Work From Home Motivation: How to Start Working Instantly

“It’s been a looong week.” You groan.

And yet, it’s only Tuesday.

If your work-from-home motivation has been at an all-time low lately, boy do we get it. Last year, we would have loved to work from home, and now it’s like we’re the lead in a movie called “Meh”.

Now our job during the current crisis has been to make homes as comfortable as possible. So obviously, when you feel low, indifferent, or frustrated toward your work life at home, we just have to help.

But when we looked up work-from-home motivation tips and quotes, all we found was the same old preachy stuff! These are unusual times and it makes sense for us to offer more time-relevant advice. So we experimented on ourselves until finally (finally!), we found work-from-home motivation tips that actually worked.

Thus, behold!

Here are CasaOne’s exclusive tips on how to motivate yourself when working remotely.

Work From Home Motivation Tips that Finally Work

Gathering up the energy to haul yourself to your laptop and switch your brain on can feel like mission impossible - one you always choose not to accept. Here’s how to feel motivated when working from home:

1. Forget work. Chat with your colleagues

Socializing is a big part of your job happiness (for introverts too, yes).

Now that you’ve been working from home a while, the isolation can make you feel low, even if you don’t realize it.

So the next time you need to work but don’t want to, open the communication app your company is using, and catch up on some water-cooler talk with your colleagues. That’s step one. Just have fun. Enjoy the moment. Talk about anything that interests you all.

Chat with your colleagues

And then in step two - move the conversation to work.

Discuss anything about work - how everybody’s workloads are, the projects going on, new ideas you have, or better yet, specifically about the task you need to finish, you’ll find that talking about your work makes it feel lighter and easier. Like you’re all in this together.

Why this works - This kind of support is very helpful, and the discussion of work will be enough to get the rusty cogwheels in your head turning. Go now, give it a shot.

2. Procrastinate productively

If you’re reading this, you’re one of those clever geniuses who instead of working right now, are looking up how to work right now. It’s kinda still work, right?

Oh yes. We agree. And we totally approve!

Because if you’re going to procrastinate work because you’re unmotivated, you might as well keep your foot in the door and spend time on something that’ll ultimately lead you back into work mode.

Procrastinate productively

So go ahead. Procrastinating this way is productive and will help you motivate yourself when you’re working from home.

Just set a timer for an hour and browse the internet for articles that can help you make work better, smarter, and easier. Read advice that’s specific to your career, like a tech blog, excel hacks, leadership skills, industry trends... anything that will help you grow, even if it isn’t related to your current to-do list.

Why this works - When you’re investing time in your own professional development, your tasks now look like a part of the process. Now that’s a kind of work-from-home motivation that’s not just powerful, but enjoyable to experience.

3. Create an irresistible workspace

Are you working with your feet up on your sofa or bed? No wonder you feel like you just want to give everything up and relax.

Create an irresistible workspace

When you were at an office, the furniture at home would feel like heaven to return and sink into, and your brain associates these spaces with relaxation and enjoyment, not work. So the thought of working from home is unmotivating in these spaces.

You’ll have to create a space you can associate with work.

So make your dedicated workspace awesome! We found that personalizing your workspace with everything that makes you happy motivates you to work from home more often.

The first step is to get workspace furniture.

The first step is to get workspace furniture.

We have some seriously stylish and super comfy home office furniture packages that can help you get started. If you’re unsure about space, let us handle that for you. Hit us up at and we’ll work on it using beautiful 3D visualizations.

Once you’ve made the space your own, bring everything you need for a dream workday - your idea of a smooth, supercharged, and satisfying workday. Set everything up wherever you need it to be and you’re good to go.

Spend time here getting comfortable. Give yourself the space and time for your brain to find its mojo at the new workspace. With time, slipping into that ideal work mode will get easy, almost effortless.

Just promise us you won’t rest or relax here.

Because for relaxation and breaks, direct yourself to the bed, couch, or kitchen, and let the magnetic pull of your gorgeous, motivating workspace bring you back to work, and only work.

4. Daydream about a dreamy workday

Successfully motivating yourself to work from home today feels like winning gold at the Olympics to the sound of thousands of cheering spectators.

So if Olympic athletes can use visualization to help them perform better and win games, you can use your own wandering imagination to find instant work-from-home motivation.

Do this exercise. Right now, right this moment - imagine completing everything in the next hour. Every single thing. See what you’d be doing in great detail - the emails you’ll send, the calls you’ll end, the tabs you’ll close, and then powering your computer down for the last time today, knowing that you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Daydream about a dreamy workday

We tried this, and it felt like achievement, pride, and relief… like rediscovering your favorite pizza place after decades... like hearing the best performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl… like graduating college....

Why this works - Visualizing all of this in detail inspires your brain to reach that goal. Without even realising it, you’re already subconsciously planning exactly how you’ll achieve that, and your brain will want to get to work. Of all the tips we’ve shared today, this is probably the most fun work-from-home motivation tip we discovered.

Visualizing all of this in detail inspires you

‘Right then, still here?

While we’re always pleased to have you over, we want you to go now, turn off distractions, keep your pets busy, and finish what’s due so you won’t have to later!

Bookmark this page here and come back to it when you’re ready to create that fabulous workspace you’ll want to work out of every day. If you already have an account with us, just add your favorite pieces to your wish list and check them out when you’re done.

Can’t wait to furnish that workspace for you. See you soon!