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Interior design trends come and go within no time. They are constantly evolving and changing to fit societal expectations and demands. It's hard to predict which trends will go out of fashion and the new ones that will emerge. Are you looking to style your living room this new year but don't know what will go with the trend? We have compiled a list of 25 living room trends that are currently popular and will continue in 2022. Also read -
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Living Room Trend 1 - Multi-functional Furniture

With the pandemic going on work from home is the new rule, multifunction furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to make the most out of your living room especially when you have a small space. The furniture is made to give you comfort after all those hours of sitting. Functions such as adjustable height, neck support and extensions are a plus point. Shop Multi-Functional Living Room Furniture

Living Room Trend 2 - Warm Colour Tones

2022 starts with winters and people are going to spend more time indoors. Warm colour tones create a cosy and comfortable feeling. Tones of red, yellow, mustard and honey can warm up your space. Shop Warm Toned Living Room Furniture

Living Room Trend 3 - A Gallery Wall

We can't help but notice the beautiful artistic painting. That's why the gallery wall is everyone's favourite to gain attention. This trend is going to be in 2022 as well because there is a significant increase in the purchase of wall art and posters. Shop Wall Art For Living Room

Trend Room Trend 4 - Floral Wall

A floral wall can be used everywhere, from the office wall to your granny's room. Floral walls are in trend again. You can get different looks like graphics, watercolour and pastels. If you have a space that looks plain and needs a pop of colour, floral walls are the best choice. You can even create themes like nature without having to bring the garden to your living room.

Living Room Trend 5 - Painted Doors

A painted door adds a personal touch to your living room and tells a lot about your personality. Colours add drama and style to any room. This style is tough to resist and the guest can't help but compliment the use of colours. If you are creating an energetic space, bright colours are a perfect choice whereas dark colours are good for a soothing environment.

Living Room Trend 6 - An Artistic Entryway

Some people judge a book by its cover. If that's the case for you, an artistic entryway will help you. A touch of art can attract visitors and compel them to appreciate your personality. This is an old trend but still popular.

Living Room Trend 7 - Comfortable Interiors

A good living room is all about comfort. It encourages the homemakers to not stress too much about styles. Instead, they can mix match styles that make them comfortable. Shop Pillows & Throws

Living Room Trend 8 - A mini-library

People are craving a space for relaxation and nothing is better than winding up the day by reading books. Love for reading has increased during the pandemic and people want a small space reserved for their favourite books. The mini library is more than storage for your favourite books, it displays and celebrates your moment of enlightenment. It also gives your living room a sophisticated look. A mini-library is perfect if you like to add a dash of elegance to the living room.

Living Room Trend 9 - Living Room Jungle

From bonsai to leafy wall art, 2022 is all about the jungle theme. Designers are pushing boundaries and breaking the ceiling of creativity. If you are looking to add a bit of jungle love to your living room, this is a good time. You can turn your basic space into an exotic one with this theme. Consider adding leafy wallpapers or some traditional wall hangings. Different accents and wood panels are also a great idea. Fake plants can enhance the looks as well if you can't maintain a real one Shop Planters For Living Room

Living Room Trend 10 - Hard Flooring Complemented By Rugs

Using rugs for your living room can give a whole new look. Since it covers most of the floor area, you have to consider the design of the rugs. Choosing the perfect rugs for your living room can be quite overwhelming. In case you have club chairs or fabric sofa, a neutral striped rug will be a good idea. A bright coloured rug will be a good fit for a vibrant living room. A golden rug will go with a warm-toned room. A rug with patterns or abstract art will complement curvy and heavy furniture. A muted coloured rug will fit with plain furniture. Shop Living Room Rugs

Living Room Trend 11 - Maximalism

It means decorating your space with maximum colour palettes and patterns without making the room look chaotic. If you have a vibrant personality, this trend is definitely for you. It can be a showstopper making it irresistible to take your eyes off. This style is suitable for an eclectic space with drapes, frills and patterned wallpapers complementing each other. However, this trend is not for everyone as it is too sophisticated.

Living Room Trend 12 - Hammock

Hammocks were things of the past. But they made a comeback this year for people wanting a fun and cosy space in their living room. Yes, hammocks aren't limited to the outdoors and this year they are making an entry into your living room. Hammocks can serve different purposes like resting, catching up on a tv show or reading a book. They take 9 ft of space on average. But if you have got a small space you can hang them diagonally. It's perfect for those who can't enjoy the outdoor spaces of their house.

Living Room Trend 13 - Soothing Colour Palettes

2020 and 2021 was a chaotic year for most people and now they want a relaxing space. Believe it or not, colours dictate how we feel. Using a soothing colour palette can calm down your nerves. It includes shades of blue, green, white and purple. Moreover, they are said to help in focusing and increasing productivity. The colour blue helps to tackle stress and green can help with anxiety. The colour white helps give clarity and focus.

