winter decor setting with christmas trees and people

‘I feel it in my fingers

I feel it in my toes

Christmas is all around me

And so the feeling grows’

We totally relate to Billy Mack as he serenades us with this lovely Christmas melody. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Old man winter is howling outside the door and the holiday season is quietly creeping up on us. From the warmth of Thanksgiving to the merriment of Christmas, there isn’t a day that doesn’t send your spirits soaring. The holiday season, more like the cozy season, comes with the promise of love, joy, comfort, and more! Spending those long and cold days of winter cuddled up under the comfort of a snuggly blanket with the people you hold close to your heart, making unforgettable memories together - that feeling is pure magic. But, as the winter breeze slowly makes its way in, it might be a good idea to add a dose of cheer to your home along with a few fun and festive elements. Minimalism should be your go-to method when decorating your home to match the charm of the holiday season. Using natural elements, teeny hints of greenery, a little bit of sunshine, and a touch of snowy pastels can create that much-needed seasonal vibe at home. Don’t blow hot and cold with your holiday celebrations. This season, set your space up for a snug and sweet gathering, by adding homely touches to your decor. Rekindle the warmth of simpler times with nostalgic feelings of a home that you grew up in. Vintage treasures (with a family heirloom or two in the mix), comforting fabrics and textiles, autumnal details, and soft, delicate neutral shades are some beautiful elements that come together to form the big picture. So, here are 8 unconventional ideas to get over those winter blues…

Winter Decor Ideas for a Holiday Home

winter tree branch and candles as decor in a home

A vintage touch

Whether it’s the holidays or any other family get-together, the kitchen is always the center of all the action (after all, that’s where the food’s at). So, it becomes really important for you to keep your kitchen organized. I mean, the last thing you want is your guests losing their appetite after stepping into a crowded and cluttered kitchen. Keep your decor very minimal and stick to the basics. Use pretty accessories like ceramic pots, vintage wooden boxes, dried flower vases, and small plants for a fresh and cheery feel. Hunt for vintage items hidden in nooks and crannies, to display as a centerpiece on your kitchen counter or for stunning wall decor. Antique pieces invariably tell a story and always leave a lasting impression.

glittery cans and pots on a table as winter decor

All that sparkles

This time, when you’re getting ready for the winter holidays, think accents! Here’s a little something for you to try. Close your eyes and picture the beautiful wall shelf in the corner of your living room (yes, the one that’s just hanging there all by itself). Now, imagine adding a little dash of shimmer to it with golden and copper planters in different sizes, arranged on the shelf (everyone would like a shelf-ie there). Where we are going with this? Now comes the tricky bit. Add a bit of character to the imaginary setting with pine cones and leaf garlands or even a simple watering pot to complement the planters. All that’s left for you to do is make this beautiful setting a reality.

christmas wreath as outdoor winter decor for the home

A twist in tradition

All I want for Christmas is… a wreath! Not only for the sake of tradition but also imagine the contrast a single wreath can add to your decor. When it’s winter and the holiday season has officially begun, it might seem a little hard to find the right wreath that complements all the celebrations (we know, the struggle is real). A simple wreath of fresh greenery with a few white flowers make for a versatile piece that you can showcase above a fireplace all winter long. For a fun twist on a Christmas wreath, add cedar, pinecones, dried orange slices, berries, and princess pine to imbibe a festive energy into your winter home. candles lit in the dark provide winter heat and decoration

Let there be more light

Want that extra oomph in a space? Get your hands on some candles, novelty lights, string lights, or to put it simply - lots and lots of lights. We will let you in on a little secret, there can never be ‘too many’ lights (but we guess you know that already). So, what does one do with all these lights? You can bundle up the string lights in mason jars, to avoid a ‘lit mess’ inside your home. Hang these jars out over the porch and voila! You have the perfect sparkly chandelier for the season. Also, your decor is never complete without some dreamy candles lighting up the corners of your home. Arrange the candles in a cluster of amber glasses for a bright and festive glow. You can also try grouping candlestick holders of varying heights together on a chest (hutch) or the table in your entryway. greenery decorating the wooden dining table in winter

Paint it green

Think cedar, boxwood, eucalyptus, ivy, yew, fir, and holly. While getting your home ready for the season, find locally sourced fresh garlands (trust us, the extra effort will pay off) that take your decor game to the next level, órganically’. Find pinecones of varying sizes and shapes that you can scatter in and around the room for a refreshing atmosphere. Pine leaves look beautiful in clear glass vases that can be placed near a window for that soothing feeling nature brings, as the gentle rays of the sun gush in. stag print cozy cushion and warm lights as decorations in winter

A cozy touch

Who wouldn’t love their host going the extra mile to do little things in order to extend the perfect welcome? New soaps in the bathroom, freshly laundered towels waiting on the bed or a few warm blankets for the taking, can all add extra warmth to your celebrations. Put a few throw pillows in different spots around the house that feature bright colors of the season. You can even consider simple, plush throws in fall-friendly shades that resonate with your holiday spirit. flowers in vases and food on winter inspired table runner decoration

Oh, how the tables have turned

Remember the days when gatherings were about showcasing pretty crockery and stunning family heirlooms on the table? Well, forget that we brought it up, for that is long past. This year, spice up your decor game using faux and farm-fresh pumpkins to enhance the dining table with a touch of distinctive charm. You can also add a winter feel to your decor with white flowers, bottlebrush trees, and string lights. Brass candlesticks, table runners made of fresh leaves, earthy terracotta dishware, and dried flower vases can all work together to create a festive ambiance. Think out of the box when it comes to setting up an inviting table for a memorable meal with family and friends. autumn leaf and tag tied to winter themed dinner napkin

Keep it simple but personal

Switch up a few of your personal belongings with photos and items that will bring back the fondest memories you share with the people in the room. Instead of using place cards, write a handwritten note with their names or words that are connected to the celebrations. Replace daily photos, artwork, and prints around the house with signs that speak about the season. This helps to accentuate the festive tone of your seasonal decorations. It sure is the season to be merry and spend time with family. Try out these quick and simple ideas to get your home festive ready without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for stunning home furniture for rent for the season, we have some amazing deals waiting for you. With the wide selection of stylish and comfortable furniture on CasaOne, ensure that your guests experience an unforgettable stay.


happy dog wearing reindeer horns

Happy holidays, y’all!

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