green furniture

The past few years have witnessed an immense shift in the trends in home decor. From walls to upholstery, people are just now very much aware of the things that they exactly require to match their style statement and taste sensibility of the decor. One of the major reasons behind this transition is the pandemic that made us all stay in our homes longer than usual. The love affair between the home and owners has got a soft reboot owing to the situational staycation we spent in our place in the past couple of years.

Talking about the design trends, a few colors came and stayed to leave a deep impact. One such color is green which gathered a lot of attention from people in the interior design world. Now established as a pretty alternative to dark gray that remains omnipresent in the color palettes of everything home and decor, the green furniture trend has evoked a similar sense of harmony with muted freshness to destress the overworked and overscheduled home crafters.

green furniture trend

Not only this, but the green color and its shades have evolved to become people’s favorite and go-to choice. Due to its serene and relaxing vibes, green furniture trend for the interiors is here to stay for a longer time. Apart from being calming, the color is also believed to help relieve stress, encourage creativity, and uplift the mood owing to the cheerfulness the color denotes.

Decorating using green furniture

Decorating your home with green can be a task. But it’s not too difficult with the availability of options in the furniture. A pair of accent chairs in the shade green is enough to gather the eyeballs. It is sure to be the center of attraction in your living room. In addition, it can also be teamed up well with other colors providing you a monochrome and minimalist luxury. The contrast of lines, shapes, and striking colors in the living room can let you fetch all the hues and shades of greens, from the cool sage to elegant emerald and deep teal to soothe the eyes.

Also, the color complements the neutral palette - whites, creams, and grays. These are all the staple living room colors for a while now. From green velvet accent chairs to other furniture pieces to all-over green color schemes, we guide you through the best way you can easily transform your living room with this color.

Apart from decoding serenity gelled with luxury, the shades of green are also often related to health and rejuvenation. Its ability to bring life to any space IS unmatched. It also represents the balanced tones of nature and promotes a feeling of wellness and vigor. Let’s find out how to style the greens in-home and deliver an unmatched style statement.

Soft tones on the walls and ceilings

Bring in the sense of drama and sophistication to your space with jewel-tone green velvet living room chairs placed against the walls. The blush and beige ceiling will work together with the furniture's deep green tones. These will further highlight the warmth and vogue of the overall decor scheme. Envelop your space in green and create a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere instantly.

Sofa in different colors is a hugely popular home decor trend. One wouldn’t want to miss this, especially green-colored sofas or green dressers and chests. Let us tell you that this gorgeous shade on the sofa is actually more versatile than you may initially think. You just have to embrace it as part of the green furniture trend to bring out a fresh dynamic to your home.

The calming effects that green velvet living room chairs bring make the space feel more at ease and serene. This is a valuable quality for a home, especially during the last two years that required us to stay indoors. With the broad diversion of shades that are further enhanced by the fabric and upholstery of the sofa, a green velvet sofa will instantly elevate the style statement of your living space.

Calm the variety of textures with the accent piece

If your modern contemporary space is equipped with a lot of natural textures like exposed brick walls, stone or terrazzo flooring, or a beautiful wallpaper enhancing the accent wall, a green sofa is a great or even perfect choice to pull all the materials together and gather the space. It would act as an anchor point, thus pulling the different finishes in the space together. It will soften the overall look of the space while keeping the room voguish. You can play contrast by adding cushions or throwing in bright colors.

green furniture trend

Having a cheerful colored space can instantly brighten up your mood, and it is also a nice break from the otherwise dull and monochromatic look of the usual living rooms. With a velvet green sofa or green velvet accent chairs as the anchor piece of the space, you can gradually build the theme around it by layering accessories in shades of blue, yellow, or orange to add a sense of fun.

But keep in mind to not overdo it as it may become overwhelming with a lot of colors.

Frame the look

green furniture trend

The rich emerald shade has accentuated the shine of velvet, a timeless and eclectic statement that would frame a perfect picture of the emerald green velvet sofa. Draw more attention to it by painting the wall behind it to give it an artistic touch. This simple idea of painting the space behind your sofa will make the whole space extravagant.

Pairing with the right accessories

green furniture

A structured sofa with a rich green velvet finish or a green dresser paired with unique gold accent accessories will instantly lift up the room's vibe. Bring the vintage vibe to your place by placing your sofa alongside mirrored furniture such as a coffee table and sideboard, and style it with gold metallic accessories. Indoor plants, bright colored throws, summery cushions, and artworks on the wall tie the whole scheme together.

green sofa

The whole concept of trying out different shades and hues is not only just to enhance the decor scheme of the house but to create a space that you would love spending your time in. By styling a green sofa, you can serve different style statements and cater to various looks. Try with a modern concrete or exposed brick wall with the sofa placed right in the front, giving a sleek and elegant finish in contrast to the raw industrial backdrop.

green sofa

Apart from the backdrop, the whole space will also require a bit of pop with colorful furnishings, vases, or patterned cushions. These details can be changed as and when required to bring out a spectrum of pigments that will go together with the green sofa and introduce a calmer feel. Also, don’t hesitate to use plants inside because you have a green sofa. Nature has a huge bandwidth of shades that are gracious enough to uplift any space.

A color palette to complement!

A green velvet sofa promotes a rich and luxurious vibe to the space. It is a prominent color that is found everywhere. Bringing it into your home as an accent furniture piece might feel a bit overwhelming at the initial stages. However, while you are adding pieces using the green furniture trend, you have to consider the richness of the hue of your emerald velvet sofa and pick your colors for accessories and decor for the space. The tone and vibrancy of the space can bind together to form a complementing look. Dress the sofa with bright-colored cushions. Or you could let the rich hues do the talking with a beige-colored throw sitting on it.

green velvet sofa

Rugs - to seal the look!

Rugs are an important part of living rooms; they usually and visually bind all the elements placed in the room together. Think about the overall scheme; look around the flooring before investing in a rug. Do you want to draw attention to the floor? Would you rather have your furniture be the anchor point of the space? Based on these factors, you can go for neutral and beige shades in the rug as opposed to the bright-colored rug that will pop out to take the entire attention of the space.

green velvet sofa

A green velvet sofa is a brilliant way of adding a modern edge to a traditionally decorated living room. It is a perfect complement to your wooden flooring and floral furnishings. This elegant feel will further accentuate the space's vibe, making it feel even more luxurious.

While defining the scheme of the space, it is crucial to find balance and not overwhelm anything that can be too jarring to the eyes. The monochromatic black, white, and gray sofas tend to be the safest choice for homeowners. However, experimenting with the popular green furniture trend can sometimes be more difficult. In such cases, work with green as a base color and style the rest of the room around it. Shop now to have a fresh and inviting look!

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