spring revamp

Spring is the perfect season to incorporate those changes you’ve long been waiting for into your home. Redecorating is always fun but putting some thought into it can really streamline the process and improve the experience. We suggest going through a thorough spring cleaning routine and getting rid of all your clutter to start with. Your home will already look brand new with this smart sprucing-up exercise. Here, we have the lowdown of the season’s best spring decor ideas to get you started on this special upgrade.

Start with Your Outdoors

spring revamp

We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to spend the season enjoying the great weather and noticing the buds blooming. We would however blame you for choosing to indulge in your favorite springtime activities on a defunct patio. Bring your outdoor space alive with a comfy outdoor sofa. After a long time apart from friends and family, it's only natural that you want to enjoy the wonders of the season with your loved ones.

We suggest entertaining your guests in the great outdoors by adding a coffee table, ambient lighting, and even some outdoor stools and benches for extra seating. Think about what additions you can make to this space so that it works for you throughout the year; a patio umbrella, warm cushions, or even a fire pit helps to really round out the space and extend the outdoor living season. Looking to make the space your very own? Try adding a tiled pathway or even a water feature.

For the Love of All Things Natural

spring revamp

This year has seen an increased interest in all things natural and home decor is no different. If you are looking to incorporate biophilic design elements into your home, a good idea would be to start small by placing carefully curated terrariums on your side table or revamping a bare corner with a well-thought-out display of elegant planters.

An undeniable requirement of embracing natural things is optimizing light in your home. So don’t block any windows and let natural light wash all over the space. In case you can’t rely on sunshine within your house, introduce a mirror in a key area. This decor item is as simple as it comes but is almost magical in its ability to enhance the light. Ready to take it up a notch? Choose furniture crafted out of natural wood and something that lets the grain really shine. If you’re not ready to go that far, you can always try adding smaller elements like rugs. For these, you may use materials such as sisal, wool, and jute in tones of honey, cream, and wheat.

Think Unusual

spring revamp

There is no season quite like spring to try something new and what better place to start than your own home? One way to do this is to repurpose the usual suspects lying around in your home in unexpected ways. Use a rattan bar cart as an unusual nightstand or as the perfect display for a floral arrangement. Think of how you can use wall shelves as an interesting spot to place your aquarium with a simple repainting job. Even a simple desk lamp can work as a spotlight to highlight a personal memory or curios you love. Interested in a good DIY project? Old pieces of furniture are waiting to get a new lease of life; if there’s a particular piece you’re attached to, find a way to make it work with your new spring decor.

Find Room For the Green

spring revamp

Spring decor is incomplete without enhancing the green factor in your home and all it takes is a little effort to make these positive changes. We completely understand not having the luxury of a backyard or a wide open terrace, which is why we have tips and tricks to transform even small spaces like balconies or even your window ledge into your slice of Eden.

Start with cordoning off that space and consider what kind of plants you’d like to grow, research how you can best care for them, and most importantly consider if you can handle that commitment. You can start with a simple box garden or even some elegant planters in an unused corner. The fun doesn’t have to stop at planting your greens, you can always enhance the space further with specific gardening curios that will further liven up the area. Think creatively and create a green haven that scrubs out the toxins and purifies the air. This can also serve as a great activity for you and your family to indulge in regularly for a weekly destressing session.

Reinvent the Color Scheme

spring revamp

Color is of course the foundational block on which all good decor rests and this season might we suggest doing a complete revamp. We are especially craving nature-inspired hues to brighten up the proceedings. Think about how bold botanical prints on your wallpaper can serve as a truly interesting motif in your bedroom. Interested in something more understated? Consider sage green, a calming cerulean blue, or even just plain white that will serve as the perfect blank space.

These understated tones are especially great for adding interest without getting too overwhelming. Think how a comfy accent chair in understated pastel green or sunny yellow can be decorated with bold throw pillows and placed in the corner. Love going bold and beautiful? Consider changing the focal point of the room with a loveseat in an ebullient pink or do your bedroom a favor and introduce a bed in an unexpected royal green.

While it might be tempting to simply sit back and soak in the new season, we think it will be wise to rejuvenate your living space so you can truly enjoy the benefits of the season all year round. While it might seem like an overwhelming task, these simple spring decor ideas should serve as the perfect starting point for you to do exactly what you’d like to do.

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