Home & Office Furniture Rental in Columbia

CasaOne is a furniture rental company in Washington DC, servicing homes and offices in the Columbia area. We promise a completely different experience than traditional furniture rental companies by looking after the entire process from sourcing of furniture to installation. In doing so, we take away the hassle from a time-consuming activity while enabling you to convert a costly expense into a single bill.

CasaOne provides premium quality furniture that is stylish, elegant and modern. We help you find the right kind of tone for your home or office. The products are delivered and assembled in as few days as 10 working days, making it all a hassle-free experience.

What can we help you furnish?

Office Furniture in Columbia

Office Furniture Rental

Home Furniture in Columbia 

Home Furniture Rental

Our customers couldn't be happier

“CasaOne had plenty of furniture options and their customer service was also very impressive! The delivery and install went very smoothly and the foreman made sure to check in to get my approval on how the furniture was staged. The furniture style is transitional, neutral and could fit in any space!”

- Kayla Dizon, We Work

Your Office Furniture Rental Journey in Columbia

Setting up a new business in Columbia is now easy with CasaOne’s office furniture rental plans. While you focus on growing your business, leave the furniture to us. We’ll get it delivered and assembled in as few as five business days. And you won’t need to go to different stores for chairs, conference tables and desks either. We have it all under one roof.

Office Furniture Rental

Your Home Furniture Rental Journey in Columbia

CasaOne’s home furniture rental plans in Columbia are flexible and hassle-free. There are a variety of options available which suits and meets your every need. Need living room furniture? We got it. Need some wall art to go with your new designer loveseat? We got that, too. And if you are ever unconvinced about your design choices, our experts are there to help you out.

Home Furniture Rental

Connect with CasaOne for Furniture Rental In Columbia

Whether you want to rent furniture for your office or for your home, CasaOne’s home and office rental plans provide you with a hassle-free experience. Select the desired furniture and the duration on our website. We’ll get it delivered to your doorstep. Need expert assistance? We’re always available to help you with your interior design, logistics or furniture queries, on email at support@casaone.com or phone at (415) 272-3147.

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