purple pillow with tray and soft rug as hygge decor
Forget your whole life for a second and imagine this - You’re in freshly laundered PJs, tucked under a thick, down-filled comforter. There’s a steaming mug o’ mocha by your side, and a glowing, crackling fireplace warming the room. You take a big whiff of your mocha and a small mindful sip of its comforting flavors, then pick up that familiar book (which you’ve read like, say, 394 times), thumb through its pages and dive in, knowing that nothing’s gonna bother you for the next few hours... Hey, you still there? Welcome to the hygge lifestyle. woman drinking coffee in bed in winter hygge

Turn this winter into the coziest season ever with a hygge lifestyle.

“Hyj… higgy… huh?” Pronounced “hyu-guh” (say it aloud now), hygge is this dreamy Danish concept of everyday well-being and contentment - like a cozy lifestyle that feels all warm and fuzzy. And to infuse some of this desperately-needed hygge (hyu-guh) into your daily hustle, simply pamper yourself with the everyday things that give you the happy feels - like a scented candle, a fluffy pillow, cuddling a loved one, or nuzzling your doggo.

How to Decorate Your Home with Hygge Decor

hyggekrog chair with white pillow blanket candles books

Create a hygge-inspired nook in your home (or a ‘hyggekrog’) with the things you love.

With frosty weather just around the corner, let’s turn that idea of a cold, harsh winter into the coziest snuggle season you’ve ever had with a little hygge living. So pour yourself a little mocha, partna’, and we’ll dive in...

What is Hygge Decor?

While exploring hygge decor, know this - Hygge is not about buying tons of new stuff and being extra. It’s about appreciating the finer and enjoyable moments in your everyday life:
  • Reading a good book while listening to the rain.
  • Having a fun, social dinner with the fam.
  • Going for a walk. Yes, that’s it - a nice, long walk to clear the buzz.
woman feeding her dog amid cozy hygge decor

Hygge is about acknowledging the cozy and enjoyable in your everyday

It’s not a 5-star, luxurious life you see rich people living. It’s not about breaking the bank with expensive furniture, brewing high-end coffee beans, or waiting for picture-perfect snowy weather just to mimic what you see on Instagram. No. For true, authentic, Scandi-approved #hygge, it’s about creating and mindfully appreciating a nice, cozy home and lifestyle. So to create such a home and live such a lifestyle, allow us to recommend our hygge decor ideas that you can furnish your home with easily:

Hygge Style in the Living Room

For all the hours you spend in the living room, begin your hygge decor collection with a good rug. We’re talkin’ gorgeous, plush, high-pile cushiness that hugs your toes and caresses your feet. We’re partial to wool because of its natural, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting features. Plus, woolen rugs are indulgently soft and will make you want to stretch and curl all over them… like a lazy cat. cat stretching on fluffy hygge decorrug

The perfect rug is hygge purr-fection. Also, #mood.

Then, choose a throw blanket for your couch that complements the look and feel of your rug, and pair it with snuggly cushions to sink into while you enjoy hot tea and a good book. Furnish your coffee table with pretty things that aren’t just decorative, but have special meaning to you - like photographs of people you love and items full of memories that make you grin silly. You can also place plants that don’t need a lot of attention, like succulents and winter terrariums. However, gardening is a popular hyggelig activity and if you have a green thumb, try growing lavender maybe, for its charming appearance and relaxing scent in the living room. Make sure to stock shelves and storage space with both personal and social favorites like goofy pictures, books to read, and games to play, and make sure you have coasters for hot mugs too. Add a faithful side table and you’re ready to nestle in for some hygge living. hygge living room with rug coffee table and woman reading

Hygge is a state of being present and enjoying the cozy and simple.

Now, during the day, throw open the curtains and let the living room soak up all that warm, energizing sunlight. At night, choose warm, relaxed lighting. The Danes love their candles, and you can find beautiful flowery, woodsy, and even Christmassy ones online or at the nearest store. And if your living room has a fireplace, then that’s your happiest piece of hygge decor right there! open book next to fireplace in hygge home

Really appreciate the comfy vibes you get from reading by a fireplace.

