bold sofa

The most vital piece of furniture, and the focal point of your living room, is undoubtedly the sofa! More than comfort and style, it’s the color of your sofa that sets the mood for your space. There are many different bold sofa designs in solid prints or a mix of colors that can spice up your living room just like that!

Black sofa

Black shouts power and elegance. Choosing a black sofa to complement your living room's classic and strong decor is a perfect addition to uplift the entire look. When selecting a black sofa, it is ideal to ensure the space has a bit of light with bright patterns and aesthetic decor. The plus side of choosing a black sofa is its distinctive nature of working with any bright color palette as a contrast color, be it for the pillows or the rugs.

black sofa

Orange sofa

Orange has always been a controversial topic when it comes to furniture color. Some people tend to hate the bright color, whereas some adore it. If you love a bright orange or terracotta color, you are someone who is energetic, warm, and easy-going. An orange sofa can instantly brighten your whole room, so it is ideal for keeping the rest of the décor in a neutral tone.

Blue sofa

In recent years, blue has become a very trendy color for home decor. A gorgeous piece of blue sectional sofa gives a classy look to your living space. If you adore a blue sofa, it means that you are more of a classic person, a traditionalist, and love to be calm. Blue also enhances the sense of harmony in your living space and gives a sense of comfort. If you want a luxurious look, go for a blue velvet sofa to amp the classiness. Ensure that you do not stuff your living space with a lot of blue upholstery, as it can look cold. Instead, add a few textures and patterns with the remaining decor.

blue sofa

Green sofa

A green sofa is for someone who appreciates nature and loves being in the presence of nature. Choosing green upholstery creates a soothing experience and promotes harmony in your living space. To make the most of your green sofa, make sure to decorate your living room with natural decor, like woody tones or indoor plants, for an earthy look. You can go for a dark green velvet sofa with warm lighting for a rich and energetic look.

Cognac sofa

Nothing screams spice than a beautiful cognac leather sofa if you are all about the fall! This beautiful and warm color looks perfect with fresh and bright colors like icy blue, warm yellow, and vintage green decor. If you are in love with this rich color, it means you have a sense of maturity and refinement. The rich color resembles luxury and adds prestige to your living space.

cognac sofa

Yellow sofa

Give your living space a burst of color, with the color of sunshine – a yellow sofa! If your living room does not have access to a lot of sunlight, a yellow sofa instantly brightens up any dark space and sparkles on its own. The yellow color represents individuality, love, and logical thinking. Adding sparks of yellow to your living space also encourages communication with your loved ones.

yellow sofa

Pastel colored sofa

2022 is all about pastel colors! It is a common misconception that pastel colors are always feminine. A combination of rusty orange, minty green, or a light blue sofa can lighten the palette and add a spark of sophistication. You can also incorporate pink decor with dainty orange tones for a royal and dramatic look. Pastel colors create a sense of neutrality, relaxation, and peace in your living space.

pastel sofa

Leather Toned Sofa

Nothing says classy like a stunning old-school brown leather sofa. The bold, warm color looks excellent with pale colors and neutral-colored decor. You can pair the leather sofa with traditional and wooden pieces of furniture or go for a black leather sofa with standing cream and golden furniture. Brown color sofas also look trendy with antique as well as vintage rugs or pillowcase patterns for a dreary look. You can also mix a brown sofa with a blue leather sofa for a modern and aesthetic look.

leather sofa

White Sofa

If bright colors aren’t your cup of tea, the perfect color that blends in with any décor is the trusty white! It gives a fancy, classy, and delicate look to your living space and appears stunning in warm lighting. If a white sofa catches your eye, you are someone who adores cleanliness and a decluttered atmosphere!

What to keep in mind while picking sofa upholstery?

There are endless options when choosing sofa upholstery, which can make picking out the right one a tough task. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you make the best choice to enhance the look of your home and living space.

Choose the color of your sofa based on your lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays a major part in selecting the color of your sofa. If you are a nuclear family or live alone, a light-colored sofa is the best option for your living room. But if you have pets or a large family with kids, investing in a pale-colored or white sofa can be bad. Having kids deprives you of having a tidy lifestyle, so ensure that the pattern or the color of your sofa does not highlight any stains or tears in case it happens.

Make sure the sofa is made with durable fabric

While picking sofa upholstery, durability plays an essential part. You might have an amazing show-stopping design, but if it does not last long, there is no use buying it. Choosing a material like cotton may seem good, but unlike polyester, it is a bit weak and can wear out quickly. Choose a sturdy and durable material for the bold sofa itself, and choose light materials like cotton for the cushions or pillows.

Choose a color that complements the location

When investing in quality and colorful sofas, it is ideal to ensure they stay durable. For instance, if you’re choosing a dark and deep blue sofa, placing it in direct sunlight can cause the color to fade quickly. If you want a dark color, even with exposure to the sun, go for a sofa option with patterns or textures to mask the fading. If your living room is on the darker side, choose a sofa that does not disappear into the dark background but brightens the room with a contrasting color.

Match the color pattern and scheme to your decor

Make sure that the color of your sofa matches the decor of your living room as well. You can go for modern colors on classy-vintage pieces of furniture to get an edgy look. Instead of picking a color or style that is currently trending, choose one that will stay timeless. Also, each pattern helps enhance its overall look when choosing furniture with patterns. It is essential to notice if it coordinates with the size of the room, as certain geometric patterns can make your room look smaller or bigger. Tiny geometric patterns can make a big difference for smaller rooms, whereas large and bold patterns look best for bigger rooms.

Have fun with textures

Along with choosing the right pattern and color, going about with the right texture is also very important for choosing the right sofa upholstery. You can go with different textures like matte, velvet, or nubby fabric for a quirky and trendy look, or just one texture for all the furniture. Remember that a mix of textures ensures that your living space stands out impeccably.

Invest in contrast pillowcases

Although the focus is on sofa upholstery, a complete sofa look cannot be achieved without pillows. Pillowcases are flexible and versatile, allowing you to experiment with various splashes of colors and patterns to amp up the sofa's look. The material of your pillowcases does not have to be the same as the sofa, but it can be in coordination with the décor and contrasting colors.

Nothing says comfort and style like a plush sofa upholstered with high-quality fabric and an aesthetic color that complements your living space. A bold sofa in your living room is prominent furniture that reflects your lifestyle and personality. Choosing the right color is essential. Whether you go for a velvety soft look for your luxurious decor, a vibrant bold-colored sofa for that trendy look, or a leather sofa for sophistication, make sure it complements the overall decor of your living space.

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