Living Room Trend 14 - Globally Inspired Look (mix match styles from different countries)

Are you obsessed with wanderlust or can't help yourself book tickets for holidays every month? If yes, then this trend is definitely for you. With the internet available to everyone and the globalisation of cultures, people are liking decor ideas of different countries. Don't be surprised if you see a Mandala in a New York penthouse and a Makuti in an LA villa. The living room is filled with vibrant colours, patterns and elements inspired by different cultures. And one more thing, this trend does not follow any rules. Just go with the flow.

Living Room Trend 15 - Rusty Wall Panel

If you die for a vintage look but don't want to do too much, this is the trend to go for. A rusty wall panel gives a sleek look to your living room. Even if your living room looks basic, these panels can add a style to a plain wall. The wooden accent wall gives a warm look to the room. It is somewhat similar to industrial decor but limited to walls.

Living Room Trend 16 - Urban City theme

This theme blends the elements of modern, contemporary and industrial designs to create an inner-city look. It is more subtle than the industrial theme. If you find industrial look very overpowering, this theme is the perfect replacement.

Living Room Trend 17 - Home Workspace

When we are working/studying at home it becomes essential to find a balance. Setting boundaries for the workplace and fun at home is an up and coming trend as people like to be productive as well as spend time with their families. Shop Home Office Furniture

Living Room Trend 18 - Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a key trend for 2022 and it doesn't look like people are over them anytime soon. Doesn't matter what your taste is, they are available in varieties from patterns to floral. Don't be afraid to experiment with them. You can use different styles like florals and ikats together. There are no rules. But you should choose wallpaper according to the size of your living room. A dark coloured wallpaper can be used for a big room. It will make the living room more intimate and cosy. Small patterns don't look good with small spaces and might make them look even smaller.

Living Room Trend 19 - Wooden Furniture

Metal furniture is outdated and replaced by wooden ones. A wooden bamboo sofa in your living room gives a grounding feeling and adds to the cosiness. The idea is to blend the inside and outside. Bamboo furniture is making a comeback this year. Sustainable choices are everyone's priority and using such furniture also helps the local businesses.

Living Room Trend 20 - Sustainable decor

Since we are facing a climate crisis, more and more people are choosing a lifestyle that doesn't hurt the environment. The sustainable decor is becoming prominent every year. Designers used reclaimed wood for making furniture and decors. The decors are also made in a way that minimises waste generation and materials are sourced ethically. Decors that are made from recycled materials like glass, metal and fabric are getting popular.

Living Room Trend 21 - Black accent

For those who love the black decor, a black accent is a good choice. They help add balance to other dark decor in the living room. It has a dirt concealing feature since it doesn’t show fingerprints. If you have a low ceiling height, it's perfect as it gives the illusion of a taller ceiling height.

Living Room Trend 22 - Art Deco Patterns

Patterns like checks, polka dots and patchwork are very popular. It is a great idea to incorporate them in your living room. Art deco patterns add a unique twist. They are a top design trend for next year. While softer colours are suitable for bedrooms, reds, greens, blue, pink, bright and deep yellows and purple with a combination of beige go with the living room. You can also use metallic, geometry and symmetry to set a bold statement. Metallic like gold, silver, chrome and steel can give a luxurious look. Geometry is coming back from the 1920s with shapes like chevrons, trapezoids, and zig-zags giving a popping look.

Living Room Trend 23 - Retro Style

The Retro-style derives ideas, trends and art from history. People are loving eye-catching and bold designs for their living room because of its cool and stylish look. To style this decor, we need to incorporate designs from multiple decades mainly the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. It's not liked by everyone as it is considered busy, loud and funky. Broad furniture with bright colours and sparkle is a good idea. Avocado green is considered the most famous retro colour followed by shades of yellow, brown and white. Vinyl and velvet are the most popular textures. Multicoloured light bulbs and chandeliers can also be used.

Living Room Trend 24 - Shades of green

The green palette is popular for quite some time now and it has made its way to 2022. This colour brings elements of nature inside the house and who doesn't love a calming space. Lime green shows playfulness and encourages us to be creative. Olive sets up a positive ambience. Light green promotes feelings of growth and a fresh start. Whatever your situation might be, green will never disappoint you. If you are looking for a change, use this colour in your living room.

Living Room Trend 25 - Recreational spaces

Recreation space in the living room is highly demanded. A transition space and a fresh atmosphere is all we ask for. An indoor created golf course or billiards table makes perfect sense when you're tired or want to entertain guests. It is becoming popular as more people are liking to socialize and party at home. You don't need to think too hard, just add a board game space or a ping pong table to your living room.
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