You did it! You set up your dream home, just the way you wanted it! Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just one thing though, do you know how to take care of all your carefully-selected furniture? Don’t just dust crumbs off your couch while you’re vacuuming or wipe that console table without a second thought. There’s more to furniture care and maintenance than you think, and if you want your pieces to last long, and last well, here’s what you need to know. wooden table with a lamp & biophilia

Make that wood look good

It’s probably the first material that comes to mind when you think of ‘furniture’, and with good reason too. The majority of furniture in use today is made from wood, whether solid wood, plywood or MDF, and there are a few simple ways to keep wood furniture in mint condition. The first, of course, is to dust it often. Keep dust from settling on wooden surfaces, but make sure to go over the vertical surfaces, like cupboard doors and table legs, too. The second most important thing is to keep moisture away from wood - so invest in coasters and make sure everyone uses them. In case of any spills, wipe them away as quickly as possible, but don’t use any abrasive materials to clean up. A soft cloth is usually the best when dealing with wood. If you have solid wood pieces, it’s a good idea to polish them with a good quality wax polish, maybe once or twice a year. kitchen counter top with metal counter stools

Make that metal shine

Metal furniture is becoming increasingly popular in homes, especially ones that feature decor with boho-chic vibes, and isn’t limited to just patio furniture. Whether it’s bed frames made with metal and painted in colors to match a theme, or chrome-plated bar stools for that snazzy appeal, metal finds its way into many a modern home. But caring for it comes with its own set of rules. Make sure you use a damp, soft cloth to wipe it down regularly, and if you find a stain, you could easily use mild soap and water to get it out. Don’t forget to wipe it down with a dry cloth or a tissue after to avoid water spots! Metal is famously assumed to be a low maintenance option, but a little care goes a long way, so don’t overlook the metal pieces on your cleaning spree. dining table with circular glass tabletop surrounded by fabric upholstered chairs

Get that glass to glimmer

Every home features glass surfaces, whether it’s a dining table, shelves or a console in the hallway. It’s a classy addition that makes any space look more open and elegant. Caring for it though, requires a little extra attention - and not just because it’s breakable. When it comes to cleaning glass, any cleaner off the shelf will do but remember that a little goes a long way, so don’t use too much or you’ll be left with streaks of residue. If you’re using just water to clean, do make sure it’s distilled water and not hard tap water, because you could just end up with ugly water stains. And don’t use just any cloth to wipe it down - you ideally want to use a microfiber cleaning cloth to ensure that there isn’t any risk of scratching the glass surface. A couple of small changes can go a long way in making sure the glass elements in your home stay sparkling for longer. woman sleeping on an outdoor sofa

Fabric that’s gotta feel good

Who doesn’t love a plush, comfy fabric sofa where you can put your feet up after a long day and do everything from snack to snooze? We sure do. But considering how much time you spend on it, make sure the sofa is well taken care of, cleanliness wise. The first step is to get all the dust and crumbs off, so make sure you use a dry brush or just go over it with a vacuum cleaner - and don’t forget the space between and under the sofa cushions. Before you go any further in the cleaning process, do remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations as stated on the sofa tags.That will tell you whether you should use only water-based cleaners or solvents (solutions with cleaning chemicals) or both. Stains should be tackled as soon as possible, with water and a gentle scrub, and it’s good to get your sofa steam cleaned by the experts about once a year or so. Furniture maintenance programs, like the one offered by CasaOne, ensure that things like these are taken care of, without any hassle for you. a living room setting with a sectional leather sofa & an area rug

Leather to weather the years

Is there any sight more luxurious than a gorgeous leather sofa? It’s one of those elements associated with a classy, upscale home. But it’s also one of those pieces that needs a little extra care. It’s definitely not going to be a sofa that young children play around, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the occasional spill - wine stains, anyone? The good news is that if tackled immediately, the stains can be wiped off completely. Give the leather a nice wipe-down every couple of weeks with a damp cloth - make sure it isn’t wet at all, just damp, because moisture isn’t your leather’s friend. If you have a leather sofa, you want it to be more than just clean - you want it to shine! This is where regular deep conditioning comes to the rescue. A mild oil, or a solution recommended by the manufacturer, is the best option, and don’t forget to use a soft cloth to rub it into the leather. A little elbow grease will ensure that your leather furniture looks as good as new for years to come. furniture care

Go that extra mile - sanitize!

While you’re on that cleaning spree, a good idea might be to go further than just clean and maybe sanitize your furniture. Now you can’t go at it with a bottle of sanitizer or good old soap and water like you would your hands, but it does make sense to target the bits you’re most likely to use. You can use sanitizing spray on a piece of cloth to run over door handles, drawer knobs, kitchen doors and other spots you tend to use with your bare hands, since that’s how germs spread. If you have access to the outdoors and live in a sunny place, exposing often used, smaller pieces to a dose of uninterrupted sun is a great natural way to disinfect those pieces. For upholstery, use a steam iron and go over it to effectively get rid of any germs, or just spray it with a disinfecting spray and let it sit until it dries off. When you sign up with CasaOne though, all this is taken care of. From wiping it down to vacuuming to even finishing with a round of sanitizing with disinfectant, we do it all before the furniture reaches you. If you thought investing in furniture meant just money, you’ll have to change your mind. It takes time and effort to keep those pieces looking as good as new - but the good news is that a little bit of both can go a long way in keeping your furniture looking fabulous.