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You'd assume that figuring out how to arrange a bedroom would be simple. You choose the most appropriate corner for the bed, surround it with a pair of nightstands, perhaps add a dresser or a small couch, and you're set. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and bedroom design and layout must be tailored to the unique area.

If your room feels claustrophobic and not cozy, if you're obstructing a fantastic view with bulky decor, or if you can't seem to get your bedroom layout to feel cohesive no matter how hard you try, we have a slew of simple bedroom design solutions to ensure your space feels put together and styled.

Take this as your reference for remodeling your bedroom to make it more functional for your needs.

Neutral schemes can be warmed up, but how?

The easiest approach to make your bedroom cozier and more comfortable is to add a variety of textures and layers while staying within one neutral color family. Even while they may not seem like much, adding a silk lampshade to your nightstand or a silk quilted coverlet draped over the bed will instantly transform your bedroom into something cozy and inviting. Remember that layering textures aren’t only about picking different kinds of fabric; you can also find texture in wood, metal, glass, and more.

It's challenging to fit a bedside table in a small bedroom. Is there a way out?

The solution is out there in the wind, or perhaps, dangling in midair. Floating shelves take up less room and free up more of the floor. While a full-sized bedside cabinet would have made this space look cluttered and heavy, floating shelves in their basic form create an airy, light effect that is ideal for a small bedroom design.

floating shelves

Utilize the wall behind your bed and add task lighting for evening reading to make the most of the space on your bedside cabinet.

How can I make the bedroom's confined space appear larger?

Most people use their common knowledge, such as utilizing a mirror to reflect light, choosing muted colors, and installing built-in bookcases. However, many of us ignore the power of curtains to transform a room. The secret is to place them at a considerable height. Floor-length panel curtains should be hung close to the ceiling rather than at the window frame for a room to appear larger. With no evident rods or frames, you can produce a waterfall effect with the curtains, and therefore, an illusion of height is created along their length.

The bed is drab. How can a bed be quickly and easily made over?

reversible duvet

Throws are a terrific way to style up a bed. However, do not carefully fold them at the foot of the bed; instead, toss them to a corner of the bed in a carefree manner. Choose materials that are a bit more expensive, such as velvet, silk, or fur. In bedding, reversible duvet covers allow you to get the best of both worlds: a two-in-one design option and a heavy dose of color or print. Throw pillows and cushions in various textures, shapes, and colors can offer a casual sophistication to the bedding.

More storage space is required. What's the best place to put it?

Solution: Irrespective of how big or small your bedroom is, you're not alone in this struggle. "Under-bed storage" and "multi-tasking furniture" are great options, but you may have overlooked the space above your bed. The sheer number of racks and small cabinets you can place on the wall behind and around your bed will amaze you. And once it's done, storage space becomes abundant for books, night supplies, and family heirlooms.

You'd want a black bedroom design, but you're scared it will appear like a prison if you paint it all black. What's the secret to pulling it off?

under bed storage

Solution: To lighten up an all-black look, try experimenting with different textures and patterns. Black can be powerful when coupled with a splash of color. A gold table lamp or glittering handles on the dresser might give the room a dash of grandeur. The dark colors in a bedroom design can be emphasized with a splash of mustard yellow as an accent color.

What should first-time homebuyers under the age of 35 keep in mind?

Cut back on custom carpentry if you're building your first home. After a few years in their first house, many people decide to move on. Here are some suggestions for the bedroom of your first home, with this in mind. For your first house, designers recommend a modest amount of customized work— this aids in keeping the costs down.

With a strong accent wall and complementary furnishings, you can personalize your area. Invest in additional shelves if storage is a priority. Add a shelving unit for a more contemporary feel.

How to fix the Feng Shui problem?

The "commanding position" is a fundamental idea in feng shui. Your bed is not in a commanding position if you cannot see who might be entering your room while lying in bed. You may not even be able to defend yourself when you're asleep because you're more vulnerable in this state. Even if it's just on a subconscious level, being unable to look at the door from your bed can cause you to feel as if you're in danger.

The best course of action is to reposition your bed. Beds in commanding positions are usually placed diagonally from the entryway. Alternatively, you can use a mirror to look at the reflection of the door rather than the actual door itself if you are unable to shift your bed. However, it's always preferable to move the bed if you can.

What to do about excessive or insufficient lighting?

In your bedroom, are there any windows? Natural and artificial lighting plays an important role in helping you get the rest you need, so consider both when designing your area.

white drapes

Ensure you have white drapes that allow just enough light into your room if you love bright spaces. On the other hand, thick drapes and blackout curtains are a must-have if you prefer your rooms gloomy. Nothing beats a floor lamp or a table lamp when it comes to reading lamps. Warm white light and cool white light can achieve different moods.

How to maximize the amount of area that can be used?

Small areas that aren't used to their full potential are too prevalent. When it comes to decorating, many people are afraid to bring in additional pieces and take risks because they fear that doing so will make the room feel cluttered.

Arrange your living space such that it reflects your style. Plan out your daily routine in your bedroom to purchase the right essentials. A second chair may be the perfect solution for those who enjoy reading. If getting ready for the day is something you enjoy doing, a vanity area can be good for your home.

vanity area

Why should you be putting money into the fundamentals?

A good night's sleep is essential if you want to be alert and productive during the day. Invest in high-quality bed linens and pillows.

If you know when to buy new pillows, you'll save money in the long run. On the one hand, balance it to check if it needs to be replaced. If it retains its form, it can still be used. So, make sure you check this before buying a new one. Don't be afraid to ask the store clerks for help finding the right product. Down pillows are softer and more comfortable, whereas synthetic pillows are ideal for those who are allergic to feathers or other natural materials.


If you find yourself tossing and turning every night, there may be unfavorable environmental variables that you've become so accustomed to ignoring that you no longer notice them. It is time that you notice what is wrong in your bedroom design, and try to come up with a fix for it. Whether it's a duvet insert that always seems to end up at the foot of the bed or a bothersome streetlight beaming right outside your bedroom window, there are many simple design solutions for all the problems you might face.

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