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Choosing the perfect mattress is vital when a major portion of your life is spent sleeping. With the different types of mattresses and materials in the market today, the process can sometimes prove to be a little daunting. Rely on this mattress buying guide to help navigate and choose the amount of firmness your mattress should have, which will point to your optimal comfort level—soft, medium, or firm. mattress buying guide -1 Just like with furniture rental, there are several things to keep in mind when looking at mattresses. What is your budget? What type of sleeper are you? Will the mattress be all yours or are you inclined to share it with a partner? Support, softness, springs and foam, these terms are bound to come up when talking mattresses. We've covered it all in this mattress buying guide.

When to start mattress shopping?

If any of the below statements answers true, it’s time to start scouting for a new mattress.
  • Your mattress is more than 7 years old.
  • There is evidence that your mattress is sagging in places.
  • You find yourself with aches and pains when you wake up.
  • You feel like you need an upgrade.

What are the types of mattresses available?

Although every mattress is just fabric and filling, paying attention to the materials in the mattress is very important. The mattress market today mostly sees players of the spring, foam, and hybrid kinds.
  1. Spring mattresses: This type of mattress, with individually pocketed springs, absorbs motion disturbances to be an ideal choice for restless sleepers. The springs help create an even, comfortable surface for sleepers to lay on.
  2. Foam mattresses: Different densities and combinations in foam mattresses deliver support levels ranging from uber-soft to very firm. These mattresses work well for different types of sleepers. Memory foam also makes an appearance under this umbrella. A memory foam mattress, like the Java 12” Memory Foam Mattress, softens to gently contour to the sleeper, delivering just the right amount of support to the body.
  3. Hybrid mattresses: Bridging the best of both worlds, hybrid mattresses come with pocketed spring cores and foam cushioning. Mattresses like the Elysse Hybrid Mattress better isolate movement and are quieter than traditional spring mattresses. Layers of comfortable foam encase the springs and provide relief to pressure points in a bid to ease aches and pain.

The Different Types of Sleepers:

Back Sleeper

Comfort: Medium - Medium Firm Recommended Mattress: Foam / Hybrid


Natural back alignment

Pressure point relief

Support to lower back

Side Sleeper

Comfort: Soft - Medium Firm Recommended Mattress: Memory Foam / Hybrid


Ample support to keep body and spine aligned

Pressure point relief

Body conform to relax muscles


Stomach Sleeper

Comfort: Medium - Firm

Recommended Mattress: Memory foam / Hybrid


Neck and back alignment

Body conform and contour


What mattress suits your sleeping position?

  • Side sleepers ought to have a soft to semi-firm mattress as it will need to take the shape of the body while supporting the pressure points at the shoulders and hips.
  • Back sleepers have more choice as any comfortable mattress will do. The main thing to keep in mind is that the mattress should provide proper spine alignment. To be on the safe side, people who sleep on their backs might consider a mattress between medium and very firm comfort levels.
  • Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is not too soft to prevent sagging and not too firm where it won’t contour or push back to support the body. Bad spine alignment, pain, and discomfort can be taken care of with mattresses that have a healthy balance in comfort levels.
  • Restless sleepers would appreciate spring mattresses as they allow for smooth roll-over. The springs absorb vibrations from tossing and turning, helping with undisturbed sleep.

Other things to consider when buying a mattress

★ Your relationship with your partner When it comes to intimacy in bed, mattress comfort adds to the experience. If the mattress is too soft, partners could sink in and make movement difficult. An extra-firm mattress could add to the discomfort of partners. Medium-firm mattresses lead the recommendations when keeping physical activity in mind. ★ Edge support when sitting on the bed For anyone who likes taking a seat on the edge of their bed, ample support in that area is important. While mattresses are generally most weak at the edges, firm mattresses tend to be relatively stronger. Address whatever pains you may have, like chronic back pain and mild back pain, by opting for mattresses that best support the affected areas. If you are a hot sleeper, look for designs with in-built cooling technology or something that comes with natural ventilation. Natural materials, like cotton fabric, make for apt choices for anyone allergic or sensitive to certain materials. We hope you found our mattress buying guide useful. To rent mattresses from CasaOne.
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