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Less is more. This is the rule and belief on which minimalist interior styling works. One can see the popularity and widespread use of this interior style worldwide. Pick up any flamboyant design magazine, and you are sure to come across tons of interior pages that show impressive space set-ups on the lines of minimalism.

The Minimalist look

Minimalist design lovers focus on creating an open and clutter-free space by sticking to the primary and essential items incorporated in the design. The focus remains on investing in quality products and limiting the number of add-ons to a bare minimum. This definitely does not mean that interiors done using this theme and style are dull and boring. It simply means that the design selection in terms of the ceilings, furniture selection, door styles, and other such elements make use of clean lines and a monochromatic palette. While neutral and earthy tones like beige, white, and grey are a safe bet for designing minimalist living rooms, placing a pastel sofa can be yet another interesting take on this design style.

The safest colour palettes for minimalist interiors

Sofas are furniture pieces that add both functionality and style to a space. Living rooms, lounges, drawing areas, and even bedrooms make use of sofas to add comfortable and trendy seating. Most people tend to stick to the standard colour palette of black, white, and a dash of grey or work in tones of brown to create minimalistic interiors. All these light and earthy colours help make the space look more open and airy. Using pastel velvet sofa sets in monochromatic tones is the safest way of designing a living area using this theme.

Solid grey sofas and beige sofa chairs are seen quite frequently in any design set on a minimalistic theme. The velvet upholstery for the sofas adds a little shine and texture to the sofas. These beautiful details added through this fabric certainly help enhance the visual appeal of the interiors. You get to create the most timeless and classy interior set-up using these soothing colours for both residential and commercial spaces.

minimalist interiors

Neutral colours and monochromatic palettes are a more traditional take on minimalism design ideas. But modern-day designs have carved a way to create new and refreshing colour combinations for this interior style too. The principles of design remain constant in terms of the use of simple, clean lines and keeping a clutter-free space. What stands out in such designs is the extensive use of layering and textures by incorporating different materials. Let’s explore some of these new modern-age minimalist interior design ideas now.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean colour restrictions

Unlike most people would think, being a minimalist does not mean that you need to stick to just earthy tones and neutral colours to design your place. Instead, experimenting with colours to create interesting spaces is one of the best ways of doing up any space for this interior style. Blue is an excellent colour for bedrooms as it adds a relaxed and calm feel to the room. So, while doing up the big bedroom, adding a lovely pastel blue sofa can add more charm to the interior. Blue goes effortlessly with greys, whites, and creams, which are all common choices for minimalist lovers. So, add a little colour in the most sophisticated and delicate manner with blue chairs and sofas for the bedroom.

minimalist interiors

Another trick that works brilliantly while setting up a minimalist design with a stronger colour, like blue, is that you stick to creating all elements in different tones and hues of the same colour, and try not to create a visually startling contrast. So, if you have a bedroom with a tint of blue on the wall colour and a bed and pastel blue sofa that complements the colour scheme, it helps you set up the place in a very modern yet minimalistic manner.

Subtle glam for living room interiors

Make your living room stand out and add that wow factor to the space by creating a subdued colour contrast in the space with furniture and furnishings. A living area done on the lines of minimalism does not have too many decor accessories around the space. This can sometimes make the space look a little boring and dull. Having a couch in sage green or a pastel green sofa set can be an interesting way of doing up the living space without making it look too loud. Avoid the highly bright and vibrant tones like emerald green on sofas. They may disrupt and not sit well with the overall serene vibe that you want to create for the area.

On the other hand, soft pastels help retain the softness. They can easily be made a part of the neutral tones that designers often work with to design spaces using this interior style. As green colour is inspired by nature itself, the furniture pieces like sofas done in hues of green help create a harmonious and peaceful aura around the place. This one colour works well to put together an energetic yet subdued interior composition that speaks of elegance and style.

For the love of pink

Reds and pinks are your favourite colours, but you are a true minimalist at heart. Not to worry! Design smartly and work around the colours in a manner that helps create a new contrast to lighten the mood. Try teaming a pastel pink sofa in contrast to your house’s grey or ivory walls and see how this beauty will shine out in the most sophisticated manner among the muted colours in your interiors. A salmon pink or a peachy pink are two tones that let you enjoy the red and pink family without making them look glaring and too dominant in your interior space.

minimalist pink sofa

All-white decor and interiors can also have hints of pink and red in the right amount. This combination helps create an out-of-the-box look that looks edgy and dainty. Choose a pastel pink sofa in linen fabric or a set of blush pink accent chairs for the bedroom. When teamed with hues of grey, creams or whites, both create a calming yet highly appealing setting to the eyes. The ambience set by such a colour play is greatly inviting and fun for both living and bedroom areas.

Don’t miss the glamour of grey and yellow

Grey and yellow were the colours of the year for 2021. It was amazing to see how these colours can be used together to create unique styling and impactful interiors. Don’t miss out on using this spectacular combination around your house. Even if you think that a pastel yellow sofa is a little much for your taste and liking, you can opt for a solid grey sofa with clean lines and a simple design and add a pop of colour by throwing some yellow patterned cushions on it. As the interiors that are done using a minimalist theme sparsely use ornamentation and extensive decorations around the space to ensure that the area remains clutter-free, adding printed or patterned cushions in yellow to your grey sofa is a great way to break the monotony of the monochromatic colours with just the right amount of colour pop.

Another place where you can easily incorporate the colour yellow is the kid’s room. You may add pastel yellow sofa chairs or go for pouffes and stools in yellow. These add vibrancy and colour to the kid’s area. Also, play with muted tones in walls and curtains through the seating added in the room. Even rugs could look stunning to create a well-balanced pretty kid’s room.

minimalist yellow sofa

So the mantra for creating pleasing spaces with minimalist designs is not to remain restricted to a monochromatic colour palette. Instead, create colour fusions by picking softer hues and tones of colours like yellow, blue, green, and more. Pastel upholstery for furniture pieces is an effective way to create delightful interiors without going overboard with colour additions. You can even experiment with darker colours for more miniature furnishing pieces while setting up minimalistic themes for an area. This will also help create innovative, majestic and artful designs.

Now, stop obsessing about how great these ideas sound for your house. Go ahead and try them out for yourself.

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