Small dining room with wooden table and chairs

You have the perfect house, a sprawling garden, a bedroom you just can’t get enough of, and a kitchen that inspires you to cook on the daily basis. The only sore spot in your otherwise perfect house? A dining room that’s smaller than you would like it to be.

And let’s be honest. Given that the dining room is where you get together with your loved ones at the end of a tiring day, or host epic brunches for your friends and family on a weekend, it needs to be inviting, cozy, and well, big.

While you can’t physically stretch a small dining room to make it bigger, there are small dining room visual hacks that can work wonders and make your dining room look bigger than it actually is. Follow these small dining room ideas to decorate your room in the best way possible and transform it into a place you would want to dine at.

1. Bright Colours

Want to make your small dining room stand out? Bright colors and vibrant colors are your friends. Adding a dash of color will not only add some impact to your dining room but also make it more noticeable, something that wouldn’t have happened if you had used plain white walls and monochrome furniture. Try using complementing colored chairs and a bold shade for the walls to lend your small dining room some pizzazz.

2. Foldable Dining Table

No dining room is complete without a table. Even if you have a small dining room, it needs a place where you can sit and enjoy your meals. The type of dining table you pick depends on how many people live in the house with you. For a family of four or more, you need a bigger table but if it’s two people, a smaller, bistro-style table can work as well.

One way to include a bigger table in a small dining room is by using a foldaway dining table. As the name suggests, this table can be folded when not in use, taking less space and leaving more room in your dining area. If a square table doesn’t fit your dining room, you can alternatively opt for a circular one, which leaves more room for walking around.

3. Occupy Less Floor Space

When you don’t have a lot of space in your dining room, you need to utilize every inch that’s available to you. For instance, if you have a narrow dining room, increase space by using a slimline table that’s longer than its wider. Or use lighting fixtures like wall-hung lighting placed on pivots that don’t take up any floor space.

To better utilize the limited space, add a wall-mounted shelf or storage unit to display your utensils and any ornaments. The more floor space you leave empty in a small dining room, the better, more comfortable your meals will be.

4. Choose A Theme

A themed small dining room works wonderfully well to draw attention from the size of the room and give it some personality. Soft furnishings, classic white walls, wooden benches that can be tucked under when not in use, and your favorite artwork on the wall are all part of a classic look for your small dining room.

If your house has a bay window, that’s the perfect spot for a cute dining area with a wonderful view. Essentially, when theming up your small dining room, consider your tastes and preferences and create a space you would want to use.

5. Go Minimalist

When designing a small dining room, remember, minimalism is key. When you have limited space, you need to be extra mindful of the objects and furniture you place in the room. A countertop with bar stools, a dining table that doubles as a coffee or work desk, and minimal and compact color schemes should be on your radar if you’re looking for small dining room ideas.

Also, avoid superfluous artifacts and items if you have a small dining room and keep only what’s necessary. Your abstract modern design aesthetic will give the room plenty of character.

6.Furniture With Hidden Storage

Furniture with hidden storage is exactly what you need for a small dining room. You can use the storage to keep things that are not used regularly like expensive pots, vessels, etc. It saves a lot of space. Use wall built-ins or sofa storage for this.

7. French Door

If your dining area is just beside the backyard or garden of your house, use a french door. A french door can connect the dinning room to the outside area. It's a great idea if you think your dining room looks plain.

8. Built-in Seating and Storage

Looking for some smart small dining room ideas? Furniture with built-in seating and storage are very popular choices for a small space. From old dishes to board games, it can tuck in any unwanted stuff in the living room.

9. A Dining Booth

Dining booths are a good choice if you want your small dining room dining space to look less chaotic. They come in different sizes like half, single, double and three quarter sizes. You can also choose between retro and modern booths. The materials are generally wood, lamanite and upholstery. It is suitable if your dining area is touching the wall and also acts as a barrier between the guests.

10. A Wallpaper Accent

Adding wallpaper in a small dining room is a great way to make it look visually spacious. Pastels or muted colors are best as they make the room look wider. Don’t use dark wallpapers, they can give a compact illusion to your dining room.

11. Large Mirror To Double Up Space

Large mirrors make the small dining room room look bigger and also provide lighting effects. All you need to do is to place it at the right angle. Placing the mirror just near the window is a superb idea as it will reflect the nature outside.

12. Banquette Seating

Banquettes are mostly made from upholstered benches. They are either put together to create booths or built into the walls. Banquette seating in a small dining room can add intimacy to meal times. It can accommodate a lot more people than the conventional dining table chairs. It can also be designed smartly to offer storage space. For instance, it can have drawers to store crockery or have pull up seats with box storage inside.

13. Floating Shelves

Floating corner shelves are a smart solution if you are dealing with a small space. They are good for storage and can also be used for decor. They can be styled in different ways so don’t shy away from using your creativity. The appearance of floating shelves is very minimal and non-bulky, which is well suited for a small dining room.

