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Make your house more beautiful and exciting by learning how to arrange art, pictures, and frames on your walls. However, arranging the pieces can be very stressful. Use the following ideas to make your house feel and look like a gallery in a short time.

Décor In The Kitchen And Other Uncommon Rooms

Hang your pictures, wall art, and decor to add texture and color to your walls. For instance, you could feature circular seagrass wall art from the Dastkar Collection. The neutral colors and pattern design will add charm to any room.

Spice up your less obvious rooms like a modern bathroom by hanging up images and frames. Make these places look as fabulous as your living room. Have unique placements of art and a sense of movement to capture your personality all around your home.

Match Your Picture And Frame Arrangement

Take your time to choose artwork and frames which bring out other colors in the room. The wall color is vital in determining the statement piece of your choice. Choose a vibrant art piece if you have a neutral wall.

Hang Your Work At Eye Level

A common mistake in home décor is arranging your frames and art too high. Your pictures, art, and frames should be lower, for living rooms and dining rooms, as the people in these two rooms are mostly sitting. You can place beloved photos in smaller frames and display these on your coffee table. The center point of the pictures and art should be leveled a hand width above eye level. Thus you can enjoy the gallery while sitting down. Hang groups of pictures as a single. Such as four pictures, you can hang them as a square to make them look like a whole picture.

Wall Arrangement Ideas

You can choose to arrange art, pictures, and frames either symmetrically or asymmetrically. Symmetrical décor is best for images with a standard size or shape. With symmetrical placement, you develop an assortment that has a visual balance. It will be a great placement over the fireplace or a furniture collection. If there are pictures in four pieces, arrange them in a square. If they are in three pieces, you can place them vertically. Remember to have a spacing of four to six inches between the images.

Asymmetrical décor is best for a group of images that are not similar but have a common element. The common element can be the same person in the pictures or color scheme in the art. Arrange them with one slightly above the other so that they are not on the same line to get a nice unique balance. The asymmetrical arrangement will create interest and new energy.

Symmetrical décor is formal, and asymmetrical is for modern styles.

Arrange Art On Different Wall Surfaces

Wood surfaces are perfect for hanging anything. A nail and screw will work sufficiently for wall surfaces made of wood. However, hanging images on a concrete wall will need a wall plug to hold up a hanging screw and a power drill. All these are available in building stores.

Let Your Favorite Art And Pictures Shine

wall art

When decorating your wall, it is necessary, to begin with, your favorite picture or art as you build out. What do you want people's eyes to see first when they enter the room? Don't be afraid to play favorites with your pieces.

Use Various Frame Styles

Have a variety of styles for your frames. Mix and match your frame styles as much as you want. For instance, you can hang your college diploma along with your other pictures and art pieces. According to Church Hill Classics which sells custom diploma frames, the perfect college graduation gifts from parents, “When it comes to hanging multiple diplomas, choosing the right diploma frame for each is essential.”

Hardware You Need To Hang Your Images

You can choose from a picture hanger, wall anchor, expansion bolt, or toggle bolt to hang your pictures.

A picture hanger is ideal for supporting framed photos. A wall anchor has sleeves with screws that allow adjusting. Wall anchors are best for hanging artworks. The screws when tightened cause the anchor to enlarge inside the wall. Instead of going for a usual angled frame try a two-tone swirl round photo frame. This decorative frame will complement your favorite photographs and be a talking piece of your room.

An expansion bolt is for hanging art on a wall. It is hammered into a wall. A toggle bolt is best for heavy jobs like hanging artwork.

Make your home complete by decorating it with pictures, art, and frames. By following the tips mentioned above, hang these images on your blank walls to make a gallery of your favorite images and paintings.

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