try the CasaOne experience today by exploring our range of outdoor furniture on rent and get your dream balcony delivered and assembled at your home in just a few days.
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