Rent Furniture in Cupertino

Rent Furniture in Cupertino

Your Guide to Cupertino

The city of Cupertino is named after Saint Joseph of Cupertino, who got his name from Copertino, the town in Italy. The word ‘Cupertino’ literally means little (covered) shelter, and this best describes the city - a safe haven that is incredibly sheltered with a ton of really good public schools and a community of very intelligent people.

Like most of the areas surrounding it, the primary economic activity in Cupertino was agriculture, before the rise of Silicon Valley. In more recent times, Cupertino’s claim to fame is as the home of Apple Computers Inc. Although several high-tech companies are headquartered in Cupertino, however, very little manufacturing takes place in the city. Most of the city’s large office parks are dedicated primarily to management and design functions.

The main attraction in Cupertino is the school system, so it is little wonder that most of the population here consists of families with children that study in these schools. While schools here are incredibly competitive, they churn out some of the most intelligent and the most successful students in the country.

Living in Cupertino

As of 2017, a majority of the residential properties in Cupertino are multimillion-dollar homes. The cost of living in Cupertino is more expensive than most of the surrounding cities, largely attributed to the excellent school system in the city, its proximity to Apple HQ, the safety of the city, and its central location within Silicon Valley. Unlike most of the other cities in the area, Cupertino does not have a traditional downtown shopping and commercial district. The nightlife in the area is also not much to talk about, although the city does have good options for dining out. The city recently opened Main Street Cupertino which houses restaurants, shops, a bakery, and a coffee house.

At one point of time in Cupertino’s history, the Vallco Fashion Park was one of the only major indoor shopping malls in South Bay. Thus, people from the greater South Bay area would come on shopping sprees to Cupertino, and a fair share of the city’s income came from here. However in recent times, a number of other shopping malls have sprung up in the area.

Renting Furniture in Cupertino

Finding a great home in Cupertino is only the first step. With the abundance of great neighborhoods in the city, you’ve likely already found a great place to live, and can’t wait to move in. But once you’ve picked out a place to call home, you need to furnish it, before it is ready to move into. And we’re here to help you do precisely that!

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