For a quick and easy lighting fix (and for those of us strapped for time and money, or are just plain super lazy), you’ll find hanging string lights absolutely magical. And for an even simpler option, fabric-shade lamps help to create an unbeatable homely vibe you’ll enjoy too. Seriously. Hygge decor for the living room isn’t just for relaxing me-time, but for social times too. There’s nothing quite hyggelig like spending crazy fun hours together or bingeing a TV series with your favorite people! group of friends hanging out in hygge living room with sofa rug and blanket

Spending more quality time with your squad is happy hygge living

Hygge Living in the Bedroom

But when everyone’s gone and you retreat to the bedroom with no one except yourself, your partner, or hey - a paw-tner, then here are some hygge decor ideas for your cozy, blanket-y pleasure: person holding cup near dog in hygge bedroom

Feel blessed with all the people, pets, and poured things in your life

Let’s start with the most important piece of furniture mankind invented - the bed. Nothing says bedroom hygge (hyu-guh, because who remembers) more than a warm, plush, layered bed, with a fabric-tufted headboard for extra cushiness, and an inviting mattress that feels like a cloud. Layer your bed with a fitted sheet and a down-filled duvet (or wool-filled, for a hypoallergenic option) and you’ll be tucked into a state of hygge in no time. person reading a book under hygge blankets in bed

Sometimes, a comfortable bed is all you need to escape tough days

While socks and fluffy slippers are so definitely warm and delightful, adding rugs to the sides of the bed, or one big one underneath, will elevate your winter experience. How? Bedroom rugs will give your feet a friendlier place to land on when you get down. Why? Because landing on cold hardwood floors when you need to use the bathroom? No, thank you! Then just like with the living room, you want a useful side table and/or a caddy tray to hold your stuff so you don’t accidentally ruin those gorgeous sheets and throw blankets of yours. wooden caddy tray with red book coffee and blanket

Natural materials like wood are always nicer to look at

And by the way, being glued to your cell phone isn’t really hygge at all, no matter how much “joy” you say it brings you. Hygge is about being present, and enjoying the simpler things and the people around you. Speaking of the people around you, spending quality time with a loved one is most definitely hygge. And hygge decor in the bedroom (rugs, candles, cushions, and blankets) is a sweet way to set up cozy, romantic moments you’ll treasure forever. couple romantic hygge moment amid candles and cushy decor

Hygge decor can help you create cozy moments

In terms of lighting, you can adopt the same principles of living room hygge here too. You can also frame your wonderful windows with lace or sheer curtains to soften the daylight a bit and add a touch of privacy. For complete privacy, consider roller shades, thick drapes, blinds, or any other screen of your choice. To complete the hygge bedroom, declutter the space, then consider getting plants to add a little green, furnish cozy chairs to sit on, and decorate the walls and surfaces with things you admire - Perhaps an inspiring poster, family pictures, a vision board, hobbies, all your books organized and held together by quirky bookends... anything that turns your bedroom into your favorite place on Earth. cozy white bed in hygge bedroom with rug and bench

A simple, decluttered home with the things you love is a big part of hygge living

And finally, find ways to hide your electronics. Hygge is about rediscovering the simple, and complex high-tech products are mood-killers. Televisions are kinda okay when they’re only there for a good time with your loved’uns. Having said that, declutter all your electronics, but maybe leave a nice-looking Bluetooth speaker somewhere strategically nearby so you can listen to relaxing ambient mixes or jazz music while you unwind. Because, like we said before, the way you decorate your home to live a hygge lifestyle is unique to you and what makes you happy. And don’t you ever forget that. woman enjoying hygge decor with daughter on rug in winter

Hyyge living is about enjoying the cozy and being with those you love

Like our hygge tips? With CasaOne, you can get more advice, rent cozy hygge decor for the winter, and even buy it later! (Only if you want to - our plans are totally flexi). Explore all furniture and decor here.
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