Home Furniture Rental in Costa Mesa, Orange County

Renting furniture for your home in Costa Mesa? Here is how you can make it an easy, convenient and cost-effective experience with CasaOne.

Did you know that furnishing an entire home can come with an exorbitant price tag? And if your life involves changes and a lot of flux, the furniture you buy becomes a burden that you literally have to lug around. With CasaOne’s affordable monthly rental plans and white-glove delivery you can furnish your home with just a few clicks.

Explore our range of stylish furniture on rent for residents, stagers and hospitality units.

Furnish Your Home in Costa Mesa Today

Why rent from CasaOne? Because you'll get to:

  • Save more money today by paying a small fee every month.

  • Get space planning advice from in-house consultants.

  • Swap furniture at any time to keep things interesting.

  • Go from renting to owning by paying the purchase price easily.

  • Return furniture you don’t need as an eco-friendlier alternative.

Why Rent Home Furniture in Costa Mesa

Renting home furniture from CasaOne in Costa Mesa has many benefits. Whether it is a single room that you are furnishing or a whole house you have an incredible collection curated by our experts to choose from. Your furniture now has the adaptability to change with your life. With CasaOne’s furniture plan you can swap, add or delete furniture as and when you need it. What’s more, if you love your furniture you have the option of owning it by converting your rental into a rent-to-own plan for a small fee.

There’s more! With the help of our space planning experts, you get free 2D/3D visualizations of exactly how your room will look with CasaOne furniture. And finally you have the option to schedule the delivery at a time most convenient for you.

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