Attic Into The Best Home Office Ever
Gone are the days when attics were scary, dark spaces that you’d think twice about venturing into. Of course, Halloween doesn’t count because then you can go ahead and create a total Nightmare on Elm Street vibe. But what do you do with all this extra space during the rest of the year? If you’re not using it for storage, of course. There’s so much you can come up with. A cozy reading nook, a family room for movie nights, a pretty guest bedroom, or even your own private workspace. attic transformed into the lounge area of a home office The best part about an attic is its location. It’s situated right at the top of the house, away from all the noise and chaos, and allows you the solitude you need to focus on your work. With a Pinterest board for inspiration and a wide range of home furniture rental at CasaOne, you can finally design the perfect home office you’ve always wanted. Interior decorating is a fascinating process, especially when you’re creating something new. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind when setting up your workspace at home.

1. It’s all about that space

If you’re unsure about whether the attic is structurally fit to house your home office, you can always get a pro’s opinion. Make sure to check the walls, the insulation, the wiring, and the windows. It’s important to have enough light coming in so if you don’t have a window, you can include one in your renovation plan. an ideal home office desk setup - including plants, tech equipment, stationery & coffee If you know what you’re looking for in a home office, adapting your attic to suit your requirements becomes much easier. So, take the time to walk through the space, to understand it, and to really settle on the layout you think will work for you. Also, keep in mind that conversions are always better than expansions. If you’re adding to the square footage of the attic, you will need a building permit (which could be a painfully long-drawn process).

2. Setting the stage for success

Let’s talk ‘setup’, shall we? You’re going to be working from home and you want to make sure your Zoom calls don’t hang just when you’re about to start that big presentation; or when you’re in the zone and those creative juices won’t stop flowing. So make sure your WiFi reaches the attic and if it doesn’t, a WiFi extender will definitely help. You also want to choose the right flooring to support your setup, be it wooden, cork, or bamboo, that can handle temperature fluctuations and the weight of your furniture. an cozy, ambient home office setting in the attic equipped with a desk and a task chair Now, the most important part of your home office is your workstation of course. You want something that is comfortable, stylish, and blends in with your decor. You can choose furniture that blends in with your decor and fits your personality. From writing desks and high-back chairs to desk lamps and file cabinets, take your pick from a premium range of products that you can rent on monthly, affordable plans from CasaOne. Get furniture you love without burning a hole in your pocket! Given all the electronic gadgets your workspace is going to have, sockets should also be a huge priority on your to-do list. Keep your laptop charged and your speakers powering through the day.

3. Comfort boosts productivity

Another important factor to consider is how comfortable your work area is. It’s a home office after all and you have the freedom to keep things as cozy as you please. A pretty rug, fresh plants, and bright paintings can do wonders for a space. Make sure it’s not cluttered, though. A cluttered space leads to a distracted mind. Your easy fix? Built-in storage! A couple of bookshelves and filing cabinets could also work if there’s enough place. Add a couch and you’ve got yourself a lovely little office that is warm and welcoming, every single day. a spacious attic turned into a personal home office & leisure space Just for your convenience, you could consider bringing in an electric kettle, coffee machine, and/or a small fridge. This would help you avoid all those trips to and from the kitchen which aren’t just a distraction but also, a waste of time. Once you’re set up in the attic, you’re self-sufficient and ready for an efficient and smooth workday ahead. One thing’s for sure - the more comfortable you are, the more productive you’re going to be.

4. Light it up

Research shows that “with appropriate lighting, the ability to perform visual tasks can be improved and visual discomfort can be avoided. This can provide conditions for better visual and task performance and, ultimately, productivity.” Natural light always has a positive impact on an individual’s mood and productivity. And what could be better than kicking off your day with a refreshing cup of Dalgona Coffee and a nice view? Light also enhances a pretty space, whether it’s the sunlight sweeping over a bookshelf or a floor lamp illuminating your classy workstation. an all-white home office in the attic with many skylight windows If your attic windows are tiny or don’t allow for enough light, you can always opt for warm LED lights that create the same effect. Sufficient lighting is important when you’re working as you don’t want to risk a strain on the eyes or a throbbing migraine all night. A well-lit space also calls attention to all the hard work you’ve put into your decor and keeps you alert through your working hours.

5. A personal touch

Once your attic is ready, your workspace is good to go, and all those wires are arranged in an organized fashion, it’s time for that last touch of personal charm. What is it about your home office that really expresses who you are? Is it that tufted, blush colored ottoman in the corner? Or that stylish Modrest Maz bookcase by the window? It could even be the classy brass desk lamp on your table or the rich, purple shag rug on the floor. a home office desk coupled with a laptop & stationery Motivating yourself to work every day isn’t easy but the right space can contribute to creating the right mood. Design a home office that you look forward to every morning, that you enjoy being in, and that allows you to focus on giving the best you have to offer to your job. Adding elements that reflect your personality only helps to infuse a sense of warmth and comfort into a room where you'll be spending a large part of your week. CasaOne makes the process so much easier for you. Simply choose stunning furniture from brands you love and we’ll even help you plan your space. You can also envision your to-be attic office with a realistic 3D walkthrough. And once you pick a convenient delivery date, we’ll have all your furniture delivered and assembled in just a few days! So, what are you waiting for? Create the perfect home office today. Explore Home Office Solutions
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