ghastly rocking chair in old attic
It’s the night before Halloween. You have to go upstairs to fix a windowpane in the attic. Perched by the window opening lies what was dearly departed grandma’s antique rocking chair. Your mind abruptly starts telling you things while you're fixing the pane, “This may or may not be true, but I swear that chair draped in spider webs is rocking ever so slightly". You shake off the thought, your mind plays along and both of you attribute the standalone incident to a strong breeze. Most attics are crafted to store a few random things, hold insulation and accommodate an HVAC system and ductwork. Most attics can also be associated with anything that is downright spooky. {*cue sinister music*} But, attics are so much more than just dusty storage units and creepy crawl spaces. If given the right decor treatment, they have the potential to be the loveliest rooms in the house. There is something about those low, sloped ceilings that makes them perfect for an intimate, private escape from the world. woman reading in cozy attic space In the spirit of Halloween, here's how you can transform the nightmarish setting of your attic into a scenic, roomy space. Keep reading to discover ways to unlock the true potential of your little nook - from guest bedrooms to additional bathrooms, and possibly even a writer's retreat.

A book lover's sanctuary

Every book nerd wants the same thing - some peace and quiet to read when there's chaos in the rest of the house. Confining yourself to the solitary environment of the attic is a good idea if you happen to be one of them. When it comes to decorating a space with low ceilings and restricted space, design illusions are your best friends. Opt for low-height furniture and scaled wall art to create the visual effect of a high ceiling. books and a telescope in a cozy library attic

A cocoon for the lazy

Attics tend to bring about a certain ethereal feel because of the unique architectural lines involved. The way the light pours into an attic can be divine, almost resembling a cocoon you'd never want to leave. Ditch the bed frame and keep the mattress on the ground to make the ceiling appear higher than it is. Use a short and slim stool as your nightstand and simply lean your artwork against the wall from the floor. lazy bedroom attic

An inviting haven for guests

A well-planned pretty little bedroom in the attic is absolutely enchanting. Bursting with personality, it makes for an ideal guest room while also inspiring people to take notes for their own homes. Stick to wood or stone-based furniture to maintain a minimal aesthetic. Two twin beds create a nice, symmetrical look, and repetition ensures a distinct design. If you have some additional space to work with, add a wooden chair and a wooden end table with drawers for a cohesive look. luxury bed and sofa in guest room attic

An additional bathroom

Another bathroom in the house is never a bad idea when you have extra space in the attic and don't know what to do with it. An extra bathroom not only increases the value of your home but also lets you design a visually pleasing area for guests. The best part is that your main bathrooms aren’t always occupied. Choose sanitary ware that's space-saving and versatile. bathtub and mirror in bathroom attic

A closet for apparel hoarders

You know who you are, and how no amount of storage space is never enough for you. Although we said that the attic can be used for something more purposeful than just plain storage, it's not a bad idea to put your closet up there if you long for some more room and privacy. Go for a dresser topped with an appropriately sized mirror and a stool with matching colors for that glamorous dressing room feel. white clothes hanging in a closet wardrobe attic

An apartment on its own

If you have a big enough attic in your home, transform it into a studio apartment with its own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. This will make your guests feel independent and at home. Build a bedroom at the end of the hallway, a bathroom in the middle, and utilize the rest of the space to construct a kitchenette and a small seating area. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra dollars, your ghosted attic room turned mini home can turn out to be a profitable venture if you list it on Airbnb. bed and chair in an airbnb staycation apartment attic When you have a space you want to experiment with, rental furniture is your best option. Discover beautiful home furniture at CasaOne to create cozy living spaces. With professional design guidance, affordable rental terms, and quick delivery, you can set up one room or an entire house in no time.