New Year, New Furniture? We’re all about that idea. But, what if we told you that you could add just *one* statement piece to every part of your home, to give it an instant, Instagram-ready makeover? Challenge accepted. (Did we just conjure up our own challenge and also accept it? We just might’ve!)

Jokes aside, for every room, we’ve cleverly curated one breathtakingly beautiful CasaOne furniture or decor piece each to dramatically enhance your home. These recommendations — some utility-based, some visually stunning — will get your home ready for the new year. The best part? It’s all so incredibly affordable! So without further ado, let’s get started on our list of reccos.


We often underestimate the role of a wonderfully done entryway. It’s the spot that can set the tone for the rest of your home, and also makes for the perfect welcome for your guests. Our pick is the perfectly imperfect Ameba Wall Accent, which you can prop up above your shoe rack for a little rustic charm.

Ameba Wall Accent

Living room

Think your living room could use an instant refresh?

You’ll love the Render Display Stand, our pick to magically switch up a dull corner in your living room. Its sleek tapered legs and slotted sliding doors will give your living room a fresh, modern vibe. We recommend adorning it with books, magazines and a vase filled with dried flowers.

Render Display Stand


If you’re on board with our 1-item home makeover project, don’t forget to take your kitchen into consideration! Adding cozy little details can make your kitchen warm and welcoming, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy rustling up those cooking experiments here. We like the idea of adding a trail of British Ivy plants or fresh flowers to our Preston Table Vase Set. Place this on your kitchen table or over your counter to give the whole space a surprisingly lively look.

Preston Table Vase Set


Have a stairway at home? Add a bold piece of artwork to make this focal point truly stand out. Don’t be afraid to pick art with vibrant colors. The Renata Salles Wall Art will complement a neutral-colored (white, gray, or beige) wall perfectly.

Renata Salles Wall Art


Your bed isn’t the only part of your bedroom that can make a big style statement. We think a gorgeous floor lamp can infuse it with the right mood and add to its snug feel. Say hello to the Billie Floor Lamp. We love its drool-worthy form, and the earthy cane material adds oodles of texture to your room. Rent it on our website to transform a drab-looking corner into one you can’t take your eyes off of!

Billie Floor Lamp

Dining room

Swap a couple of your dining chairs with the Heywood Triple Bench to give your dining room a quick makeover that’s also impactful. The slated wooden finish will give your space a cool lunchroom vibe. Your guests won’t stop taking pictures when they see this uniquely comfy dining nook!

.Heywood Triple Bench

Home office

In 2021 too, we’ll be spending a lot of our time in the home office. Throwing in a desk lamp can help you power through those late-nights at work, and also make your office space aesthetically pleasing. The Salient Marble Table Lamp can be the pick-me-up your home office needs. Boasting a chic contemporary style, the faux white marble base and brass accents combine to create a glamorous table lamp. Rent it on our website to illuminate your home office or even a make-shift work nook.

The Salient Marble Table Lamp


Your balcony is incomplete without an oversized plant. We know we said we’d recommend just one piece to give your nook a makeover, but when it comes to plants our mantra is ‘more is more’. Our Palm Tree is perfect to spruce up any balcony and is sure to make it your go-to spot to savor a hot cup of coffee.

Palm Tree

Love these ideas but not sure how they’ll come to life in your home? Explore our Design Services, where you’ll get to work with our in-house designer to create realistic visualizations of your home, with your favorite CasaOne pieces in them. Rent only the ones you fall in love with!