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Are you up for a brand-new makeover for your living space with neutral furniture? Warm, cosy neutral tones are the talk of this year! With many of us forced to work in our houses due to the pandemic, creating a space that reflects our mood and atmosphere is necessary.

Are you wondering what a neutral interior design or furniture style really is? Neutral colours act as a canvas that gives you the ability to experiment with accessories and textures or even more vivid colours. Dark and muted neutral colours give you a cosy feel, whereas brighter neutrals give you a clean, open, and breezy feel. Neutral furniture, along with contrasting backgrounds, gives a fresh and calming atmosphere to your living space.

What Are The Different Neutral Colours?

In the world of interior design, neutral tones refer to calm and colourless tones. Most neutral colours like brown, ivory, page, black, taupe, and a few shades of white give a colourless look. Some of these colours even bring about a different tint of colour when they have undertones. For instance, a few shades of beige can have an undertone of gold, pink, grey or tan that give a fresh and trendy neutral look. White can be blueish, yellow, ivory and also peachy for a plush and mature interior look. You can incorporate furniture in neutral colours into your decor or design in different ways – either as a block background with dramatic decor or a neutral and soft only look with clean neutral furniture & decor.

Neutral Furniture Trends That You Don’t Want To Miss!

White And Gold Dresser

white and gold dresser

If you want a smooth and cosy look to your living space, adding a white and gold dresser can uplift the whole decor! This can either be a full white dress-up with golden rims or golden knobs. Incorporating this piece of furniture into a pure white accented home can bring a touch of class.

Brown Leather Chair

brown leather chair

Brown leather chairs add elegance and class to your home. A chair in a chic, warm brown leather design goes well with any decor and brightens up your whole living space.

White Wicker Patio Furniture

white wicker patio furniture

Choosing patio furniture with bright and block colours is long gone in trend since the 90s and 80s. In today’s design world, it's all about neutral and white outdoor furniture. An elegant white wicker patio furniture gives a modern and boho feel. You can also go for brown wicker patio furniture if you are scared of your white furniture getting dusty.

White Sofa

white sofa

The white sofa acts as a blank canvas to enhance the overall atmosphere of your house! The neutral tone gives space for strong colour combinations with block accessories and can easily blend with any style while bringing about a minimalistic look to your living space. You can also go for a white leather sofa for a fun yet elegant approach.

Beige Sofa

beige sofa

Incorporating a beige sofa into your living space can spruce up the aesthetics of your home. The sofas go well with warm-coloured walls that include rich shades of orange, chocolate brown, or gold. If you are looking for a cooler shade, you can go for emerald green, grey, or a navy blue background.

Brown Leather Sofa

brown leather sofa

If you think that brown leather sofas are not in trend anymore, you may be wrong! Brown leather sofas are timeless and trendy, giving you a subtle yet bold interior look. Brown furniture also makes your house feel a lot more welcoming and cosy. You can always spruce up the gorgeous brown colour with grey, cream, and light brown shades to make the furniture pop.

Cream Sofa

cream sofa

A cream sofa with grey, white or dark coloured walls can give a homely look to your living space! You can go for a sofa with a dark-coloured wooden finish for a more modern and elegant appeal.

Grey Leather Sofa

greay leather sofa

If you are going for a modern touch, picking up a grey leather sofa is the best bet. You can easily enhance the look of the grey sofa in your living space by pairing it with one colour like yellow, coral, gold or blush pink. The traditional yet modern design of the versatile grey leather sofa refreshes your home!

How To USE Neutral Furniture IN YOUR LIVING SPACE

If you are planning to go for an all-neutral accent, layering different shades of the same colour can give a sophisticated and classy feel to your living space. This layering colour technique is perfect for houses with wooden accents like trim, flooring, fireplace surroundings, beams and window frames. Stone designs and even brick designs can also make a great addition to create a warm personality in the living space. In order to make sure that your room stays neutral, and works well with the surrounding space, follow these few guidelines:

  • Choose a flooring or carpeting that is a shade darker than the paint colour on your walls.
  • Go for a lighter wall shade with darker coloured upholstery.
  • Include all or some of the shades that you have incorporated when it comes to accessories to tie the whole design of your living space together.
  • Choose a classy area rug in the shade that complements the wooden flooring.
  • The carpet should be a shade darker than the walls as well as the flooring, so your furniture can create a statement.

Things To Consider When Choosing Neutral Furniture

Choosing furniture for living spaces can feel like a simple task; it can be frustrating when it’s time to decide on the final deck! The appearance of your furniture has a great influence on the appearance of your living space, so it is ideal to choose the perfect upholstery that uplifts your interiors. Here are a few features to consider when choosing a piece of neutral furniture:

The Size Of Your Living Space

The very first feature to consider when picking up furniture is the size of your house. The furniture should perfectly fit your living space and also allow enough space for easy movement. If you choose to buy a huge seven-seater sofa for your tiny living room, the space might seem stuffed, and you can have a hard time moving around freely. Opting for a large piece of furniture for your small space can also make your room feel cramped, dull, and uncomfortable, even if the piece of furniture you choose is stunning.

The Colour Of Your Living Space

The furniture you choose should also complement the overall tone of your living space as well as the decor. Choosing a piece of furniture that is not in coordination with the accents all across your living space can make it look less attractive.


Budgeting does not mean that you have to shop for a piece of furniture that is the cheapest, as cheap ones get damaged easily and turn up costing you a lot in the long run with frequent replacements. Make sure to consider the quality of the furniture materials as well as your budget to ensure you pick up a perfect piece of furniture that never compromises your satisfaction.


The features present in your choice of furniture are directly linked to your personal preferences! In case you are searching for furniture to decorate your office space, they should be designed to make your employees convenient and comfortable. When it comes to choosing a piece of furniture for your living space, make sure that it is apt for you and your loved ones. The features include height, size, compatibility, and additional accessibilities.


Not considering the durability and ending up with non-durable furniture can be a huge waste of your money. You should study the different types of furniture to be able to find the difference between non-durable and durable ones. Always consider shopping from furniture brands and companies that are renowned for producing high-quality furniture to ensure that the ones that you buy are sustainable.


Furniture materials can range from wood, plastic, and various fabrics like cotton, polyester etc. You can go for a wooden furniture piece like the ones with mahogany, maple, pine, walnut or oak for stability and low maintenance. If durability is your main goal, go for metal furniture, as they are flame resistant and do not show any sign of deterioration.


And last but most important, always ensure that the furniture you choose does not compromise on comfort. Choosing furniture only based on looks might look attractive but can be unpleasant. Go for contemporary and ergonomically designed furniture that makes your living space welcoming & comfy!


Neutral colours give a modern and minimalistic touch to your living space and go well with any interior design. Neutral shades like grey, black, or white are perfect for homes with a lot of natural light and pair with a multitude of accessories or styles. Pick the right neutral furniture for your living space among these trendy pieces!

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