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Like any other investment, home decor is equally taxing and requires much consideration before finalizing one. But as much as it takes effort, every décor piece tells a story about your style statement. You would want to come back to a space that comforts you at the end of the day. You must pick and choose from the decor that suits your home and mood and something that justifies your style statement; it must be durable too. One such important piece of home decor investment is a sofa. For example, a statement white leather sofa can entirely change the look and feel of your living area. A sofa we spend most of our time on needs to be fun, durable, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. What better than a leather sofa to meet all your needs?

leather sofa

Why Pick a Leather Sofa?

The market has limitless sofa options. Whether you want a black, blue, tufted, or cognac leather sofa, the quality, designs, trends, and upholstery you wish for are readily available. Hence, you should always check the requirements and purpose of the furniture before bringing it home. As the statement piece of the living room, a sofa deserves more than just an aesthetic check. It needs to be comfortable and timeless, a luxurious piece of furniture that solves the purpose for the longer term. And nothing beats leather furniture in these categories.

leather sofa

Here are a few quick checks to keep in mind when availing of your dream sofa for the living room:

  • It must be easy to maintain and simple to clean. Leather sofas are also available in many options. Go for the high-quality leather because it directly impacts the overall aesthetic of the furniture piece.
  • Your selection should consider many factors, such as the style you prefer and the grains and textures of the sofa; It depends on whether you want a white or brown leather sofa, a leather chesterfield, or a complete leather look in the living room. Once you have clarity on these options, it will be easy to look for the kind that will instantly elevate the space and your mood.
  • Additionally, leather is timeless. Unlike fabric upholstery, you don't need to maintain it every year as it will not deteriorate with time. A comfortable and vibrant texture is guaranteed to be long-lasting material while making a place look more aesthetically pleasing.
leather sofas

Terms You Need to Know Before Investing in a Leather Sofa

If you are looking to buy a sofa to renovate your living area, you must be aware of the following terms:

  • Graining: This is a term used for the marking and patterns on a hide's surface. Full-grain leather is known for its stiffness, firmness, durability, and moisture resistance. This is how you describe the best quality of leather.
  • Bonded: Made of individual pieces, bonded leather, as the name suggests, bonds to provide a seamless piece. It is durable and comes with a sleek finish. If you like to have get-togethers and host people more often, it is a perfect fit for you, and the leather works well for a high-traffic area.
  • Aniline: Aniline is a dying/coloring process where the leather is colored with transparent dyes. It is soft once fully dyed and feels natural on the touch as it is not treated with any protective coating. With semi-aniline dying, a thin protective topcoat is added for uniformity in color and resistance against any possible wear and staining.
  • Patina: Patina is one of the favorites among leather lovers. It adds richness, depth, and smoothness to your leather seating.
  • Natural Markings: As a natural material, its diversification is real. Every hide is different, and color and marking vary accordingly. When trying the leather swatch for color reference, pull and stretch it to get an idea of how the leather will look upholstered on a furniture frame.

How to Choose the Best Leather Sofa for Your Home

Choosing the best leather sofa is just about finding that perfect blend of aesthetics you want and the quality you need. Also, this will rely on your budget, your intentions for the usage of the sofa, and your style statement. But first, let’s discuss the factors that will define your choice of a leather sofa.

black leather sofa

  • The affordability and price range in the market should determine your choices before anything else. Don’t only fall for the beauty of a shining black leather sofa or an embellished cognac leather sofa. Mark a budget, and set a limit to an extent you can extend it. With so many options, every furniture piece which catches your attention might distract you. Ask the brands to show you to find a piece of furniture that fits within the limit.

Talking about the money factor, when you buy high-quality leather furniture, about 60% of the cost, or maybe more than that, is entirely for the leather itself. The extra cost includes the labor, finesse, construction of the frame, and the overall build quality of the sofa. That is why it is extremely crucial to make up your mind and discuss the requirements you have from the furniture before stepping out and making poor choices.

leather couch
  • Think about the space where you would like to place the sofa. Mark its size and look for the sofa that fits the space without going overboard at the same time. If you already own a set of sofas and want to refresh the space by adding a tinge of leather, you can go and shop for a recliner or a leather chesterfield sofa armchair. It will elevate the space while reducing your efforts.
  • The other factor that should focus on is durability and how long you want your sofa or chair to last. Think about the footfall your house witnesses every month - if you own pets or have kids, how often are the chances that they will involve in a playful act with your sofa? Think of any other possibility with your much-awaited leather sofa. Once sorted, you will have longevity as your priority. Keep in mind the frame of the sofa frames and check the quality of the wood to learn better about its durability.
  • The next thing you would expect from your leather chesterfield sofa or any similar piece is the comfort it will provide for the hours you would spend working or watching television. You must take care of the suspension and the cushions for the same.
black leather sofa
  • The living room sofa will always grab some eyeballs, so you need not worry about being aesthetically pleasing. That is why it should come last on your priority list. Decide if a brown leather sofa would do justice to your space or if you should bring a tufted leather sofa home. Emphasize colors, style, and leather type if you want the aesthetics to roll over your space. Alternatively, you can opt for a dark-colored sofa like a black or blue leather sofa.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Sofa?

Conditioning your leather sofa will keep it soft and supple for the years to come. But many people are unaware that extended exposure to sunlight and other heat sources can cause dryness and crack. Your new sofa needs a little bit of maintenance, and with this in mind, we've put together a few steps for you to clean and maintain your leather furniture upholstery.

  • Brush off the dust and dirt settling on the surface with a soft cloth. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean the nooks and crannies of the sofa.
  • Tap water's chlorine can deteriorate the leather's finish. So, use distilled water and a damp cloth to wipe off the upholstery.
  • Avoid wipes and sprays. Get your hands on a specialized cleaning product to cleanse your sofa once every month.
  • Place your sofa away from the direct sunlight or heating places for its longevity.
  • Let the sofa dry naturally. Don't use it until it is properly clean, for the material to stay shaped around its contours without creases.


If you have owned leather furniture, you know that the bottom of the cushion isn't encased in leather. Tightly woven mesh material on the part of the bottom of the casing lets the cushion breathe. Like wine, leather also gets better with age, so picking the one that will remain timeless for the years to come is necessary.

Don't shop in a hurry - explore all options worth your money. It would take you a bit of research to land on your dream sofa, but once it arrives in your house, it will stay with you for many years, thanks to the durability the material is blessed with.

Picking the right leather furniture is a balancing act. At La Casa Ventures, we focus on the highest quality brands that emphasize quality and come at a better price. Explore the best leather sofas with us. Shop Now!

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