14. Round Dining Table

Round dining tables are smart space savers. They don’t have corners that waste space. They usually have a smaller footprint than rectangular tables. Round tables can fit more guests as well. They even encourage better conversations since the guests can see each other and talk directly unlike the square or rectangular table.

15. Use transparent furniture

If you have an ample amount of natural light coming to your dining room, use it to your advantage. Natural light is the best way to make a small room look spacious. Bare windows can make your dining room look like you are connected to outside space.

16. A Small Chandelier With An Edison Bulb

Draw everyone's attention to the ceiling to give the effect of a taller room. It distracts the visitors from the small space. The lighting from the bulb can help in altering the proportions of the room.

17. Area Rug For SMALL DiNING ROOm

Using an area rug under your dining table gives minimalist and modernist vibes. It makes your dining room look elegant. It is hard to choose a rug when you have a small room. An ideal rug should extend past the chairs since a small rug can make the chairs unbalanced. They should be a minimum of 24 inches extra on each side.

18. Long curtains

The design of a curtain can make a room look spacious or small. Curtains can make a room look bigger when the rod is placed just below the ceiling and not the window frame. Long, floor-length and sleek curtains can focus the shift of the view upwards.

19. Go for a monochromatic look

Try to coordinate the colours of the dining room. For example, match the colour of furniture and decor or the curtains and walls. The coherence in colours is very helpful for small spaces. They create a sense of unity in the room.

20. Muted colour palette

The outdated advice that small rooms should be painted white has been replaced with different color palettes. The muted color palettes make your furniture stand out instead of focusing on the walls. Although too many muted neutral colors do not help either, using the right colors of the muted color palette can definitely help you out.

21. Pony Wall

A pony wall is a half wall that can be used as an entrance as well as to divide space. You can use a pony wall for joining the dining room with the kitchen or living room. If you have a room around your dining area, use that to the maximum advantage to give the look of a bigger space.

22. Patterned Wall

Using vertical and thin stripes on the wall will make your small dining room room look taller and horizontal stripes will make it look wider. You can choose different patterns on the wall depending on what kind of look you want to give to your room. On the other hand, bright colors make the room appear bigger. Using colors like white and cream can help it look bigger.

23. Narrow Furniture

Narrow furniture is a great space saver. It is a clever solution when you have a lot going on in your small dining room. It also gives a room for people to move around freely. It is not bulky and gives an elegant look.

24. Airy Caned Chairs

Not every dining room can have bulky and cozy furniture. Getting a smaller version of it means negotiating with comfort. You can use an airy chair with small legs. Not only is this pretty compact but it can fit into any corner of the room.

25. Hang Frames At The Right Height

Large frames are suitable for decorating small spaces. They get the attention of the viewers and even make the room look spacious. Height of the frames matter as well. Hanging frames at a good height creates an illusion of a taller ceiling. It distracts everyone from the fact that the dining room is not spacious.

26. Install Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Cabinets take a lot of space. Using shelves instead of a cabinet can give your small dining room an airy and open look. If you love decorating your kitchen, shelves can be useful. Shelves are also cheaper than cabinets and can fit into any space.

27. Use Benches Instead Of Chairs

Don't have enough space but want to seat more people in your small dining room? Using benches instead of chairs saves up a lot of space. People can sit closely and more people can be accommodated. It gives your interior design a modern look. They can fit underneath the table.

28. Using a kitchen island

In case your dining room is connected to the kitchen, add a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet that can be used for dining if you have space for some chairs.It depends on your personal preference and how big your kitchen is.

29. Connect With Your Kitchen

A kitchen dining room connects directly to your kitchen. It is a great idea as you can make your dining room look bigger and stylish. You can have more space for feasts and parties.

30. Match Curtains To Wall Colour

If you use curtains in your small dining room then don’t use a heavy fabric and a vibrant colour. Instead, use a fabric that is soft and light. Try to get curtains that are the same colour as the walls. This monochromatic design helps give the room an elongated look.

31. Built-in Nooks

Very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, nooks are making a comeback. It contributes to a better functioning dining area. It adds to the surface area and adds supplementary space. They are very customisable and you can always give them a personal touch. They can be a good hangout place free from distractions.

32. Choose furniture contrasting with the floor colour

Same colour of flooring and dining furniture can make your dining room very bulky. It also prevents creating an illusion and your room looks the same size.

33. Pendant Light

If your table and chairs are located in the centre of the room, installing a pendant light can be a great idea. This design looks quite sensational and gives a compact look.

34. Checkered flooring

Checkered flooring created a visual illusion. The pattern draws the eyes of visitors to the corners of the room. It makes the dining room look very spacious.

35. Make best use of natural lighting

If you have an ample amount of natural light coming to your dining room, use it to your advantage. Natural light is the best way to make a small room look spacious. Bare windows can make your dining room look like you are connected to outside space.

36. Keep the furniture low to the ground

Low levelled furniture creates more vertical space and the ceiling looks very high. So stay away from tall legged chairs and tables. Tall ceiling consoles the size of the room.

37. Use an elevating platform

While an elevating platform is a terrible idea for a big room, it does wonders for a small one. You can use your dining furniture on the platform.